Pippa’s Easter Wardrobe

So it’s Easter weekend and Spring is supposed to of sprung but after Friday’s beautiful weather the usual British bank holiday drizzle has returned! However Pip’s spring/Easter wardrobe hasn’t been affected and here is what she’ll be wearing this spring weekend!

With that adorable bunny jumper, this is of course Pippa’s Easter Sunday outfit. The Jumper I bought months ago from H&M ready for spring and the pink leggings are from an existing set we already had. H&M no longer do this jumper sadly but they have something similar with a swan which I think I’ll also be purchasing!


I bought this gorgeous bunny dress from Next in their Christmas sale, ready for spring/summer so it is still a bit big for Pippa. However with all those cute bunnies it had to be worn this weekend so will be Pippa’s Easter Monday outfit. In summer this should fit her a bit better and there will be no need for tights or a cardigan, but for this weekend, pink tights bring out the hints of pink in the bunnies on the dress and her Burberry cardigan (need to get more wear’s out of this!!) keeps her warm!

For the remaining days we have these tops that came as a set of 3 from George at Asda and I just mix them and match them with existing leggings Pippa already has. I love the yellow, perfectly spring-like and with the black, white and grey, not overly girly too. 

7 Month Update

7 months old

I think I say this every month but Pippa is just developing more and more as the weeks go on. Every week she seems to develop a new skill and it’s amazing to see. She watches everything so carefully, taking everything in and you can see her watching your mouth movements and trying to make the same sounds herself. This also means she doesn’t miss a trick and if I’ve left something in her eye line that she shouldn’t have (e.g. my phone, the tv remote, cups of tea) she makes a b-line!

waving baby

One of the other things that she has picked up is waving! It started off with just a raised hand but she now flaps it about and waves hello and goodbye, or just a little wave to mummy across the room and even waves hello to her new friend in the mirror! Putting her in front of the mirror has certainly become one way to cheer her up if she’s grumpy!

Along with this she now realises that once something has disappeared from sight, doesn’t mean it’s gone forever and she’s now constantly peering round corners if we go out of her sight. Her favourite is peering off her changing mat, out her bedroom door in search for Daddy when he walks past in the morning or peering off my bed into our en-suite when I’ve gone to the toilet (yes, no peace!) She also now sits up and looks at the door when she hears the front door lock go when Daddy gets home from work which is the sweetest thing to watch.

Her personality is also growing and she’s learning to play us very well, whingeing for attention then smiling once she gets it! Also, although she definitely doesn’t know what it means, she now shakes her head from side-to-side in a ‘no’ action which is quite funny when you ask her a question and everything is responded to with a no shake of the head!


However as far as developing in the movement department we are definitely lagging! As she has been sitting up since before 5 months, tummy time no longer has an appeal (not that it ever did!) If I do manage to get her on her front she just throws a paddy and I have to sit her up again so I’m not sure how or when she’s going to learn to crawl! This week however she did realise that on my mum’s hard floor and with no socks on, she could push herself back…we may have a bum shuffler on our hands!


She is however standing really well on her own whilst holding onto things such as the sofa or her jumperoo (this has also lost its appeal except for standing and playing with it from the outside!) and this is ALL she wants to do these days.


Pippa’s weaning continues to come on really well and nothing seems to phase her. We’re now onto three meals a day, porridge in the morning, something I’ve pureed up at lunch time and then more of a baby led weaning/finger food type meal for tea. She absolutely loves feeding herself so the Organix rice cakes and carrot puffs are great for keeping her entertained whilst I clean up at the end of a meal time. She also loves toast and sticks of banana, carrot or broccoli, not that much gets into her mouth!

FullSizeRender (7)

As she has been eating so well we’ve also managed to take her out to a few restaurants for lunch this month as we had a few family birthdays. One of them we were there for 3 hours and she was as happy as anything sat in her highchair, eating, playing and waving at everyone! Long may our happy baby continue!