More Childcare Changes!

It has now been a month since Pippa started nursery properly and I’d love to report back that she’d having a great time but unfortunately I can’t.
She cries hysterically when I drop her off and will not let the nursery staff put her down without her crying, meaning she is being carried around all day or on their laps. Apparently she clings to whoever I hand her over to in the mornings so she’s not actually attached herself to one person but seems to trust whoever I’ve left her with.

She also hates any change so hates going out in the garden or into any other room. During her first week she was in such a state whenever I picked her up, it broke my heart to think she had been that upset all day. She was trying to catch her breath from crying so much and had even lost her voice on one occasion.

As a result, Pippa has also become SUPER clingy to me like never before. I even had to get into the bath with her on a couple of occasions and she would ask for me a lot when at Granny’s which she never would before. She also stopped napping altogether and waking early crying for me and to come into our bed as she didn’t want me to leave her.

On speaking to the staff they just said they couldn’t give her the attention she needed all day so they had to leave her crying. Understandably they need to go on lunch but that would really upset Pippa. I sent emails to the manager with no responses and whenever I called to check on her they either didn’t know who she was or didn’t seem very bothered. On one occasion it took H over an hour and a half to get through to them on the phone. This week she has been ill so hasn’t gone in at all and I forgot to call until gone 12 on one of the days to say she wasn’t coming in but they hadn’t even noticed.

Overall we really aren’t impressed with the nursery at all but I just can’t go through moving her again. With the childminder I didn’t worry at all about her all day but whenever she’s at nursery I just find myself worrying all day and hate the thought of her there and have got very upset at work a couple of times over it. So much so we decided she was only going to go there for the bare minimum. I decided I would change one of my working days to a Saturday so that Harry could have her and although it would mean our weekend time together as a family was reduced, at least I knew she would be happy with Daddy, and a day less at nursery.

Both H and I’s parents could also see that nursery really wasn’t good for Pippa (or us for that matter), and since my decision to work Saturday’s, Harry’s mum offered to do one day a week. With my mum also doing half a day it meant I no longer had to do work Saturdays. So Pippa now only has to do 1.5 days at nursery, which although isn’t ideal, I’m hoping she will eventually get used to it and she’s doing the bare minimum we can manage.

Today was Pippa’s first day with Nanny and for the first time in a very long time Pippa didn’t make a fuss or cry when I left for work, just got up and gave me a hug and kiss and said goodbye. I’ve never felt so happy. She’s definitely having a great time too by the photos I’ve been receiving and I can actually now relax at work…for 1.5 days at least!