One Step Backwards, Two Steps Forwards

A ‘tadpole’ has become a new addition to Pippa’s toy collection after our visit to the fertility clinic!

Since my last post unfortunately we’ve taken a bit of a step backwards. However it turns out that setback has meant we are now actually further on into knowing the reasons why.

In September our appointment for the NHS community gynecology came through, and it just so happened to be on the same day that we were going to the Herts & Essex Fertility Center open evening.

We went in expecting to explain our situation and hopefully be referred for the lap & dye procedure however once we had explained our situation the consultant decided to do a scan on me. It was really quite painful and I was obviously wincing at one point to which he replied “yes, I can see why this is so painful for you” and showed me a huge dark mass on the screen. That was my left ovary, engulfed in a cyst. He explained that it was called an endometrium (or chocolate cyst – don’t google that on a full stomach) and is due to endometriosis. He then showed me other sites of endometriosis in my uterus and other cysts on my other ovary from polycystic ovary syndrome.

I said that I have been having pain for over a year on my left side (remember when I called 111 back in August 2017?!) and was always told it was just ovulation pain and he wasn’t surprised I was in so much pain! I’d also been having extremely painful periods lately, to the point of almost passing out and throwing up whilst picking Pippa up from school.

I was so shocked and also annoyed as I’d had a scan 5 months earlier where I was told everything was fine, although she struggled to find my left ovary (along with the scan in September 2017) as it was obviously hiding behind the cyst – something she should have spotted, particularly as we paid privately for this. I was also given a blood test to test for PCOS and this came back fine so I was told I didn’t have that. When I explained this to the consultant after the scan, he said that a blood test can’t tell if you have it or not, it’s from scans and internal investigations. So what a waste of time and money that test was!

To top off the news, he also said with my endometriosis and PCOS, combined with H’s motility that he would “never say never” but our chances of conceiving naturally were “very low”. He then said I would need to be referred on for a laparoscopy to remove the cysts and endometriosis and in the meantime we should start saving for IVF.

I was very upset when we came out but actually it meant that we went into the open evening at the IVF clinic that night, now knowing what the issues were and that we were now likely to go down this route. The evening itself was so informative and we got a tour of the clinic and saw all the labs and a full step by step slideshow of the whole IVF process.

I was set for a long wait for the surgery but I got a phone call on my birthday asking if I could go in the following week as there had been a cancellation. I’d been worrying about the wait and how much pain I’d been in, hoping it would be soon so I jumped at the chance to take the slot and I’m now having the laparoscopy later this week. I’m surprisingly looking forward to it just to be pain free and know that any cysts/endo that need to be removed will be, and we can move onto the next stage once I’ve recovered.

So here’s to going forwards.