10 Month Update


 Firstly I have to apologise that this is a week late (we’ve been on holiday) and for the general lack of blogs etc. but this month has just been manic! We FINALLY moved house which was very stressful, even up until the day before it was touch and go if it would happen then we had H’s sisters wedding and went on holiday last week (and planning for traveling with a baby is practically a month long task in itself!)


It’s also been a pretty eventful month in Pippa’s world too…we have a crawling, clapping baby! The clapping came first, I’ve been singing pat-a-cake (with clapping actions) to her for months and our baby sensory teacher told me that if I did that she’d be clapping by 9 months. Then low and behold, at 9 months and 4 days she woke up clapping in her cot! And now she claps whenever she gets excited which is very cute. 

Two days later it was moving day and that whole week whilst I was packing I would find Pippa on all fours so I knew it wouldn’t be long. On the day we actually moved she started commando crawling very slowly across the floor and then 2 days later once in the new (un-babyproofed!) house she started crawling properly! I clearly was not prepared as the same day I put her on the bed and she crawled head first off…oops!

This same day coincided with my first night away from Pippa, ever. With everything going on I hadn’t really had time to get anxious and I think I did it at the right time as I’m much happier to leave her now than I was a few months ago. So off I went to Birmingham to see my best friend from university for a lovely baby-free night of dinner, drinks and dancing. And it was just that, lovely. It was so nice to actually relax and not have to worry about when the baby needs feeding, sleeping etc. and I could actually enjoy myself! Maybe a little too much as the next day I was severely hungover and struggled with the long train journey home but I couldn’t wait to see Pippa once I did eventually get home. Hopefully this will prepare me for the 3 nights I have away from her for a hen do in 4 weeks time too. It will definitely be a lot harder to leave her for that long but I think I’ll enjoy having a weekend off at the same time. 

I also learnt this month that taking a baby to social occasions is hard work! It was H’s sisters wedding and Pippa was a flower girl so she came with us and although I can’t fault her as she was as good as gold, entertaining the crowds with her silly faces (more on that later!) and didn’t moan once, it just meant I was constantly trying to find somewhere to feed her or a quiet place for her to sleep. 

So yes, Pippa has become a little character and a funny, cheeky one at that. She loves a musical toy (much to our delight…we just love a fisher price theme tune!) or music on the radio or tv and dances and claps to it which is very cute. However on the other hand she has also developed her fathers frown and pulls the most evil of faces and stares (usually at old ladies in lifts) or pulls a shocked face with her mouth wide open, in what my mum calls her ‘scream face’. Obviously she does have a lovely cute smile too and now also, a fake laugh. I overheard a stranger on holiday saying she sounds like woody woodpecker, she’s about right!

She has also become very demanding, pointing at what she wants then pointing at me to go and get it for her. She’s now clued up to where I hide her snacks and the snack pot so she’s constantly raiding my bag for those and if it’s not food it’s her ladybird baby touch books which she demands we read to her every five minutes! We’ll see if all that reading of ‘words’, ‘colours’ and ‘numbers’ pays off in the next few months haha!

9 Month Update

In my last update there wasn’t much to report as Pippa had been ill, however this month I feel I have loads to talk about as it seems she’s been making up for the previous month!  
She’s no longer a baby but is turning into a little person and one with a great, cheeky personality. She now understands a lot more and can interact with us to tell us what she wants, particularly with her pointing finger demanding what she wants to play with, what she wants to eat or where she wants to go! Her range of hilarious facial expressions can also tell you exactly what she’s thinking and she does a brilliant shocked face.

She’s also constantly chatting and babbling away and has even said Mama and Dada. She only seems to say mama when she’s angry or crying and wanting me so I don’t actually know if she’s screaming for me or it’s just her being angry! However she says dada and daddy all day long but when Daddy comes in from work she points and gets exciting shouting dada dada so who knows!  

This month she has also become a lot more mobile and as much as I doubted her crawling ability, she is getting there! The problem lies in the fact she would much rather be standing up, cruising around the furniture and as she spends most of the day doing so, she has got very good at it. Therefore the appeal of being floor level just doesn’t cut it so if I’m around she will just cry/scream/whinge and wiggle to me and pull herself up. If I’m not in sight though or if it’s something she really wants (usually my phone or the remote) she will pull herself on her tummy towards it and she can move around in circles quite quickly and easily on her tummy. I think if she worked out how to get her legs up into the crawling position she would be off in a flash but she’s just not getting it so struggles on her tummy for now!


Getting her dressed or changing her nappy has become a real battle as she just flips herself over and wriggles away after the next thing she finds interesting. Keeping her in the cot and even in the buggy is also becoming hard. She can now pull herself up in the cot and can get all over the place in that confined space! I also made the mistake of not strapping her into the buggy last week when I was hoping she would nap but Pips had other ideas…

She was very clingy for a while, not wanting to even go to Daddy and screaming if I wasn’t within inches of her however that has improved as the month has gone on which is rather nice! She’s quite sociable though and will smile at mostly anyone, just men take a bit more getting used to and if that’s the case she’ll give them a little shy smile and bury her head into me!

Pippa also finally has some teeth coming through! They appeared out of nowhere and one day last week I just spotted two little white lines on her bottom gums then a few days later they had just about broken through and are now very sharp! She hasn’t been too bad with them apart from last night when she really was crying in pain for a long time before I had to pick her up, comfort her and cuddle her back to sleep – something I haven’t done since she was 4 months old!! As much as I hate seeing her in pain, it was lovely to have sleepy cuddles again though. Having her a bit grumpy the past few days from her teeth has also made me realise how much of a happy baby she really is and rarely cries at all. People always comment on how smiley and happy she is too which is always lovely to hear. I just hope the teeth don’t cause her too much bother over the next month!

Pippa’s Summer Wardrobe 

So it’s only 6 weeks until we go on our first family holiday but I’ve been busy stocking up on Pippa’s holiday wardrobe for a good while now. As the sun has finally appeared this weekend I thought I’d share Pippa’s summer wardrobe!  

After desperately searching for watermelon leggings, finding them in Next and then buying them in all the sizes along with pineapple leggings, I then discovered they had watermelon and pineapple dresses too! So a large part of Pippa’s summer wardrobe is now very fruit based but who doesn’t love a watermelon and a pineapple print! 

The striped pinafore dress, also from Next, I actually wanted for myself, I love the colours and the linen material but sadly it only came in Pippa sizes, so she will be wearing it on my behalf! That’s if it fits her by summer! Having bought these about a month ago, I assumed Pippa would be in 6-9 months by then but she’s still in 3-6 months and anything any larger just swamps her. She hasn’t seemed to grow much in the past few months but I’m determined to get her in these dresses!

The denim dungaree dress was a sale purchase just this week in the M&S sale and I think this is my new favourite outfit. The print is just beautiful so I also bought it in a top/leggings set for Pips too!


Baby’s in rompers are my fave so I’ve made sure to stock up for summer. They are just so convenient and comfortable for Pips too. The three to the left came as a set from Tu at Sainsburys as too did the mint dungaree romper which I can’t wait to get on P!

The denim romper I actually bought last summer in the George at Asda sale but I see a very similar one is back this year too!

More pineapple print loving and some jungle print too! Again, I wanted the Next tropical print jumpsuit for myself so Pippa got it instead and the Pineapple one is from La Redoute


I have found Primark to be brilliant for baby tops and tee’s and even bought a few more yesterday that I haven’t had time to photograph before this blog. The jersey tank tops on the right and the floral top above all came from Primark and the blouse & bloomer shorts on the left are from The White Company. These are actually the only shorts Pips has, I think they’ll be next for the holiday wardrobe!

8 Month Update

I’m afraid this months update will be quite brief and pretty boring as for 3 out of the 4 weeks, our household was struck down with the plague!

It started Easter weekend with Pippa seeming a bit out of sorts, shortly followed by sickness and numerous poonami’s including in my bed, on my pillow, on me and on the bathroom floor. She went completely off her food and milk (no wonder) and wasn’t herself. By Easter Monday it had struck Harry and Pippa was still unwell, only now it had developed into a cough, runny nose and a rash. Harry was out of action for 5 days so I was handling a sick Pippa by myself whilst desperately anti-bac wiping everything in sight so I wouldn’t catch it also! 


The snot from Pippa was unreal and the cough was keeping her and us up all night. Then the fever struck. She was so upset and although she was clingy before, now was a different story! She wouldn’t leave my arms and wouldn’t even go to Harry or let him feed her. After taking her to the doctors we discovered it was bacterial tonsillitis and the whole thing from the tummy bug, rash, cough, cold and temperature was probably all due to one virus. Calpol was our saviour along with lots of snuffle babe and baby olbas oil but the cough and the snot and the temperature and not eating continued, so much so Pippa lost quite a bit of weight and went back to her weight 7 weeks ago. After taking her to the doctors again last week she was finally put on antibiotics.


Amidst the last 2 weeks, after having Pippa sneeze, cough and snot all over me I too contracted the relentless snot and cough which turned into a chest infection! So we are now both on antibiotics and it has only been in the last couple of days that Pippa’s snot and cough has subsided and we have our happy cheeky Pippa back and I’m close on her heels, only really feeling slightly better yesterday!

So I’m not sure how I’ve managed to write so much about this months activities of absolutely nothing, but I have. Pippa is still obsessed with herself in the mirror, still hates being on her front (so definitely not crawling) and still loves to stand. Hopefully next month will be full of developmental milestones as she catches up on what she’s missed his month!!

The Wonderful World of Weaning

weaning baby porridge
I can’t quite believe Pippa has been on solid food for 2 months now and although I love it and love seeing her trying new foods everyday, (there’s something weirdly satisfying about seeing your child eating well!) trying to fit in 3 meals, 4 bottles, 3 naps and play time is a bit of a mission and explains why this blog is so late!
I could see from 5 months that Pippa was more than ready, she was watching us eat and mimicking our mouth movements and trying to grab whatever we were eating. So one day, at about five and a half months, whilst having Sunday dinner at my mums we just put a couple of boiled carrot sticks in front of her. And they went straight in her mouth, no issues whatsoever!
The next day I went out and bought some various veg and purée’d it all. We started off with broccoli and she couldn’t of eaten it fast enough! She was like a little bird, mouth open awaiting the next spoonful and absolutely no gagging or choking which really surprised me.
Throughout that first week we tried a different veg every day from cauliflower, sweet potato, butternut squash to carrot, Aubergine… You name it, she tried it and she ate it. All! At first I used her milk to purée the food with as it meant getting a bit more of her milk into her and also made things taste a little like her milk so would be more familiar to her. However now, more often than not, I just purée it with boiled water or the water that has been used to boil/steam the veg. After the first couple of weeks I then started mixing veg and mixing up different flavours and adding herbs and spices.
weaning baby porridge
I started off with giving her a lunchtime meal and as this was going so well, then introduced breakfast a few weeks later. For this I have just been giving her natural yogurt with fruit purée or porridge (selfishly for ease!) either homemade or the powdered ones by Ella’s Kitchen or Aptamil.
Again Pippa couldn’t get enough of the porridge so we then went into 3 meals a day. By then Pippa enjoyed feeding herself so for tea I now try and give her more finger foods such as toast with hummus, avocado or homemade pastes and dips on or just some fruit that she can feed herself with. She also loves the Organix finger food snacks and rice cakes and these can keep her occupied for a while!
When Pippa was born I was bought the Ella’s Kitchen First Foods book and it has been a godsend. It has hundreds of really simple, easy to follow recipes and takes you through from their first mouthfuls to one year old.
However lets be honest, who has time to prep 3 different homemade meals everyday of the week (as well as feeding yourself) so I also buy the Ella’s Kitchen pouches for those days where I’ve forgotten to defrost a meal (easily and often done!) or if we are out and about. However Pippa has now come to realise that whatever comes out of a pouch is much more appealing than mums home cooked meals…
Up until 7 months this was all going so smoothly and I was busy whipping up exciting foods and freezing them into as many little pots as I could find. (Don’t underestimate the amount of weaning freezer pots you’ll need, there’s never enough!) Then Pippa started to completely go off her food and wasn’t interested whatsoever. Things she had previously loved she was now refusing and the main issue was she was refusing to be spoon fed anymore. So I was now trying to find finger food for 3 meals a day and even then she wasn’t that interested. She then fell ill with a stomach bug and then tonsillitis so it has now been 2 weeks of refusing food altogether and not really taking much milk either. I also discovered yesterday after getting her weighed that she’s lost weight and is now back to what she weighed 7 weeks ago! So here’s to hoping the next few weeks we get back on track with Pippa’s eating and that she starts to feel a bit better!
And to finish off here are my weaning must-haves:
  • Ella’s Kitchen First Foods Book
  • Weaning pots. These from Jojo Maman Bebe are great for the first few weeks when the portion sizes are small and the addition of stickers for the pots is a bonus!
  • A bodysuit bib – the mess and stains are crazy! This from Sainsbury’s is brilliant!
  • A good highchair. I absolutely love our My Babiie one, it folds away neatly, the height adjusts so easily, the tray is adjustable too and not to mention the funky chevron print!
  • Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer Blender – I haven’t actually got this (yet…) but it looks genius!

It’s Blog Awards Time!

So I’ve come to realise that it’s an exciting time of year in the parenting blogging world, with two lots of blog awards taking place, The BritMums Brilliance in Blogging (BIB) awards and the Tots100 Mum and Dads (MAD) blog awards.
I’ve been blogging now for just over a year, throughout the nine months of my pregnancy (or rather eight by the time I found out!) and the 7 months Pippa has been in the world. Being relatively new to blogging I’d love to even just be nominated and hopefully get my blog a bit more widespread and gain some more followers.

So here is where I ask a huge favour of you, my current followers… I would love for you to take a couple of minutes to cast your vote in my direction!

Firstly in the Brilliance in Blogging awards, in the Fresh Voice category, enter the following:

Blog name: Me & Baby G

Blog URL: http://www.meandbabyg.com

Twitter ID: @me_and_babyG

Secondly in the Mum & Dad Blog Awards, in either the Best Pregnancy Blog or Best Baby Blog, or if your feeling generous both?! Enter the following:

Blog URL: http://www.meandbabyg.com
Thank you, thank you, thank you from Me & Baby G!

Pippa’s Easter Wardrobe

So it’s Easter weekend and Spring is supposed to of sprung but after Friday’s beautiful weather the usual British bank holiday drizzle has returned! However Pip’s spring/Easter wardrobe hasn’t been affected and here is what she’ll be wearing this spring weekend!

With that adorable bunny jumper, this is of course Pippa’s Easter Sunday outfit. The Jumper I bought months ago from H&M ready for spring and the pink leggings are from an existing set we already had. H&M no longer do this jumper sadly but they have something similar with a swan which I think I’ll also be purchasing!


I bought this gorgeous bunny dress from Next in their Christmas sale, ready for spring/summer so it is still a bit big for Pippa. However with all those cute bunnies it had to be worn this weekend so will be Pippa’s Easter Monday outfit. In summer this should fit her a bit better and there will be no need for tights or a cardigan, but for this weekend, pink tights bring out the hints of pink in the bunnies on the dress and her Burberry cardigan (need to get more wear’s out of this!!) keeps her warm!

For the remaining days we have these tops that came as a set of 3 from George at Asda and I just mix them and match them with existing leggings Pippa already has. I love the yellow, perfectly spring-like and with the black, white and grey, not overly girly too.