Trying For Number Two

It’s been almost 9 months since my last blog post…oops! Time has flown by on one hand, but on the other it has gone very slow. I could have grown a baby in that time, but sadly that’s not the case, but not for want of trying.

In fact we are now entering our tenth month of ‘trying for number two’ and although I never thought it would be straightforward (it took us 6 months with Pippa), we’ve entered a few obstacles along the way.

Once you have your first baby, they barely have to hit their first birthday before the “are you going to have another one?” Questions start. By the time Pippa was one I still only felt like I’d just had a baby and thought that maybe by the time she was 3 I’d be able to cope with another but actually as time went on I felt that maybe 2.5 years would be just right. However, by now I was on methotrexate injections for my arthritis which I then needed to come off of, and be off of for six months, before we could even start trying. So in January 2017 I came off of my methotrexate. Of course I was also back on the pill so I continued this until June as the risks to a pregnancy and baby whilst methotrexate is still in your system are very high. Then July came around and we were all set to go.

By mid-August I had been in so much pain for weeks (sharp stabbing pains) in my side that one night it got so bad I called 111. I was sent for scans and discovered that I had ‘multiple uterine cysts’ but the GP couldn’t tell me anything about them so I went to see a consultant gynecologist privately. He was able to advise that my pain was from my ovaries trying to ovulate (unsuccessfully) and the cysts were due to the uterine lining not growing and shedding as it should and once I started ovulating normally again it should be fine. He put me on two cycles of Clomid and off I went.

Just before I was due to take the clomid, my smear test came back with grade 3 severe dyskaryosis which meant I had to then have a colposcopy and LLETZ treatment to remove the pre-cancerous cells. Just another bump in the road!

When I then got round to taking the clomid, although the clomid made me ovulate, my cycles were still all over the place and key things were still wrong so I took matters into my own hands. I was taking various vitamins and supplements, made diet changes, eating certain foods at certain times in my cycle, started having acupuncture and took up yoga again. I also went back to my GP, armed with all my cycle info and she too was a bit confused so sent me for blood tests, although warning me they won’t do anything until it has been a year.

Well my blood results showed that I have low progesterone, something I thought may be the issue. Besides making you ovulate, it also builds up your lining for the egg to implant and keeps it alive until the placenta takes over. The lack of progesterone means that even if I did conceive, I would likely miscarry.

I’ve now been scheduled to have another blood test during my next cycle but until then have been researching what I can be doing to increase progesterone naturally. Our food bill has increased significantly with all the organic food and meat I’m now only eating as the addition of estrogen and other hormones that are injected into many animals to produce meat and diary products is then making its way into me. Something I don’t need!

I also have an appointment today with a private gynecologist specialising in fertility in the hope she can advise how to get my progesterone back up again as soon as possible instead of wasting time over the next couple of months waiting for the NHS GP to even consider doing anything.

I know I’m very lucky to even have one child and I can’t imagine the heartache some people go through before they can have their family. However once you have one, the visions of growing and completing your family are just as strong. We’d ‘decided’ a 2.5 – 3 year age gap would be ideal but as we pass that, I now find myself getting nervous about the age gap between Pippa and her little brother or sister growing as each month passes and we’d love to make her a big sister. Such a silly thing, but something you just assume you’ll be able to decide!

I’m not going to share this post, but I thought I would document it here for anyone that may stumble across it and I’ll update on progesterone gate as and when I can!

One Year!

*only 2 months late but I had written it just hadn’t got round to posting until now…oops!

I think this month has been the biggest change in Pippa yet and I think it’s mostly down to the fact she’s no longer a baby but a toddler! She started walking on her own about a week before her first birthday, mainly just up and down our living room but as the week went on she got more and more confident and was then walking more and more. She wasn’t so steady outside and we had to be nearby for her to feel safe but once she mastered it, that was it, she was off! And she hasn’t stopped since!

come on mum!
She’s also now become so independent and can really make it known what she does or doesn’t want! She will often take my hand and lead me to what she wants or where she wants to go. Along with shaking her head for no, she can also now say yes, which makes things a lot easier when trying to find out what she wants! But it also means we can communicate much better which is just lovely. Some of her other words are ‘dog’ and ‘car’ and she loves barking (usually at any animal that resembles the size of a dog!) and looking at the neighbours dog when it’s in the garden. Her Childminder also has a dog which she loves.  

I think it’s fair to say Pippa is turning into a real little girl now too. She loves to brush her hair which is so cute and if I’m getting ready for work in the morning she’ll copy whatever I’m doing with my hair or make up. She already has her own hairbrush, I’m going to have to get her some make-up brushes soon haha! She absolutely loves playing tea parties and will get all her tea cups out and her singing pink teapot and will pour herself and I a cup of tea, ‘shhhhh’ sounds included when she’s pouring and slurping when she’s drinking! She is also always singing! Obviously just babbles but she has a little musical tune to them and has started to sing her little babbles to familiar nursery rhymes and songs. She’s slightly obsessed with the ‘Bing bong song’ from Peppa Pig which we have to watch at least 3 times a day on YouTube and she’ll sing ‘ding ding ding ding’ whenever she wants to watch it! 

Pippa has also become a lot more affectionate and will come for cuddles and actually just sit for a while on our laps which hasn’t happened since she’s been able to move about! She loves a cuddle after her bath too and will join in and try and smother me in cream when I do the same to her after her bath. 

It’s lovely having her toddle around and I could just watch her all day. I can’t quite believe in a year she’s gone from a tiny 5lb10 dot to a (still tiny) little toddler! 

9 Month Update

In my last update there wasn’t much to report as Pippa had been ill, however this month I feel I have loads to talk about as it seems she’s been making up for the previous month!  
She’s no longer a baby but is turning into a little person and one with a great, cheeky personality. She now understands a lot more and can interact with us to tell us what she wants, particularly with her pointing finger demanding what she wants to play with, what she wants to eat or where she wants to go! Her range of hilarious facial expressions can also tell you exactly what she’s thinking and she does a brilliant shocked face.

She’s also constantly chatting and babbling away and has even said Mama and Dada. She only seems to say mama when she’s angry or crying and wanting me so I don’t actually know if she’s screaming for me or it’s just her being angry! However she says dada and daddy all day long but when Daddy comes in from work she points and gets exciting shouting dada dada so who knows!  

This month she has also become a lot more mobile and as much as I doubted her crawling ability, she is getting there! The problem lies in the fact she would much rather be standing up, cruising around the furniture and as she spends most of the day doing so, she has got very good at it. Therefore the appeal of being floor level just doesn’t cut it so if I’m around she will just cry/scream/whinge and wiggle to me and pull herself up. If I’m not in sight though or if it’s something she really wants (usually my phone or the remote) she will pull herself on her tummy towards it and she can move around in circles quite quickly and easily on her tummy. I think if she worked out how to get her legs up into the crawling position she would be off in a flash but she’s just not getting it so struggles on her tummy for now!


Getting her dressed or changing her nappy has become a real battle as she just flips herself over and wriggles away after the next thing she finds interesting. Keeping her in the cot and even in the buggy is also becoming hard. She can now pull herself up in the cot and can get all over the place in that confined space! I also made the mistake of not strapping her into the buggy last week when I was hoping she would nap but Pips had other ideas…

She was very clingy for a while, not wanting to even go to Daddy and screaming if I wasn’t within inches of her however that has improved as the month has gone on which is rather nice! She’s quite sociable though and will smile at mostly anyone, just men take a bit more getting used to and if that’s the case she’ll give them a little shy smile and bury her head into me!

Pippa also finally has some teeth coming through! They appeared out of nowhere and one day last week I just spotted two little white lines on her bottom gums then a few days later they had just about broken through and are now very sharp! She hasn’t been too bad with them apart from last night when she really was crying in pain for a long time before I had to pick her up, comfort her and cuddle her back to sleep – something I haven’t done since she was 4 months old!! As much as I hate seeing her in pain, it was lovely to have sleepy cuddles again though. Having her a bit grumpy the past few days from her teeth has also made me realise how much of a happy baby she really is and rarely cries at all. People always comment on how smiley and happy she is too which is always lovely to hear. I just hope the teeth don’t cause her too much bother over the next month!

The Wonderful World of Weaning

weaning baby porridge
I can’t quite believe Pippa has been on solid food for 2 months now and although I love it and love seeing her trying new foods everyday, (there’s something weirdly satisfying about seeing your child eating well!) trying to fit in 3 meals, 4 bottles, 3 naps and play time is a bit of a mission and explains why this blog is so late!
I could see from 5 months that Pippa was more than ready, she was watching us eat and mimicking our mouth movements and trying to grab whatever we were eating. So one day, at about five and a half months, whilst having Sunday dinner at my mums we just put a couple of boiled carrot sticks in front of her. And they went straight in her mouth, no issues whatsoever!
The next day I went out and bought some various veg and purée’d it all. We started off with broccoli and she couldn’t of eaten it fast enough! She was like a little bird, mouth open awaiting the next spoonful and absolutely no gagging or choking which really surprised me.
Throughout that first week we tried a different veg every day from cauliflower, sweet potato, butternut squash to carrot, Aubergine… You name it, she tried it and she ate it. All! At first I used her milk to purée the food with as it meant getting a bit more of her milk into her and also made things taste a little like her milk so would be more familiar to her. However now, more often than not, I just purée it with boiled water or the water that has been used to boil/steam the veg. After the first couple of weeks I then started mixing veg and mixing up different flavours and adding herbs and spices.
weaning baby porridge
I started off with giving her a lunchtime meal and as this was going so well, then introduced breakfast a few weeks later. For this I have just been giving her natural yogurt with fruit purée or porridge (selfishly for ease!) either homemade or the powdered ones by Ella’s Kitchen or Aptamil.
Again Pippa couldn’t get enough of the porridge so we then went into 3 meals a day. By then Pippa enjoyed feeding herself so for tea I now try and give her more finger foods such as toast with hummus, avocado or homemade pastes and dips on or just some fruit that she can feed herself with. She also loves the Organix finger food snacks and rice cakes and these can keep her occupied for a while!
When Pippa was born I was bought the Ella’s Kitchen First Foods book and it has been a godsend. It has hundreds of really simple, easy to follow recipes and takes you through from their first mouthfuls to one year old.
However lets be honest, who has time to prep 3 different homemade meals everyday of the week (as well as feeding yourself) so I also buy the Ella’s Kitchen pouches for those days where I’ve forgotten to defrost a meal (easily and often done!) or if we are out and about. However Pippa has now come to realise that whatever comes out of a pouch is much more appealing than mums home cooked meals…
Up until 7 months this was all going so smoothly and I was busy whipping up exciting foods and freezing them into as many little pots as I could find. (Don’t underestimate the amount of weaning freezer pots you’ll need, there’s never enough!) Then Pippa started to completely go off her food and wasn’t interested whatsoever. Things she had previously loved she was now refusing and the main issue was she was refusing to be spoon fed anymore. So I was now trying to find finger food for 3 meals a day and even then she wasn’t that interested. She then fell ill with a stomach bug and then tonsillitis so it has now been 2 weeks of refusing food altogether and not really taking much milk either. I also discovered yesterday after getting her weighed that she’s lost weight and is now back to what she weighed 7 weeks ago! So here’s to hoping the next few weeks we get back on track with Pippa’s eating and that she starts to feel a bit better!
And to finish off here are my weaning must-haves:
  • Ella’s Kitchen First Foods Book
  • Weaning pots. These from Jojo Maman Bebe are great for the first few weeks when the portion sizes are small and the addition of stickers for the pots is a bonus!
  • A bodysuit bib – the mess and stains are crazy! This from Sainsbury’s is brilliant!
  • A good highchair. I absolutely love our My Babiie one, it folds away neatly, the height adjusts so easily, the tray is adjustable too and not to mention the funky chevron print!
  • Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer Blender – I haven’t actually got this (yet…) but it looks genius!

7 Month Update

7 months old

I think I say this every month but Pippa is just developing more and more as the weeks go on. Every week she seems to develop a new skill and it’s amazing to see. She watches everything so carefully, taking everything in and you can see her watching your mouth movements and trying to make the same sounds herself. This also means she doesn’t miss a trick and if I’ve left something in her eye line that she shouldn’t have (e.g. my phone, the tv remote, cups of tea) she makes a b-line!

waving baby

One of the other things that she has picked up is waving! It started off with just a raised hand but she now flaps it about and waves hello and goodbye, or just a little wave to mummy across the room and even waves hello to her new friend in the mirror! Putting her in front of the mirror has certainly become one way to cheer her up if she’s grumpy!

Along with this she now realises that once something has disappeared from sight, doesn’t mean it’s gone forever and she’s now constantly peering round corners if we go out of her sight. Her favourite is peering off her changing mat, out her bedroom door in search for Daddy when he walks past in the morning or peering off my bed into our en-suite when I’ve gone to the toilet (yes, no peace!) She also now sits up and looks at the door when she hears the front door lock go when Daddy gets home from work which is the sweetest thing to watch.

Her personality is also growing and she’s learning to play us very well, whingeing for attention then smiling once she gets it! Also, although she definitely doesn’t know what it means, she now shakes her head from side-to-side in a ‘no’ action which is quite funny when you ask her a question and everything is responded to with a no shake of the head!


However as far as developing in the movement department we are definitely lagging! As she has been sitting up since before 5 months, tummy time no longer has an appeal (not that it ever did!) If I do manage to get her on her front she just throws a paddy and I have to sit her up again so I’m not sure how or when she’s going to learn to crawl! This week however she did realise that on my mum’s hard floor and with no socks on, she could push herself back…we may have a bum shuffler on our hands!


She is however standing really well on her own whilst holding onto things such as the sofa or her jumperoo (this has also lost its appeal except for standing and playing with it from the outside!) and this is ALL she wants to do these days.


Pippa’s weaning continues to come on really well and nothing seems to phase her. We’re now onto three meals a day, porridge in the morning, something I’ve pureed up at lunch time and then more of a baby led weaning/finger food type meal for tea. She absolutely loves feeding herself so the Organix rice cakes and carrot puffs are great for keeping her entertained whilst I clean up at the end of a meal time. She also loves toast and sticks of banana, carrot or broccoli, not that much gets into her mouth!

FullSizeRender (7)

As she has been eating so well we’ve also managed to take her out to a few restaurants for lunch this month as we had a few family birthdays. One of them we were there for 3 hours and she was as happy as anything sat in her highchair, eating, playing and waving at everyone! Long may our happy baby continue!

Pippa’s Weekly Wardrobe


Some funky poses this week!

  1. This whole outfit was bought for Pippa by a friend and I just love it. All from H&M’s Concious collection, Pip looks like a right boho babe in the beautiful sheer harem trousers with little gold stars and those pom pom booties are just the best!
  2. Striking a pose in her Tobias & The Bear Fox Leggings! I love this brand and they even do these in adult version so both H and I have them too!
  3. Such a pretty little outfit, this was given to Pip from her Aunty and Uncle for Christmas. I love the colours, perfect for spring and all from Ladybird at Very.
  4. This was Pippa’s valentines day outfit, a little grey dress from H&M with a tiny coloured heart print, pink tights and her denim shoes from Next (the only shoes that will stay on for more than 2 minutes!)

6 Month Update


Half a year old!! How did that happen! If the next 6 months goes as quick as these past 6 I think I might cry (who am I kidding, I definitely will be crying come August 19th!)
However, as fast as its going, each month I enjoy her more and more as she grows up and learns to interact and her little personality starts to shine through. I love playing with Pippa now as she recognises songs (pat-a-cake, row, row, row your boat and a bit of Spice Girls are particular faves!) and her face lights up as soon as I start singing. ‘Spice Up Your Life’ has even been known to bring her back from the brink of tears! She’s even started dancing this month which is quite hilarious! Another game she enjoys is the ‘throw it and mummy will pick it up’ game, particularly in her high chair and she enjoys pushing over the stacking cups once I’ve built them all up!
Now that Pippa can sit up so well she can also play with her toys more easily on the floor which is great, although we’ve had a few face-plant incidents when she tries to reach too far! She can entertain herself on the floor with her toys for a while which initially I thought was great as I could be in the kitchen washing up or making a cup of tea, however it seems that if I’m remotely out of sight (we have an open plan kitchen/living room!!) she begins to cry or winge and I have to wave and talk to her from a few feet away just to reassure her.
She is also going through a bit of a stage of screaming with any family member other than myself or H at the moment, or if I’m not in her sight. Although she loves to poke and prod their faces from my arms! It even got to the point that she refused to have her milk when I left her with my mum whilst I attended a hospital appointment and she would only drink it once I was back and feeding her, not mum.
Teething trouble also hit this month and we’ve had glowing cheeks, streams of saliva and a very unhappy baby for almost 2 weeks. This week things seemed to have calmed down a little but there was a week where she was waking 6+ times a night and was so unhappy in the day that only calpol would do the trick. Yet, still no teeth.
Although Pippa is only now 6 months old, we started weaning at about 23 weeks. She was constantly making little chewing mouth movements when watching us eat and grabbing anything we were eating so I could see she was ready. And I couldn’t have been more right. She inhaled her first meal of puréed broccoli and the whole eating thing hasn’t phased her at all! We had no gagging, no funny faces, no spitting it out and she is happy to feed herself, albeit a bit messy!
I’m now spending every spare minute puréeing everything in sight and so far we have tried most vegetables and a few fruits and are now starting to mix flavours together. I also let her feed herself with sticks of toast, boiled carrots and even some watermelon this week which she absolutely loves and it can keep her entertained for a while!
I can’t wait to see what more exciting things this month will bring. Pips is desperate to get on the move but I can’t see her crawling any time soon, particularly with her hatred of being on her tummy! Maybe she’ll start bum-shuffling like her mum, we’ll see!

Nursery Update: New Bedroom Wishlist

nursery design

Don’t worry I still absolutely love Pippa’s nursery design, however we are (hopefully!) moving house in a few weeks so being me, I have spent most of my spare time looking at lovely interiors, deciding how I’m going to redecorate the new house. One of the rooms that really excites me is Pippa’s new room. Whereas when I designed her nursery I didn’t know the sex, now I can put a bit more of a girly stamp on it!

nursery colour scheme

As you know I’m not one for all over pink, hearts and flowers with Pippa but there will certainly be hints of it. I’ll be sticking with the grey but adding splashes of mint, pink and gold.


Pippa’s new bedroom is very long and thin with a wooden floor so my first thought was that she needed a long rug. I fell in love with the Olli Ella Teepee Geo Rug, however at £349 it was a definite no go! Instead I purchased this lovely striped rug from H&M for £15! They had sold out of pink which would have been my first choice and then I was completely stuck between the mint and grey. I decided on the grey as it will be easier to work with in the future if we decide to change her room again.

hm baskets

As there is a lack of floor space in her new room, I am hoping to utilise lots of shelving to store bits and bobs. These H&M baskets are in the perfect colours and will look great mixed and matched on some shelves.

pineapple cushion

More from my H&M wishlist is this gold pineapple cushion!


gold nursery

I have already introduced gold to Pippa’s current room with her ‘Naps Fix Everything’ print and these gorgeous gold spotted cotbed sheets from The Modern Nursery. To add to these splashes of gold I want to add some gold and blush pink triangle wall stickers, also from The Modern Nursery.


Pippa already has these Bloomingville House Display Boxes so I may consider painting the inside of these grey and pink as they are currently white. I also plan on getting her a gold, pink and grey tassel garland, then with her wall stickers (and maybe even a teepee!), hopefully it will end up looking something like this…ha!

Sleep Training (done properly this time!)


At the beginning of December I dabbled in some self-settling & sleep training, however it was all lead through Google, Mumsnet and various other online sources or word of mouth. From my blog you can tell it kind of didn’t work and by the end of December, beginning of January we were back to Pippa waking every couple of hours through the night. She would then not settle until she was picked up and rocked back to sleep by me but once I tried to put her back in the cot she would scream as soon as her body even came away from mine an inch!

I was exhausted and at my wits end. How could my baby at 4 and a half months still be waking so much? I literally couldn’t see how I was going to improve things and had various baby sleep books in my Amazon cart ready to be purchased, when my friend called me… Her friend’s sister-in-law was a qualified baby sleep therapist. Even just at this I was ecstatic, I was ready to pay anyone to help! However it got even better. She was just starting up her own business and needed some case studies to practice on – for free! It was a miracle and I didn’t waste any time in contacting her.

I had to provide lots of detail on Pippa and her sleeping habits, how her naps were, where, when and how long they were and what an average, worst and best night looked like. Here is what I provided for what was an average night (Looking back I can’t believe how far we’ve come):

  • Down at 7.30pm and sleep straight through until..
  • 11.30pm – waking crying for a feed
  • I then put on the small lamp in her room and change her nappy
  • I then take her into my bed and feed her
  • She’ll then fall asleep with her dummy in and this will either fall out once she is fully asleep after 10 minutes or so or I will take it out. I’ll then wait another 10-20 minutes or so before getting up and putting her down into her cot.
  • She will wake as soon as she leaves my arms so I cuddle her back to sleep and try again after 10 minutes. Usually I can get her down in the second or third try but all in all, from waking for a feed to back down takes about an hour.
  • Wakes crying at 2.30 but as she can’t be hungry I try and put her dummy in and stroke her head for up to 10 minutes but this has only ever sent her to sleep once! 99% of the time she continues to scream and thrash around and won’t stop for up to 20 minutes. After cuddling, swaying and shhing her back to sleep I attempt to put her down a couple of times before she stays down.
  • Wakes at 4 crying so as its been over 4 hours I will feed her.
  • I then put on the small lamp in her room and change her nappy
  • I then take her into my bed and feed her
  • She occasionally starts smiling as if its morning after this feed and it takes a while cuddling her for her to fall asleep again
  • Try to put her down, she wakes, I pick up and cuddle then put her back down.
  • Wakes at 6.30ish, again I cuddle her back to sleep and try and put her back down. If she won’t go down at this point i’ll take her into my bed and she sleeps on me until 8ish

I then met with the sleep therapist and we went over her plan for Pippa. From the initial email, she was so positive that Pippa would be sleeping through the night within just two weeks and her positivity continued during our meeting. It certainly rubbed off on me and I was so excited to get going so we started that night.

What she emphasised was that consistency and persistence was key, something I lacked the first time around. However I now felt much more confident in what I was doing and that what I was doing was right, having come from a professional rather than google!

She came up with a plan that was gradual so that Pippa wouldn’t feel abandoned or upset, starting with us sitting by her cot on the first night and moving further away each night until we finally can put her down and leave her. We would also occasionally talk softly and stroke her if she needed it. However putting her to sleep was never really the issue, it was the numerous night wakings.

It was here where things became hard. There were no longer any nappy changes during the night, no lights on during the night, no feeding during the night and no picking up during the night. This was the COMPLETE opposite to what we had been doing so I didn’t know how Pippa would take it and I was particularly worried about not feeding her during the night. I had noticed though (and you can see from the average night above) that she wasn’t feeding loads at night anyway and had already thought that maybe she didn’t need it. I was right, and I think it was doing these things (or rather not doing these things) that changed everything for us and Pippa’s sleeping.

So, I’m sure you’re wondering what we did do when she woke at night! We had to leave her crying for 10 minutes, timing it exactly. This was and still is the hardest thing about the whole experience. Coincidentally, H badly sprained his ankle the day we started sleep training and being a PE teacher, was signed off work for three weeks. If it wasn’t for him holding me back from running into Pip’s room and picking her up I don’t think I could have done it! It definitely helped to have him around over the past few weeks! After the 10 minutes is up, we can go in, put her dummy back in (which usually does the trick immediately!) and soothe her.

It turns out this clue was above Pippa’s cot the whole time!

Another thing the therapist emphasised was that sleep breeds sleep, therefore sorting out Pippa’s daytime naps would be key. I was given a rough schedule detailing when naps should be with a 1hr nap in the morning, 2hr in the afternoon and another 20 min power nap in the evening. Looking at this, I thought it would be impossible! Pippa did nap 3 times a day, however I was lucky if I got 30 minutes, let alone 2 hours!

power nap
We often take a little walk for Pippa’s evening power naps.

To tackle this I was to no longer let her nap on me, or on the sofa, bed or anywhere else, but to be in her cot, in the dark and if she woke before the hour or 2 hour mark to leave her cry for 10 minutes to see if she went back off again. Amazingly, the first time we did this Pippa slept for 2hrs45mins! I couldn’t believe it! Whereas previously I would be straight there getting her up if she stirred, it turned out that most of the time she was still tired and would drop off again before the 10 minutes was up. My main concern with this method was how I was ever going to go out again! I pretty much cleared my diary for two weeks in order to pin down these naps, however now that Pippa has settled into her own nap routine I know what time she will be sleeping and can arrange things around her. As long as she gets one good nap in her cot a day, a nap in a car or pram won’t hurt!


So, the therapist had said she would be sleeping through within two weeks… then on day 10, she slept through! This unfortunately didn’t last every night but she has slept through twice since and even within the first couple of days there was such a huge improvement that she is now only waking once or twice during the night, often settling herself without us having to go in. The problem is that it’s the dummy that she is wanting when she wakes and we did try one night without it (on advice from the therapist) but Pippa got so so upset that it made me even more hysterical than her, so we decided to forgo the dummy ditching until a later date.

Not feeding her at night also massively helped with her feeding and she started taking 5oz, then 6oz until we had to up her bottles to 7oz! She now has four feeds a day of 6 or 7oz – something that seemed so far off just a month ago!

3 month baby update
I definitely miss this 😦

Don’t get me wrong, I desperately miss cuddling her to sleep or having her in our bed (trying to get a nice snuggle out of her now without her wriggling away is a mission!) but I don’t miss the sleepless nights and sheer exhaustion and frustration! However I know that in time, the odd nap in my arms here and there won’t hurt as she will be so accustomed to her routine.

So for comparison here is Pippa’s new and improved routine!

  • 6.30am – Wakes (literally like clockwork!)
  • 6.45am – Feed
  • 8.30am – 1.5hr nap
  • 10.45am – Feed
  • 12.30pm – 1-1.5hr nap
  • 2.45pm – Feed
  • 4.30pm/5pm – 20 minute power nap
  • 6.15pm – naked time (for Pippa!!)
  • 6.30pm – Bath
  • 6.40pm – dried and dressed
  • 6.45pm – bedtime story
  • 6.50pm – Feed
  • 7pm – Bed (and hopefully not waking until morning!)

5 Month Update


I’ve always found January a strange month, getting back into the swing of things always takes a while after Christmas. This year has been even worse as three days after H went back to work he sprained his ankle and has been signed off work ever since! So it has kind of felt like the Christmas holidays never ended and our usual routine has not only been thrown off by having H around 24/7 but also by the fact we have been doing sleep training with Pippa and got her into a completely new routine of naps and sleeping!


The sleep training has taken up a lot of this month as it’s a two week intense schedule that has meant we haven’t really been able to go out in order to get Pippa into a good routine. There’s so much to tell, I could write a whole blog on it – which is what I’m going to do! So this will be coming shortly!
Prior to this, Pippa’s sleeping was just getting worse and worse with her waking every 1-2 hours a night. It was like that first month all over again and we had even started going to our parents to nap in the day whilst they had Pippa for a few hours!

However the sleep she has had since has obviously been paying off, as just this week Pippa has started to sit up on her own! She’s now so strong and loves to be sitting or standing…or bouncing now that she has also entered the realms of the jumperoo! A godsend for getting a few minutes in to have a cup of tea!


Just this week, one of my friends with a baby born the same week as Pippa was saying how she suddenly realised she can’t refer to her baby as ‘newborn’ anymore, and she’s so right. Pippa has become a little person now, one that looks up when I call her name, smiles when I enter the room, holds her hands out to touch my face or her dads beard and strokes my arm when I’m feeding her. I absolutely love that we are now getting something back when we interact with her but at the same time it’s bitter sweet how quickly she’s growing up!


As the six month mark is now fast approaching, we’ve began to think about weaning. Before Christmas we were really struggling with Pippa’s feeding as she was still barely taking 3oz with each feed and had dropped off her centile. I thought she would never be ready for weaning as she would barely drink her milk! On a whim we decided to change her formula as she had always been on Aptamil. We had heard good things about Hipp organic so decided to make the switch and within a day of changing, Pippa was guzzling down her 4oz bottles so well that we upped it to 5oz and then later on to 6oz. A couple of weeks later I had Pippa weighed again and she had shot up above her 9th centile line and the rolls on her little legs have been increasing ever since!
So now that Pippa is eating so well I’m really excited to start weaning, especially as her funky chevron highchair arrived today! I’m hoping to do a mix of baby lead weaning and purée but I’m happy to see where the journey takes us!
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