Pippa’s First Christmas

baby santa outfit

As a family we LOVE Christmas and look forward to it every year. Last Christmas was particularly special as we discovered we were having a baby and told our families on Christmas day with a bauble which had little ribbons of paper inside reading ‘we’re having a baby!’ This year we are even more excited as it’s Pippa’s first Christmas and although she won’t remember it, we will and it’s lovely to have the memories.

Excuse the picture – it’s the only one I could find, taken and put together by H!

When Pippa was just 7 weeks old we created a new bauble for our tree at one of the baby groups I go to. A lady from Made by Me Mobile Pottery Painting came along and painted Pippa’s feet and then printed them onto a bauble with the words ‘Pippa’s first Christmas’ on the other side. I absolutely love it and it’s very special to me so made it to the front of the tree this year! We also had a beautiful little one made with Pippa’s name inside by a little brand run by one of H’s sister’s friends, aptly named, Pip and another from H’s parents with Christmas 2015 on.


As I’ve been off work over the whole of the Christmas build up this year, I’ve felt so festive! I went out and about Christmas shopping a lot and had time to make sausage rolls, mince pies and a Chambord trifle! It was also nice to be able to have a mulled wine in the evening this year too! Pippa and I also got a bit creative and made some ‘mistletoes’ Christmas cards for the family.


The Elf on the Shelf made an appearance in our household this year too. I had never even heard of it but H was on the ball and ordered Pippa one which we have named Ivy. The idea is that you adopt an elf and it appears every year on December 1st to watch over the children and report back to Father Christmas if they are being good or not – a great incentive for a few years’ time!! To make it more fun for the kids (and adults!), the elf moves around every night to be in a different place each morning. So this year H decided to jump on the bandwagon and hid Ivy the Elf in a different place each morning for me to find. It was great for putting a smile on my face at 6am getting up for the morning feeds, particularly as this year Ivy can get away with being a bit naughty whilst Pips is none the wiser!


Although Pippa definitely didn’t have a clue, we couldn’t let her first Christmas pass without a visit to the big man himself. So one day when H was off work we took Pippa to a children’s farm nearby to see Father Christmas. Despite the extortionate price for a visit that Pippa will never remember, H and I had a great time! It was really Christmassy and we also got to go to Santa’s toy shop and pick Pippa a toy, then build a bear in his workshop and visit the reindeer. I can’t wait to make it an annual trip!

baby's first christmas

For Christmas day itself, H and I decided to each spend £25 on Pippa (I think we both got carried away and went a little over budget!) and not tell the other what we had bought so it was a surprise for us both on Christmas day. This was a great idea that I think we’ll stick to for the next couple of years at least. We even managed to find Pippa a matching stocking to ours! My presents consisted of some sensory toys, some clothing, blankets and a couple of other toys whereas H bought lots of books and educational toys. You can see exactly what we picked (and a bit more from Christmas day) in my first vlog over on my new YouTube Channel – yes, cringe! ha!! (Embarrassed emoji!).

sit me up cosy

After opening our presents at home we spent the day at my mums then went over to H’s family in the evening followed by visiting even more family on Boxing Day. I was worried that Pippa wouldn’t like all the people as she previously would get very clingy and cry in crowded situations, however I couldn’t have been more wrong! She LOVED all the attention and was all beaming smiles at everyone, barely napping as not to miss out! However this then didn’t bode so well for the few days after Christmas when the excitement had died down and all she wanted to do was be stood up, sat up or held and screamed any time she was laid down on her play mat! Luckily she received a Bumbo Seat and a Sit Me Up Cosy from her uncle and aunty which have been great for keeping her sat upright as she can’t quite sit on her own just yet! We are also awaiting the arrival of the Baby Einstein Friends Activity Jumper (basically a cheaper version of the Jumperoo!) which from what I hear from my NCT mum friends, is a godsend!

So now Christmas is over and H is back to work so we’ll be back to our usual routine, counting down until next Christmas!

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