8 Month Update

I’m afraid this months update will be quite brief and pretty boring as for 3 out of the 4 weeks, our household was struck down with the plague!

It started Easter weekend with Pippa seeming a bit out of sorts, shortly followed by sickness and numerous poonami’s including in my bed, on my pillow, on me and on the bathroom floor. She went completely off her food and milk (no wonder) and wasn’t herself. By Easter Monday it had struck Harry and Pippa was still unwell, only now it had developed into a cough, runny nose and a rash. Harry was out of action for 5 days so I was handling a sick Pippa by myself whilst desperately anti-bac wiping everything in sight so I wouldn’t catch it also! 


The snot from Pippa was unreal and the cough was keeping her and us up all night. Then the fever struck. She was so upset and although she was clingy before, now was a different story! She wouldn’t leave my arms and wouldn’t even go to Harry or let him feed her. After taking her to the doctors we discovered it was bacterial tonsillitis and the whole thing from the tummy bug, rash, cough, cold and temperature was probably all due to one virus. Calpol was our saviour along with lots of snuffle babe and baby olbas oil but the cough and the snot and the temperature and not eating continued, so much so Pippa lost quite a bit of weight and went back to her weight 7 weeks ago. After taking her to the doctors again last week she was finally put on antibiotics.


Amidst the last 2 weeks, after having Pippa sneeze, cough and snot all over me I too contracted the relentless snot and cough which turned into a chest infection! So we are now both on antibiotics and it has only been in the last couple of days that Pippa’s snot and cough has subsided and we have our happy cheeky Pippa back and I’m close on her heels, only really feeling slightly better yesterday!

So I’m not sure how I’ve managed to write so much about this months activities of absolutely nothing, but I have. Pippa is still obsessed with herself in the mirror, still hates being on her front (so definitely not crawling) and still loves to stand. Hopefully next month will be full of developmental milestones as she catches up on what she’s missed his month!!

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