4 Month Update

This month started off with a lovely surprise, a little cousin for Pippa! Baby Connie was born on H’s birthday, exactly 3 months after Pips so we’re very excited for them to become best buds! Seeing them side by side however just made it so much more amazing to see how much Pippa has grown in just 3 months! 


This month has seen Pippa develop even more and she now loves to be sitting up or standing (with support obviously!) and looking around at everything from these new exciting angles!


Action shot!
She’s also become more mobile and can almost roll from her back to front and just this week managed to roll from her front to back! (You can see video evidence on my Instagram page!) Considering she hates being on her front she’s becoming much better with it now that she’s realised she can roll over and escape it! All this rolling also means she now manages to shift herself around her play mat to reach all her toys and I can put her in one spot and find she’s turned 180 degrees in a few minutes!  

She’s now grabbing everything in sight and putting it straight in her mouth, so Sophie le giraffe has become a firm favourite, particularly now that Pippa is teething. 
A friend actually spotted the tiny white fleck on her gums and pointed out that it was in fact a tooth, which explained a lot! Pippa’s dribbling is incredible and alongside her little red cheeks she’s been quite grumpy at times this month due to her teeth. We’ve opted to use teething granules as these are homeopathic so we aren’t plying her with paracetamol all the time. They work really well and calm her down within minutes which is great.  


Apart from the teething problems, during the day Pippa has turned into such a happy baby and smiles at everyone, worryingly, particularly at men with facial hair!! We also had her first giggle this month which both myself and H witnessed, however she hasn’t done it since!  

Always smiling at bathtime!

She’s now in a pretty solid routine, waking around 7.30-8.30am with naps at 10/11ish, 1/2ish and 4/5ish lasting between 20 and 40 minutes each. Unfortunately though, Pippa still likes to fight her sleep and I have to rock and pat her whilst she screams for 5 minutes before she drops off each time! She also feeds every 3 hours and although we try to push this to 4, she doesn’t eat much at a time so I really struggle to do so! We then bath her at 7pm every other night and take her into her bedroom for a story and a warm feed at 7.30 to send her off to sleep.

Her little and often way of feeding has however become a bit of a problem at night, never filling herself up enough to go more than 4 hours at a time, so we are still feeding 3-4 times a night and she is by far the worst sleeper of all the babies we know! Halfway through this month we then hit the dreaded ‘four month sleep regression’!

 I hadn’t heard of it until a friend mentioned it and after nearly a week of Pippa waking every 15-30mins and only sleeping for 1-2 hours at a time, I googled it and Pippa had all the signs! It turns out babies sleep patterns change around 4 months into a more adult cycle, taking them longer to go into a deep sleep and therefore waking whenever you put them down or move them.  

You and me both Pips!

Pippa’s sleeping was never good to begin with but this was hell and we were having worse nights than H’s sister with her 3 week old! I very nearly purchased a sleepyhead as I’d heard such good things however as she was already nearly 4 months and had been sleeping ok in her cot without it for a while, I decided to improvise. Instead I rolled two towels and put them under the sheet to create a little nest. I also then put my dressing gown over the top so that it smelt of me and would hopefully keep Pippa reassured that I was near.

Amazingly it worked!!! We had our best night’s sleep ever and she only woke twice for a feed. We’ve now had four nights of by no means perfect, but much better sleep. Hopefully this ‘sleep regression’ has now passed after a horrible couple of weeks and just today Pippa has started eating double what she had been so here’s to it meaning she’ll sleep a bit longer…especially with Christmas just around the corner!

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