Pippa’s Summer Wardrobe 

So it’s only 6 weeks until we go on our first family holiday but I’ve been busy stocking up on Pippa’s holiday wardrobe for a good while now. As the sun has finally appeared this weekend I thought I’d share Pippa’s summer wardrobe!  

After desperately searching for watermelon leggings, finding them in Next and then buying them in all the sizes along with pineapple leggings, I then discovered they had watermelon and pineapple dresses too! So a large part of Pippa’s summer wardrobe is now very fruit based but who doesn’t love a watermelon and a pineapple print! 

The striped pinafore dress, also from Next, I actually wanted for myself, I love the colours and the linen material but sadly it only came in Pippa sizes, so she will be wearing it on my behalf! That’s if it fits her by summer! Having bought these about a month ago, I assumed Pippa would be in 6-9 months by then but she’s still in 3-6 months and anything any larger just swamps her. She hasn’t seemed to grow much in the past few months but I’m determined to get her in these dresses!

The denim dungaree dress was a sale purchase just this week in the M&S sale and I think this is my new favourite outfit. The print is just beautiful so I also bought it in a top/leggings set for Pips too!


Baby’s in rompers are my fave so I’ve made sure to stock up for summer. They are just so convenient and comfortable for Pips too. The three to the left came as a set from Tu at Sainsburys as too did the mint dungaree romper which I can’t wait to get on P!

The denim romper I actually bought last summer in the George at Asda sale but I see a very similar one is back this year too!

More pineapple print loving and some jungle print too! Again, I wanted the Next tropical print jumpsuit for myself so Pippa got it instead and the Pineapple one is from La Redoute


I have found Primark to be brilliant for baby tops and tee’s and even bought a few more yesterday that I haven’t had time to photograph before this blog. The jersey tank tops on the right and the floral top above all came from Primark and the blouse & bloomer shorts on the left are from The White Company. These are actually the only shorts Pips has, I think they’ll be next for the holiday wardrobe!

Pippa’s Weekly Wardrobe


Some funky poses this week!

  1. This whole outfit was bought for Pippa by a friend and I just love it. All from H&M’s Concious collection, Pip looks like a right boho babe in the beautiful sheer harem trousers with little gold stars and those pom pom booties are just the best!
  2. Striking a pose in her Tobias & The Bear Fox Leggings! I love this brand and they even do these in adult version so both H and I have them too!
  3. Such a pretty little outfit, this was given to Pip from her Aunty and Uncle for Christmas. I love the colours, perfect for spring and all from Ladybird at Very.
  4. This was Pippa’s valentines day outfit, a little grey dress from H&M with a tiny coloured heart print, pink tights and her denim shoes from Next (the only shoes that will stay on for more than 2 minutes!)

Pippa’s Weekly Wardrobe


I’ve been slacking quite a bit with Pippa’s weekly wardrobe posts, they are now more like Pippa’s monthly wardrobe so i’m having to put two together this week! Even looking back at the photos I can see she’s changed so much and these were when her body hadn’t quite caught up with her head just yet!

As it’s finally getting cold, i’ve started to get Pippa in some knitwear, so these are just a few of her winter warmers!

  1. A very cute, knitted all-in-one from GAP which I find is great for lazy days at home when she needs something a little warmer on.
  2. One of my favourites as this cardigan was knitted by my mum and goes perfectly with these floral leggings from Tu at Sainsbury’s. Unfortunately Pippa likes to eat the collar though!
  3. I think the tights are my favourite part of this outfit and they came with this knitted dress from Boots.
  4. I love this jumper from The White Company and she wears it quite a lot, simply to get the most out of it before she grows out of it!


I actually think majority of these outfits no longer fit Pippa 😦 I suppose it is about time we moved on from her 0-3 clothes!

  1. It’s hard to see from the photo but this Next grey jersey dress has a cloud print all over. I love a cloud print, as you can see from the cloud leggings featured later, so I love this dress and the little stripy tights that came with it! Luckily this one just about still fits, so has a few more wears in it yet!
  2. This M&S checked dress was bought for Pippa when she was born (in the summer) so now that it fits her, it’s slightly out of season as it’s a thin cotton. However I just stuck a white long sleeved bodysuit underneath and added some tights to make a great little winter outfit!
  3. We have a lot of things in this print from M&S as I find it really pretty and not too pink! The pinafore dress is cord and comes with a little white bodysuit and pink tights.
  4. After putting these on Pippa this week and spending all day pulling them down to reach her ankles, I’ve had to accept defeat and admit that sadly these White Company cloud leggings no longer fit! They are still available in stores though so I think i’ll be purchasing some more in the next size up!

I promise i’ll try and keep these posts more up to date from now on!

Pippa’s Christmas Wardrobe!

What’s Christmas without a baby dressed as an elf/Santa/pudding/star or whatever else festive! This year is probably the only year we can get away with the proper silly outfits so we are making the most of it!

As it stands at the moment, the Next outfit above is Pippa’s Christmas Day outfit, probably the most civilised of the lot – that tutu has class written all over it! Ha! However as it is also probably the only time of year we can get away with a tutu, we may as well!


What the hell is this you’ve put me in Mum?!

She has also worn it to Baby Sensory winter wonderland week and wasn’t the least bit impressed with it and just kept eating the tutu, so I’m not sure if it will last all of Christmas Day!


Strike a pudding pose!

If that is the case, this is backup! I think Pip prefers this one too by the looks of things! It was just £7 from Sainsburys but I love it, particularly as its knitted too.

That just leaves these four, all of which have been bought for Pippa by my friends – I told you everyone loves a baby in festive fancy dress!

1 & 2 – The snowman and pudding outfit were from the same friend and are both from George at Asda (the supermarkets have come up trumps this year!) Pippa even wore her snowman outfit to meet Santa.

3 – I love this jumper from Mamas & Papas as it can be worn after Christmas too and Pippa loves sucking on that Pompom…

4 – This Boots sleepsuit will be Pippa’s Christmas Eve outfit!

Pippa’s Weekly Wardrobe

Another lot of photos about a month old but we still fit in all of these outfits yay!

1. Unfortunately this outfit has since experienced a major poonami and was subsequently ruined and had to be chucked however it was great while it lasted! I loved its bright pattern, from Boots. 

2. I actually bought this dress second hand from an NCT nearly new sale but it was originally from Primark. Such a sweet print and I do love a bit of navy! 

3. I just love these cat leggings! My mum bought them for Pips from Zara and they have loads of other cool prints that I will be purchasing once Pippa grows out of her current hundreds of leggings! I just put this with a cream bodysuit and a little hand knitted cardigan which once belonged to me!

4. I bought this little dress, and the same in navy, in the Next sale earlier this year. I love it’s sweatshirt material, easy for everyday baby wearing!

Pippa’s Weekly Wardrobe

I’m a bit behind with the blogs and after seeing these photos, taken a month ago (oops!) Pippa looks so much smaller than she is now!

1. Pippa is just about still young enough to pull off a sleepsuit in the day, particularly this beautiful floral one from Next. This is actually the ‘spare’ outfit in the changing bag as its easy for a quick change but still pretty!

2. This is my all time favourite outfit of Pippa’s so far and she has worn this lots of times since, just so that jumper is getting the wear it deserves! Even though every time she wears this she is mistaken for a boy (there’s a pink bow can’t you see!!) the M&S panda jumper is just way too adorable and goes perfectly with her H&M stripey leggings, her wardrobe staple. 

3. This on the other hand is her dad’s favourite outfit and goes with the dress next to it. All from Polarn O. Pyret, a very cute sweedish brand I didn’t even know about until H’s sister bought us these! 

4. This dress is great, a comfortable jersey material and those bunny pockets just make it! We also have a matching hat for this which I need to dig out!

Pippa’s Weekly Wardrobe

It seems Pippa is getting used to her photoshoots now and is learning some different poses and to actually smile for the camera yay! We’ve also now moved onto 0-3 months, a surprise for me as I was convinced they would still be too big for her but it appears my little lady is growing faster than I thought!

1) This top came as a set of 3 from Boots and I also bought the matching set of 3 leggings. However I can’t get enough of her H&M navy blue leggings, they just go with everything and I love them with this top so as not to be too pink and girly. The only problem is these are newborn and just about still fit her but I’m on a hunt to find some more! 

2) Matching her pose to the outfit, this little polka dot jumpsuit from GAP kids makes Pip look as though she’s stepped out of the 80’s! Cute and easy to wear for the daytime. 

3) Another GAP kids romper, I love the print on this but once on I wasn’t sure about the collar – I think it makes her look a bit like a clown. Oops. 

4) I love this little cord dress from H&M with little black hearts and matching black tights. Unfortunately we only got about half an hour out of this outfit until we had a poonami situation… Need I say anymore. 

It was also Halloween this week so I couldn’t miss these out! As mentioned, Pip is now in size 0-3 and I bought this outfit about 3 weeks ago thinking she would still be in ‘up to 1 month’ hence the hat that is definitely too small! (Although I’m sure this shrunk in the tumble dryer!). Luckily we just about squeezed her into this Tesco pumpkin sleepsuit and the bib from Nanny and Grampy made a great addition!

Pippa’s Weekly Wardrobe 

It appears Pippa has mastered the ‘looking wistfully into the distance’ pose for her daily photo shoots! Disappointingly this is just the direction of the TV… 

This week we’ve ventured into her ‘first size’ clothing only to discover that it probably won’t fit her much longer 😦 here are some of our favourites:

1. Daddy actually purchased these dungarees from Mothercare and at first I didn’t like them as they are padded like a duvet and have a rabbit on the front (I’m not too keen on motifs!). However once they were on I thought they were the cutest thing ever! The only downside was due to their super comfy padding, Pippa barely opened her eyes all day as she was so warm and cosy!

2. This is my favourite outfit at the moment and it’s actually just from Primark. Anything that isn’t pink gets a thumbs up from me and we even managed to coordinate our outfits this week, myself wearing a matching grey top and blue jeans (she’s going to hate me when she grows up!)

3. Another one of my favourites. Stripes just look good on anyone, especially babies. Although she was mistaken for a boy in this Next number, I don’t mind. 

4. Another Next outfit, a family friend bought Pippa this as she knew my dislike for pink and love of mint green baby stuff. This just shows things can still be girly without being pink with its cute little bows on the feet and chest and frills on the bum!

Pippa’s Weekly Wardrobe

Now that Pippa can actually fit into newborn clothes rather than ‘small baby’ or ‘tiny baby’ I’ve been in my element buying endless little outfits for her. As much as I love a baby in a babygrow, baby leggings are also too cute to ignore! Here are some of her outfits from this week:
1. Pink polka dot romper, M&S. My mum bought this for Pippa when she was born and she just about fits into it now!

2. These heart joggers are from Primark and are just so cute! They came as a set of two with a plain pink pair and I’m definitely going to have to go out and re-buy them in a few sizes I think! 

3. A simple little outfit of pink leggings from H&M and a striped bodysuit. The leggings have feet in them too which is handy as we all know how much of a pain baby socks are!

4. I bought both the leggings and top before Pippa was born. I couldn’t resist the top for Baby G from F&F at Tesco, even if it was for a boy and the leggings came in another set from H&M but they make a super cute set together. She does look slightly like a boy but I quite like the tomboy look!