Pippa’s Weekly Wardrobe


Some funky poses this week!

  1. This whole outfit was bought for Pippa by a friend and I just love it. All from H&M’s Concious collection, Pip looks like a right boho babe in the beautiful sheer harem trousers with little gold stars and those pom pom booties are just the best!
  2. Striking a pose in her Tobias & The Bear Fox Leggings! I love this brand and they even do these in adult version so both H and I have them too!
  3. Such a pretty little outfit, this was given to Pip from her Aunty and Uncle for Christmas. I love the colours, perfect for spring and all from Ladybird at Very.
  4. This was Pippa’s valentines day outfit, a little grey dress from H&M with a tiny coloured heart print, pink tights and her denim shoes from Next (the only shoes that will stay on for more than 2 minutes!)

6 Month Update


Half a year old!! How did that happen! If the next 6 months goes as quick as these past 6 I think I might cry (who am I kidding, I definitely will be crying come August 19th!)
However, as fast as its going, each month I enjoy her more and more as she grows up and learns to interact and her little personality starts to shine through. I love playing with Pippa now as she recognises songs (pat-a-cake, row, row, row your boat and a bit of Spice Girls are particular faves!) and her face lights up as soon as I start singing. ‘Spice Up Your Life’ has even been known to bring her back from the brink of tears! She’s even started dancing this month which is quite hilarious! Another game she enjoys is the ‘throw it and mummy will pick it up’ game, particularly in her high chair and she enjoys pushing over the stacking cups once I’ve built them all up!
Now that Pippa can sit up so well she can also play with her toys more easily on the floor which is great, although we’ve had a few face-plant incidents when she tries to reach too far! She can entertain herself on the floor with her toys for a while which initially I thought was great as I could be in the kitchen washing up or making a cup of tea, however it seems that if I’m remotely out of sight (we have an open plan kitchen/living room!!) she begins to cry or winge and I have to wave and talk to her from a few feet away just to reassure her.
She is also going through a bit of a stage of screaming with any family member other than myself or H at the moment, or if I’m not in her sight. Although she loves to poke and prod their faces from my arms! It even got to the point that she refused to have her milk when I left her with my mum whilst I attended a hospital appointment and she would only drink it once I was back and feeding her, not mum.
Teething trouble also hit this month and we’ve had glowing cheeks, streams of saliva and a very unhappy baby for almost 2 weeks. This week things seemed to have calmed down a little but there was a week where she was waking 6+ times a night and was so unhappy in the day that only calpol would do the trick. Yet, still no teeth.
Although Pippa is only now 6 months old, we started weaning at about 23 weeks. She was constantly making little chewing mouth movements when watching us eat and grabbing anything we were eating so I could see she was ready. And I couldn’t have been more right. She inhaled her first meal of puréed broccoli and the whole eating thing hasn’t phased her at all! We had no gagging, no funny faces, no spitting it out and she is happy to feed herself, albeit a bit messy!
I’m now spending every spare minute puréeing everything in sight and so far we have tried most vegetables and a few fruits and are now starting to mix flavours together. I also let her feed herself with sticks of toast, boiled carrots and even some watermelon this week which she absolutely loves and it can keep her entertained for a while!
I can’t wait to see what more exciting things this month will bring. Pips is desperate to get on the move but I can’t see her crawling any time soon, particularly with her hatred of being on her tummy! Maybe she’ll start bum-shuffling like her mum, we’ll see!

Nursery Update: New Bedroom Wishlist

nursery design

Don’t worry I still absolutely love Pippa’s nursery design, however we are (hopefully!) moving house in a few weeks so being me, I have spent most of my spare time looking at lovely interiors, deciding how I’m going to redecorate the new house. One of the rooms that really excites me is Pippa’s new room. Whereas when I designed her nursery I didn’t know the sex, now I can put a bit more of a girly stamp on it!

nursery colour scheme

As you know I’m not one for all over pink, hearts and flowers with Pippa but there will certainly be hints of it. I’ll be sticking with the grey but adding splashes of mint, pink and gold.


Pippa’s new bedroom is very long and thin with a wooden floor so my first thought was that she needed a long rug. I fell in love with the Olli Ella Teepee Geo Rug, however at £349 it was a definite no go! Instead I purchased this lovely striped rug from H&M for £15! They had sold out of pink which would have been my first choice and then I was completely stuck between the mint and grey. I decided on the grey as it will be easier to work with in the future if we decide to change her room again.

hm baskets

As there is a lack of floor space in her new room, I am hoping to utilise lots of shelving to store bits and bobs. These H&M baskets are in the perfect colours and will look great mixed and matched on some shelves.

pineapple cushion

More from my H&M wishlist is this gold pineapple cushion!


gold nursery

I have already introduced gold to Pippa’s current room with her ‘Naps Fix Everything’ print and these gorgeous gold spotted cotbed sheets from The Modern Nursery. To add to these splashes of gold I want to add some gold and blush pink triangle wall stickers, also from The Modern Nursery.


Pippa already has these Bloomingville House Display Boxes so I may consider painting the inside of these grey and pink as they are currently white. I also plan on getting her a gold, pink and grey tassel garland, then with her wall stickers (and maybe even a teepee!), hopefully it will end up looking something like this…ha!