From Baby to Big Girl

big girl pippa

Over the last few of months it seems we have put all of the baby phases behind us and have taken the next step into ‘big girl’ territory and as much as I thought it would be hard and Pippa would struggle, it has been the complete opposite!

In January we made the decision to move Pippa into a ‘big girl bed’ and took the sides off of her cot. We had been talking about it for a while but I wasn’t ready as it meant she wasn’t a baby anymore! However on a whim one Saturday we took the plunge. Pippa absolutely LOVED it and showed anyone who entered the house her new ‘big girl bed’ and got in it at every opportunity. She had been out of her sleeping bags and been using a pillow and duvet for a while in her cot so this helped the transition I think.


Besides the worry of her falling out in the night (we had a bed guard for that) our biggest concern, as is everyone’s when moving from a cot to a bed, is the getting out at night and in the morning. Pippa has always slept with her bedroom door closed so we decided not to change this or add a stair gate and continue to shut her door and keep the stair gate at the top of the stairs. However the funny thing is, she still to this day has not got out of bed until one of us goes in in the morning to get her up!



At Easter we took the second plunge, removing her dummies. We had planned to do it at Christmas with Father Christmas taking them but the thought of having sleepless nights and tantrums over Christmas made us change our minds, and I’m glad we did. We hadn’t allowed Pippa her dummies in the daytime except for naps for a long time and as she was no longer napping she was only having them if she found them in her bed upstairs but would often make excuses to go upstairs just to get them. However as time went on she actually wasn’t even asking for her dummies or if she saw them wouldn’t take them so we started to put them away in the daytime and she wasn’t bothered. Night time however was a different story and she went to bed with two every night, asking for certain coloured ones and if she lost them in the night would cry out for one of us to go in and give her them. But we knew they had to go so prepared ourselves for a week or two of sleepless nights.

For about a month before we started planting the seed and telling her the Easter Bunny would be taking her dummy’s to give to babies and because she was a big girl now, she would get chocolate from the Easter Bunny instead. When the time came around she was well aware of what was going to happen, telling everyone! We had a little countdown of ‘three more sleeps, two more sleeps’ etc. and then on the night, we got her a little basket which she willingly put all her dummy’s in for the Easter Bunny. We left the bag outside her door (in case she went and retrieved them from the basket in the night!) and off she went to sleep! She shouted “where’s my basket!” a couple of times but after reassuring her they were outside her door, ready for the bunny to collect, she was fine! We couldn’t quite believe it!

The next morning she was so so excited to see if the Easter bunny had been and when she peered in her basket where she had left her dummy’s to find chocolate, she was amazed! And the rest (dummies) was history. I was expecting her to be asking for them constantly but she didn’t at all, not even at bedtime and was going to sleep just as easy as she usually did so we have been very impressed!


We have also now been nappy free for a whole year! During the last couple of months Pippa has also decided to stop using the potty and now uses the toilet and all by herself too which means no more cleaning out potty’s (thank god!). She had also been taking her own potty into nursery with her every week. They have kids toilets and potty’s there but Pippa being Pippa, she had to have her own with her. Well the last month she has decided she also no longer needs to take this with her and has been using the ‘big girl’ toilets at nursery by herself. Hurrah!

As much as I miss her being a baby, seeing her so independent is great, and I love that she now tells me she loves me and I’m beautiful, who doesn’t!  If that isn’t going from baby to big girl, I don’t know what is!

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