Being Dumped By The Childminder


Pippa has always been a clingy baby and even at her first birthday party she wouldn’t let me put her down without screaming the place down. It would also be a similar reaction if I popped to the toilet or upstairs and she was left with H. I’d always reassure her I was coming back but she would cry and cry at the baby gate until I came back.

Even up until the last month, she has only just started to feel comfortable going to my stepdad (who we see regularly!) and other men, previously she would cry and cling to me of they came anywhere near!

Because of this, I knew going to the Childminder would be a challenge however after the expected tears when I dropped her off for the first few weeks, she actually started to get excited when I dropped her off and eventually started reaching out every morning to go to her.

We still get some tears some mornings but it’s not the separation from me that is now the problem, but Pippa hates being separated from the Childminder.

We use an app with the Childminder called ‘Baby’s Days’ where she writes a daily diary of their activities and adds photos and videos. We have a brilliant Childminder and she is always taking the children out and about to the woods and the zoo and to baby classes, partly one of the reasons I chose her for Pippa. We too take her to these types of places regularly and she loves running around, joining in, singing and dancing. However when she’s with the Childminder it’s as if she’s a different child.


Pippa refuses to let the Childminder put her down and if her feet even touch the ground she cries. If she’s playing, the Childminder has to be by her side or Pippa has to be on her lap, otherwise it’s hysterical crying. At the toddler groups she just cries and won’t join in and gets very upset with similar situations when they are out at the woods or zoo; places Pippa loves to explore with us. When out and about she is only happy if she’s in the buggy, I’m assuming because she feels safe there. But she daily gets herself into such a state that our poor Childminder can’t bring her back round.

She is also terrified of her husband, who unfortunately works shifts so is often around in the day time. Even the sound of his voice in the other room sets Pippa off.


I could tell things were getting worse from the diary entries and seeing the childminder’s exhausted face at the end of the day when I picked her up. Then three weeks ago, on picking Pippa up, the childminder simply said she can’t have Pippa anymore. She was such hard work that she couldn’t tend to the other children and Pippa was so upset that it wasn’t fair on anyone. She said that she’s never had to admit defeat with a child before but apparently Pippa is one tough cookie to crack!!

I was so upset at the thought of having to find somewhere else and having to go through another however many months of heart breaking settling in for Pippa. However this is now where we are at and I’ve been on a mad search for another Childminder or nursery.

I’ve not found another Childminder that I like the sound of yet and have visited one but didn’t like it at all, making me realise how great Charlotte really is! If only Pippa knew how lucky she was!

We’ve also visited a couple of nursery’s but as Pippa is so opposed to joining in and busy environments, I just can’t imagine her enjoying the setting at all.

However since our Childminder dropped this bombshell, Pippa has actually began to improve! I even had a few shocked texts from Charlotte as she was so amazed at the transformation! She now doesn’t cry and drop off and runs off to play with the other children without a backward glance. She doesn’t cry half as much and has gradually got happier and happier. This week she has even let her husband play peekaboo with her! 

She has still yet to get out of the buggy and join in at playgroups but after asking the Childminder if she would reconsider keeping Pippa, she pretty much said yes as long as Pippa returns to her happy self after the Christmas break…fingers crossed!!