Pippa’s Weekly Wardrobe

Now that I’ve caught up with life, these are much more recent photos of Pippa in some of her more recent outfits. Although she’s now 5 months, we’re only just transitioning into the 3-6 month clothes, with some still being a bit big for her (dungarees!!)

1. I LOVE these leggings and I think I’ve posted them before but this time they are with a plain grey bodysuit. Sadly, these are now looking a little tight on Pippa’s newly chunky legs so I think I’ll be heading to Zara for some more! 

2. It’s quite handy this dungaree set from George at Asda is on the large side as they are a perfect print for spring so will hopefully still fit her in a few months time. They are corduroy too which brings some added cuteness!

3. Unfortunately you can’t quite see from the photo but this little folksy dress from M&S has little rabbits, foxes and other woodland animals all over. I couldn’t resist teaming them with these amazing Pom Pom booties from H&M too!

4. This was the first time I’d put Pippa in jeans and although they do look rather cute, I prefer a soft legging! However for a lazy New Year’s Day it had to be done, especially paired with this ‘lovely little princess’ sweatshirt from H&M

5 Month Update


I’ve always found January a strange month, getting back into the swing of things always takes a while after Christmas. This year has been even worse as three days after H went back to work he sprained his ankle and has been signed off work ever since! So it has kind of felt like the Christmas holidays never ended and our usual routine has not only been thrown off by having H around 24/7 but also by the fact we have been doing sleep training with Pippa and got her into a completely new routine of naps and sleeping!


The sleep training has taken up a lot of this month as it’s a two week intense schedule that has meant we haven’t really been able to go out in order to get Pippa into a good routine. There’s so much to tell, I could write a whole blog on it – which is what I’m going to do! So this will be coming shortly!
Prior to this, Pippa’s sleeping was just getting worse and worse with her waking every 1-2 hours a night. It was like that first month all over again and we had even started going to our parents to nap in the day whilst they had Pippa for a few hours!

However the sleep she has had since has obviously been paying off, as just this week Pippa has started to sit up on her own! She’s now so strong and loves to be sitting or standing…or bouncing now that she has also entered the realms of the jumperoo! A godsend for getting a few minutes in to have a cup of tea!


Just this week, one of my friends with a baby born the same week as Pippa was saying how she suddenly realised she can’t refer to her baby as ‘newborn’ anymore, and she’s so right. Pippa has become a little person now, one that looks up when I call her name, smiles when I enter the room, holds her hands out to touch my face or her dads beard and strokes my arm when I’m feeding her. I absolutely love that we are now getting something back when we interact with her but at the same time it’s bitter sweet how quickly she’s growing up!


As the six month mark is now fast approaching, we’ve began to think about weaning. Before Christmas we were really struggling with Pippa’s feeding as she was still barely taking 3oz with each feed and had dropped off her centile. I thought she would never be ready for weaning as she would barely drink her milk! On a whim we decided to change her formula as she had always been on Aptamil. We had heard good things about Hipp organic so decided to make the switch and within a day of changing, Pippa was guzzling down her 4oz bottles so well that we upped it to 5oz and then later on to 6oz. A couple of weeks later I had Pippa weighed again and she had shot up above her 9th centile line and the rolls on her little legs have been increasing ever since!
So now that Pippa is eating so well I’m really excited to start weaning, especially as her funky chevron highchair arrived today! I’m hoping to do a mix of baby lead weaning and purée but I’m happy to see where the journey takes us!
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Pippa’s Weekly Wardrobe

It seems Pippa is getting used to her photoshoots now and is learning some different poses and to actually smile for the camera yay! We’ve also now moved onto 0-3 months, a surprise for me as I was convinced they would still be too big for her but it appears my little lady is growing faster than I thought!

1) This top came as a set of 3 from Boots and I also bought the matching set of 3 leggings. However I can’t get enough of her H&M navy blue leggings, they just go with everything and I love them with this top so as not to be too pink and girly. The only problem is these are newborn and just about still fit her but I’m on a hunt to find some more! 

2) Matching her pose to the outfit, this little polka dot jumpsuit from GAP kids makes Pip look as though she’s stepped out of the 80’s! Cute and easy to wear for the daytime. 

3) Another GAP kids romper, I love the print on this but once on I wasn’t sure about the collar – I think it makes her look a bit like a clown. Oops. 

4) I love this little cord dress from H&M with little black hearts and matching black tights. Unfortunately we only got about half an hour out of this outfit until we had a poonami situation… Need I say anymore. 

It was also Halloween this week so I couldn’t miss these out! As mentioned, Pip is now in size 0-3 and I bought this outfit about 3 weeks ago thinking she would still be in ‘up to 1 month’ hence the hat that is definitely too small! (Although I’m sure this shrunk in the tumble dryer!). Luckily we just about squeezed her into this Tesco pumpkin sleepsuit and the bib from Nanny and Grampy made a great addition!

Leaving Your Baby For The First Time

don’t worry I didn’t just leave her alone on the sofa!

I knew the time would come where I would have to leave Pippa for the first time but the thought of it terrified me, especially as she hadn’t left my side since she had been born, let alone the 9 months she was growing inside me! I missed her at night even when she was by my side so I decided rather than biting the bullet and doing it suddenly, I would leave her gradually, for longer periods each time.

I first left Pippa at 6 weeks to get my hair cut which I knew would mean I would be away for about 2 hours. Knowing how long I would be really helped as I knew if Pippa would need feeding/napping/changing in that time and I knew I would definitely be back at a certain time. This was also the first time Harry had been left with Pip on his own too so it was an experience for both of us! I think we were both quite anxious but we were able to message each other updates which meant it went well on both parts.

Being the first out of my friends to have a baby, they were still going out for dinners, brunches and lunches – something I would always participate in pre-baby and I didn’t want this to change. So at 7 and a half weeks I decided to join my friends for dinner. I don’t know if this is just me, but being out in the evening or leaving Pippa of an evening felt much harder than in the daytime. I’m not sure if this stems from the early days when she was so unsettled in the evenings that I felt we needed to be home with all the necessities around us or just that I enjoy our bedtime routine, snuggling down for the night.

In the days running up to this particular day, I was so excited. Mainly for a night off and also to feel a bit more like the old me again. However once the day came, I was very teary all day but didn’t realise why until Harry suggested it may be because I was leaving Pippa for the evening. Once it clicked I then couldn’t stop crying and actually leaving the house was really hard. I was meeting my friends in Windsor, about 40 minutes away, so the fact I wasn’t just round the corner made me more anxious than I think I would have been if it was local.

Once out I was hoping my anxiety would dissapear but unfortunately it didn’t and I couldn’t really relax. However once I got home and realised that Pippa was absolutely fine and I slipped straight back into the night feed I realised I had nothing to worry about!

It was then time to move onto the next step – H and I leaving her with someone else entirely! After some deliberation we decided that my birthday (Pippa’s 2 month birthday) would be an ideal time to get away just the two of us. So for my birthday present Harry arranged a much needed spa day for us both, complete with a post-natal full body massage for me! 


We were allowed at the spa from 9am – 6pm but we decided to arrive about 10am and leave about 3pm, any more time away from Pip and I think I wouldn’t of been able to relax! We roped in both sets of grandparents to share the babysitting, as they themselves hadn’t been left alone with Pippa either so were also slightly nervous! However the fact they came to us and I left lots of instructions helped me relax and I knew Pip would be fine with Granny in the morning and Nanny and Grampy for the afternoon as they all love a cuddle!

Apart from realising how tired I was after sitting and relaxing for the first time in 2 months, I really enjoyed the day and wasn’t worried about Pippa at all, especially as we were receiving lots of photos and updates the whole day. I think the key is leaving your baby with someone you trust at this stage and having them in your own home also means that everything they or the baby needs will be to hand. The next stage will be leaving Pip at the grandparents, or even an overnight stay…however i’m not sure i’m ready for that quite yet!

2 Month Update


Month 2 has definitely been sooo much easier than month 1 so things do get easier!

At the start of the month the health visitors were still slightly concerned about Pippa’s feeding as she wasn’t taking much more than 2oz and we were still struggling massively with her crying, fussing and in pain during and after feeds, not to mention the times when she would vomit it all back up again! It was at this point that she was diagnosed with reflux and referred to the doctor who put her on ranitidine and things then started to get easier almost instantly. It was as if Pippa transformed overnight and we suddenly had a happy, content baby and discovered that this was actually what a normal month old baby should be like!

This resulted in Pippa sleeping much better, without having to be upright over my shoulder and she has started to go 4, 5 and even 6 hours once throughout the night which has made us all much happier and feeling normal again. I would say that it was at about 4 or 5 weeks where I did actually start to feel normal again and with Pippa’s feeds now stretching about 3 hours, going out has also become so much easier, so much so that I find I now need to go out every day so as not to go stir crazy!

Excuse the crusty cradle cap!
Our new happy baby also meant smiles! It was great to wake up the first morning, peer over her moses basket to see her smile back! Morning smiles are now a daily occurrence and we occasionally get little smiles throughout the day too – not long till giggles I hope!


H also had a lot of time off work this month so it was lovely to spend time as a family now that we were all feeling much better about life! We even took a trip to get a tattoo, myself getting a P for Pippa on my wrist and H getting the number 19 (myself, H and Pippa’s birth date) in roman numerals on his inner, upper arm.

The only problem with getting out and about so much was that I barely had time to express which then meant that my milk started to dry up pretty rapidly and with Pippa now taking more at her feeds, I could barely keep up. We started to dip into our frozen supplies to make it up however I have now had to make the difficult decision to stop expressing and move Pippa onto formula exclusively. As much as I don’t want to give it up, the little milk I’m now producing isn’t filling Pippa up, therefore we have started weaning her off gradually, giving her less breast milk feeds each day until Friday when she had the last of the frozen supplies. However, I’m happy that I have given her two months’ worth of my milk and it will make things much easier for myself without having to come home or get up during the night to express.


This month I have also managed to leave Pippa with Harry a couple of times, once to get my hair cut and another for a much needed meal out with the girls. However, as much as it was needed, I still cried all day and felt so anxious without her and couldn’t wait to come back home for some cuddles. But it had to be done and I now know that Pippa is fine without me, we are even leaving her for a whole day with her grandparents today when we go on (another much needed) spa day for my birthday.

It’s amazing how much Pippa has changed in just a month. Even at 8 weeks she doesn’t seem like a newborn anymore and the more she starts to interact the more fun it gets so I can’t wait for what’s to come in month 3!

Baby G’s Nursery Design

Baby G’s nursery is finally complete (minus a cushion which is on order for the rocking chair, so the current one is filling in for now!). I’m so pleased with it and it’s turned out just as I’d hoped. Although I struggled sometimes with the gender neutral, I think we’ve achieved a pretty neutral scheme! Here are some more pics and details below…  

The room is pretty big so we have managed to fit quite a bit in and still have room to spare. My Eames Style Rocker is definitely my favourite purchase and once the Bloomingville Sleeping Bunny Cushion arrives to sit on it, it’ll be complete. 

Luckily we already had the curtains from our old bedroom which also happen to be blackout so are perfect for the nursery. They were originally a bargain from H&M Home so have served us well!

We went for the Silvercross Nostalgia Cotbed as we wanted it to turn into a bed when baby is older and the drawer underneath meant we had some added storage space. Being in a two bedroom flat we need all the storage we can get!

On the other side of the room we have yet more storage! We already had these trunks too (originally from Achica) so it was just a case of emptying them of our own rubbish, ready to fill with baby rubbish!

I had always wanted these Bloomingville House Box Shelves as I think they are just adorable for a nursery or child’s bedroom so when I found them on Achica in their clearance I snapped them up straight away. They also came in different internal colours but we went for white (gender neutral and all that!) as we can always paint the insides at a later date. 


We haven’t put much in the shelves yet, just Baby G’s first 12 week scan picture, some toys I recieved from my friends and some super cute building blocks I found in Jojo Maman Bebe. The little brown bear giving a wave is in fact H’s childhood bear!


I didn’t want to spend a fortune on artwork so found these printables online, edited the colours to fit with the scheme then printed them off and framed them myself. I also made them in pink so they can be swapped if Baby G turns out to be a girl, however I actually quite like the mint green a lot!

I did however buy this print  from Sarah & Bendrix at Not on the Highstreet as I simply NEEDED it. I love the gold foil typography and the ‘naps fix everything’ quote is perfectly fitting for above the cot! 

The cot bedding is from Olli Ella and was something I found and bought very early on. Similarly the cloud mobile from The White Company was the first thing I ever bought when we found out about Baby G and although we couldn’t hang it above the cot without putting a hook in the ceiling, it still catches the wind and looks great where it is. 

We already had these IKEA Hemnes drawers, which again just needed emptying of all our own clothes to fill with baby’s. I have to admit, I have had to hold onto one bottom drawer as I simply don’t have anymore room in my own wardrobe!

The baskets were gifts from my various baby showers and are perfect for housing all the baby changing bits and bobs. We also filled one with a collection of books, some of which H and I read as kids ourselves including Elmer, Peace at Last and The Hungry Caterpillar (must haves!!). 

Lastly, this little fella came from Wilkinsons and makes a perfect night light. 

Now all that’s left to complete it is Baby G!

36 Weeks

I’ve had a great week this week featuring even more afternoon tea and I’ve felt pretty good all week too. On Saturday my university pals surprised me by taking me to afternoon tea at a beautiful hotel nearby. They all travelled up to see me which was lovely as I haven’t seen them since March! They got me a lovely basket of baby goodies too. 

It was also my last week at work so I had my work baby shower which turned out to be Pret-a-Portea at The Berkeley hotel in London which was just amazing! Again I recieved baskets and bags of presents so had to be driven home by the boss as I had so much to carry! 

I think we are now finally ready for Baby G to arrive. I had my 36 week midwife appointment on Monday to go through my birth plan and she told me that I should have my bag packed by this stage, especially as baby is fully engaged and I’ve been getting lots of pressure and shooting pains in my cervix meaning the baby is nestling down! The changing bag had arrived n the Sunday (I went for the Black Storksak Bobby and I love it!) so I got packing both baby’s bag and my own. This meant washing all of the tiny baby clothes and choosing the first outfits, making everything seem so real. I will do a separate post on what I have packed and the outfits I have chosen else I will be here all day!

It turned out that it was a good job I had started getting prepared as on Thursday’s growth scan we discovered that the amniotic fluid around Baby G is very low. They sent me to see the consultant straight away who explained that this is likely to mean they will induce me next week!? I was then hooked up to a monitor to monitor the baby for an hour which came back fine and I will be going back in Monday to have this done again and then and then another scan next Thursday. If the fluid hasn’t increased by then, they will ‘induce me straight away’. I asked if this meant the same day and she said not nessecerilly but probably the following day – Friday. We were told to get prepared so that’s what we have been doing! 

So this week I will be enjoying my first week of maternity leave as much as possible as it may be my last chance! Next week’s post could be very interesting!