Pippa’s Easter Wardrobe

So it’s Easter weekend and Spring is supposed to of sprung but after Friday’s beautiful weather the usual British bank holiday drizzle has returned! However Pip’s spring/Easter wardrobe hasn’t been affected and here is what she’ll be wearing this spring weekend!

With that adorable bunny jumper, this is of course Pippa’s Easter Sunday outfit. The Jumper I bought months ago from H&M ready for spring and the pink leggings are from an existing set we already had. H&M no longer do this jumper sadly but they have something similar with a swan which I think I’ll also be purchasing!


I bought this gorgeous bunny dress from Next in their Christmas sale, ready for spring/summer so it is still a bit big for Pippa. However with all those cute bunnies it had to be worn this weekend so will be Pippa’s Easter Monday outfit. In summer this should fit her a bit better and there will be no need for tights or a cardigan, but for this weekend, pink tights bring out the hints of pink in the bunnies on the dress and her Burberry cardigan (need to get more wear’s out of this!!) keeps her warm!

For the remaining days we have these tops that came as a set of 3 from George at Asda and I just mix them and match them with existing leggings Pippa already has. I love the yellow, perfectly spring-like and with the black, white and grey, not overly girly too. 

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