9 Month Update

In my last update there wasn’t much to report as Pippa had been ill, however this month I feel I have loads to talk about as it seems she’s been making up for the previous month!  
She’s no longer a baby but is turning into a little person and one with a great, cheeky personality. She now understands a lot more and can interact with us to tell us what she wants, particularly with her pointing finger demanding what she wants to play with, what she wants to eat or where she wants to go! Her range of hilarious facial expressions can also tell you exactly what she’s thinking and she does a brilliant shocked face.

She’s also constantly chatting and babbling away and has even said Mama and Dada. She only seems to say mama when she’s angry or crying and wanting me so I don’t actually know if she’s screaming for me or it’s just her being angry! However she says dada and daddy all day long but when Daddy comes in from work she points and gets exciting shouting dada dada so who knows!  

This month she has also become a lot more mobile and as much as I doubted her crawling ability, she is getting there! The problem lies in the fact she would much rather be standing up, cruising around the furniture and as she spends most of the day doing so, she has got very good at it. Therefore the appeal of being floor level just doesn’t cut it so if I’m around she will just cry/scream/whinge and wiggle to me and pull herself up. If I’m not in sight though or if it’s something she really wants (usually my phone or the remote) she will pull herself on her tummy towards it and she can move around in circles quite quickly and easily on her tummy. I think if she worked out how to get her legs up into the crawling position she would be off in a flash but she’s just not getting it so struggles on her tummy for now!


Getting her dressed or changing her nappy has become a real battle as she just flips herself over and wriggles away after the next thing she finds interesting. Keeping her in the cot and even in the buggy is also becoming hard. She can now pull herself up in the cot and can get all over the place in that confined space! I also made the mistake of not strapping her into the buggy last week when I was hoping she would nap but Pips had other ideas…

She was very clingy for a while, not wanting to even go to Daddy and screaming if I wasn’t within inches of her however that has improved as the month has gone on which is rather nice! She’s quite sociable though and will smile at mostly anyone, just men take a bit more getting used to and if that’s the case she’ll give them a little shy smile and bury her head into me!

Pippa also finally has some teeth coming through! They appeared out of nowhere and one day last week I just spotted two little white lines on her bottom gums then a few days later they had just about broken through and are now very sharp! She hasn’t been too bad with them apart from last night when she really was crying in pain for a long time before I had to pick her up, comfort her and cuddle her back to sleep – something I haven’t done since she was 4 months old!! As much as I hate seeing her in pain, it was lovely to have sleepy cuddles again though. Having her a bit grumpy the past few days from her teeth has also made me realise how much of a happy baby she really is and rarely cries at all. People always comment on how smiley and happy she is too which is always lovely to hear. I just hope the teeth don’t cause her too much bother over the next month!

Pippa’s Summer Wardrobe 

So it’s only 6 weeks until we go on our first family holiday but I’ve been busy stocking up on Pippa’s holiday wardrobe for a good while now. As the sun has finally appeared this weekend I thought I’d share Pippa’s summer wardrobe!  

After desperately searching for watermelon leggings, finding them in Next and then buying them in all the sizes along with pineapple leggings, I then discovered they had watermelon and pineapple dresses too! So a large part of Pippa’s summer wardrobe is now very fruit based but who doesn’t love a watermelon and a pineapple print! 

The striped pinafore dress, also from Next, I actually wanted for myself, I love the colours and the linen material but sadly it only came in Pippa sizes, so she will be wearing it on my behalf! That’s if it fits her by summer! Having bought these about a month ago, I assumed Pippa would be in 6-9 months by then but she’s still in 3-6 months and anything any larger just swamps her. She hasn’t seemed to grow much in the past few months but I’m determined to get her in these dresses!

The denim dungaree dress was a sale purchase just this week in the M&S sale and I think this is my new favourite outfit. The print is just beautiful so I also bought it in a top/leggings set for Pips too!


Baby’s in rompers are my fave so I’ve made sure to stock up for summer. They are just so convenient and comfortable for Pips too. The three to the left came as a set from Tu at Sainsburys as too did the mint dungaree romper which I can’t wait to get on P!

The denim romper I actually bought last summer in the George at Asda sale but I see a very similar one is back this year too!

More pineapple print loving and some jungle print too! Again, I wanted the Next tropical print jumpsuit for myself so Pippa got it instead and the Pineapple one is from La Redoute


I have found Primark to be brilliant for baby tops and tee’s and even bought a few more yesterday that I haven’t had time to photograph before this blog. The jersey tank tops on the right and the floral top above all came from Primark and the blouse & bloomer shorts on the left are from The White Company. These are actually the only shorts Pips has, I think they’ll be next for the holiday wardrobe!