10 Month Update


 Firstly I have to apologise that this is a week late (we’ve been on holiday) and for the general lack of blogs etc. but this month has just been manic! We FINALLY moved house which was very stressful, even up until the day before it was touch and go if it would happen then we had H’s sisters wedding and went on holiday last week (and planning for traveling with a baby is practically a month long task in itself!)


It’s also been a pretty eventful month in Pippa’s world too…we have a crawling, clapping baby! The clapping came first, I’ve been singing pat-a-cake (with clapping actions) to her for months and our baby sensory teacher told me that if I did that she’d be clapping by 9 months. Then low and behold, at 9 months and 4 days she woke up clapping in her cot! And now she claps whenever she gets excited which is very cute. 

Two days later it was moving day and that whole week whilst I was packing I would find Pippa on all fours so I knew it wouldn’t be long. On the day we actually moved she started commando crawling very slowly across the floor and then 2 days later once in the new (un-babyproofed!) house she started crawling properly! I clearly was not prepared as the same day I put her on the bed and she crawled head first off…oops!

This same day coincided with my first night away from Pippa, ever. With everything going on I hadn’t really had time to get anxious and I think I did it at the right time as I’m much happier to leave her now than I was a few months ago. So off I went to Birmingham to see my best friend from university for a lovely baby-free night of dinner, drinks and dancing. And it was just that, lovely. It was so nice to actually relax and not have to worry about when the baby needs feeding, sleeping etc. and I could actually enjoy myself! Maybe a little too much as the next day I was severely hungover and struggled with the long train journey home but I couldn’t wait to see Pippa once I did eventually get home. Hopefully this will prepare me for the 3 nights I have away from her for a hen do in 4 weeks time too. It will definitely be a lot harder to leave her for that long but I think I’ll enjoy having a weekend off at the same time. 

I also learnt this month that taking a baby to social occasions is hard work! It was H’s sisters wedding and Pippa was a flower girl so she came with us and although I can’t fault her as she was as good as gold, entertaining the crowds with her silly faces (more on that later!) and didn’t moan once, it just meant I was constantly trying to find somewhere to feed her or a quiet place for her to sleep. 

So yes, Pippa has become a little character and a funny, cheeky one at that. She loves a musical toy (much to our delight…we just love a fisher price theme tune!) or music on the radio or tv and dances and claps to it which is very cute. However on the other hand she has also developed her fathers frown and pulls the most evil of faces and stares (usually at old ladies in lifts) or pulls a shocked face with her mouth wide open, in what my mum calls her ‘scream face’. Obviously she does have a lovely cute smile too and now also, a fake laugh. I overheard a stranger on holiday saying she sounds like woody woodpecker, she’s about right!

She has also become very demanding, pointing at what she wants then pointing at me to go and get it for her. She’s now clued up to where I hide her snacks and the snack pot so she’s constantly raiding my bag for those and if it’s not food it’s her ladybird baby touch books which she demands we read to her every five minutes! We’ll see if all that reading of ‘words’, ‘colours’ and ‘numbers’ pays off in the next few months haha!

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