23 Weeks

23 weeks pregnant bump

With it being a bank holiday weekend I finally got some sleep in and made the most of my lie ins. My brother is back from university now too so I spent a lot of the weekend at my mums. The baby was very active so both my mum and brother managed to feel the baby move for the first time which my brother thought very exciting! We also tried to clear out a bit more of the spare room this weekend so that’s slowly getting there.


I’ve been having quite a bit of back pain this week, particularly at night which is keeping me up and making me tired during the day. I’ve also done quite a bit of walking with events in London and meeting H and our friend with her two children on my lunch break one day which involved a brisk walk to the park to meet them and an even brisker one to get back to the office on time, so this probably hasn’t helped. However pilates on Wednesday definitely did me some good stretching my back out but tired me out too so it was another early night for me. I just can’t keep on top of the tiredness but have now resigned myself to the fact that I probably won’t be getting a proper night’s sleep for a long while!


The baby had been quite quiet this week but the odd jabs kept letting me know that it’s still alive (and kicking!). However come Friday, it didn’t stop moving all day and night and I’m now feeling movement and kicks really deep inside that kind of vibrate through me which feels very weird!