Pippa’s Weekly Wardrobe

Now that I’ve caught up with life, these are much more recent photos of Pippa in some of her more recent outfits. Although she’s now 5 months, we’re only just transitioning into the 3-6 month clothes, with some still being a bit big for her (dungarees!!)

1. I LOVE these leggings and I think I’ve posted them before but this time they are with a plain grey bodysuit. Sadly, these are now looking a little tight on Pippa’s newly chunky legs so I think I’ll be heading to Zara for some more! 

2. It’s quite handy this dungaree set from George at Asda is on the large side as they are a perfect print for spring so will hopefully still fit her in a few months time. They are corduroy too which brings some added cuteness!

3. Unfortunately you can’t quite see from the photo but this little folksy dress from M&S has little rabbits, foxes and other woodland animals all over. I couldn’t resist teaming them with these amazing Pom Pom booties from H&M too!

4. This was the first time I’d put Pippa in jeans and although they do look rather cute, I prefer a soft legging! However for a lazy New Year’s Day it had to be done, especially paired with this ‘lovely little princess’ sweatshirt from H&M

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