Pippa’s Christmas Wardrobe!

What’s Christmas without a baby dressed as an elf/Santa/pudding/star or whatever else festive! This year is probably the only year we can get away with the proper silly outfits so we are making the most of it!

As it stands at the moment, the Next outfit above is Pippa’s Christmas Day outfit, probably the most civilised of the lot – that tutu has class written all over it! Ha! However as it is also probably the only time of year we can get away with a tutu, we may as well!


What the hell is this you’ve put me in Mum?!

She has also worn it to Baby Sensory winter wonderland week and wasn’t the least bit impressed with it and just kept eating the tutu, so I’m not sure if it will last all of Christmas Day!


Strike a pudding pose!

If that is the case, this is backup! I think Pip prefers this one too by the looks of things! It was just £7 from Sainsburys but I love it, particularly as its knitted too.

That just leaves these four, all of which have been bought for Pippa by my friends – I told you everyone loves a baby in festive fancy dress!

1 & 2 – The snowman and pudding outfit were from the same friend and are both from George at Asda (the supermarkets have come up trumps this year!) Pippa even wore her snowman outfit to meet Santa.

3 – I love this jumper from Mamas & Papas as it can be worn after Christmas too and Pippa loves sucking on that Pompom…

4 – This Boots sleepsuit will be Pippa’s Christmas Eve outfit!

4 Month Update

This month started off with a lovely surprise, a little cousin for Pippa! Baby Connie was born on H’s birthday, exactly 3 months after Pips so we’re very excited for them to become best buds! Seeing them side by side however just made it so much more amazing to see how much Pippa has grown in just 3 months! 


This month has seen Pippa develop even more and she now loves to be sitting up or standing (with support obviously!) and looking around at everything from these new exciting angles!


Action shot!
She’s also become more mobile and can almost roll from her back to front and just this week managed to roll from her front to back! (You can see video evidence on my Instagram page!) Considering she hates being on her front she’s becoming much better with it now that she’s realised she can roll over and escape it! All this rolling also means she now manages to shift herself around her play mat to reach all her toys and I can put her in one spot and find she’s turned 180 degrees in a few minutes!  

She’s now grabbing everything in sight and putting it straight in her mouth, so Sophie le giraffe has become a firm favourite, particularly now that Pippa is teething. 
A friend actually spotted the tiny white fleck on her gums and pointed out that it was in fact a tooth, which explained a lot! Pippa’s dribbling is incredible and alongside her little red cheeks she’s been quite grumpy at times this month due to her teeth. We’ve opted to use teething granules as these are homeopathic so we aren’t plying her with paracetamol all the time. They work really well and calm her down within minutes which is great.  


Apart from the teething problems, during the day Pippa has turned into such a happy baby and smiles at everyone, worryingly, particularly at men with facial hair!! We also had her first giggle this month which both myself and H witnessed, however she hasn’t done it since!  

Always smiling at bathtime!

She’s now in a pretty solid routine, waking around 7.30-8.30am with naps at 10/11ish, 1/2ish and 4/5ish lasting between 20 and 40 minutes each. Unfortunately though, Pippa still likes to fight her sleep and I have to rock and pat her whilst she screams for 5 minutes before she drops off each time! She also feeds every 3 hours and although we try to push this to 4, she doesn’t eat much at a time so I really struggle to do so! We then bath her at 7pm every other night and take her into her bedroom for a story and a warm feed at 7.30 to send her off to sleep.

Her little and often way of feeding has however become a bit of a problem at night, never filling herself up enough to go more than 4 hours at a time, so we are still feeding 3-4 times a night and she is by far the worst sleeper of all the babies we know! Halfway through this month we then hit the dreaded ‘four month sleep regression’!

 I hadn’t heard of it until a friend mentioned it and after nearly a week of Pippa waking every 15-30mins and only sleeping for 1-2 hours at a time, I googled it and Pippa had all the signs! It turns out babies sleep patterns change around 4 months into a more adult cycle, taking them longer to go into a deep sleep and therefore waking whenever you put them down or move them.  

You and me both Pips!

Pippa’s sleeping was never good to begin with but this was hell and we were having worse nights than H’s sister with her 3 week old! I very nearly purchased a sleepyhead as I’d heard such good things however as she was already nearly 4 months and had been sleeping ok in her cot without it for a while, I decided to improvise. Instead I rolled two towels and put them under the sheet to create a little nest. I also then put my dressing gown over the top so that it smelt of me and would hopefully keep Pippa reassured that I was near.

Amazingly it worked!!! We had our best night’s sleep ever and she only woke twice for a feed. We’ve now had four nights of by no means perfect, but much better sleep. Hopefully this ‘sleep regression’ has now passed after a horrible couple of weeks and just today Pippa has started eating double what she had been so here’s to it meaning she’ll sleep a bit longer…especially with Christmas just around the corner!

Pippa’s Weekly Wardrobe

Another lot of photos about a month old but we still fit in all of these outfits yay!

1. Unfortunately this outfit has since experienced a major poonami and was subsequently ruined and had to be chucked however it was great while it lasted! I loved its bright pattern, from Boots. 

2. I actually bought this dress second hand from an NCT nearly new sale but it was originally from Primark. Such a sweet print and I do love a bit of navy! 

3. I just love these cat leggings! My mum bought them for Pips from Zara and they have loads of other cool prints that I will be purchasing once Pippa grows out of her current hundreds of leggings! I just put this with a cream bodysuit and a little hand knitted cardigan which once belonged to me!

4. I bought this little dress, and the same in navy, in the Next sale earlier this year. I love it’s sweatshirt material, easy for everyday baby wearing!

Self Settling & Sleep Training

Wiiiide awake in her cot!
Those of you who know me will know that our darling Pippa isn’t really much of a sleeper and never has been. Babies in our NCT group 6 weeks younger than her are already miles ahead of her on the way to the end goal of sleeping through the night that we are all striving for…not to mention the baby 3 days older than her who’s been sleeping through for weeks now!

Pippa was regularly waking every 2-3 hours in the night, mostly for no reason. If it was nearer the 3 hour mark I would obviously feed her, but most of the time, her dummy had fallen out or she just wanted a cuddle. Our main issue was that she couldn’t self settle when she was waking each time and would only ever fall asleep being cuddled. I definitely hadn’t helped the situation as at her slightest whimper I would run in and pick her up so this is what she was now used to. 
 It was at this point we thought we better start teaching her to self settle…


What a tired Pippa looks like!
I started off by putting her in her cot for a nap when she was still awake but when I could see she was tired. By now I know exactly when Pippa has her naps and can read her tired signs like a book so off I went placing her in the cot for nap time. It seemed to work with everyone else’s babies but not mine. She just cried and cried and I know I should have probably persevered for longer and let her cry but I couldn’t. So that failed. It did work once and she drifted off watching the mobile but never since! So now we stick to my ‘sway, pat and shhh’ method of just that, swaying, patting and shhing her to sleep whilst she fights and screams until normally after about 3-5 minutes will pass out! It works so we stick with it for now!!

Night time was easier as she was already sleepy however we still needed to reduce the times she was waking. We had already now established a bit of a bedtime routine as she couldn’t stay awake past 7.30 anymore so it’s now, bath (every other night) around 7, straight into her darkened bedroom for a story with daddy then a warm feed at 7.30ish. We continued with this and then after reading up on sleep training, adopted the following: first time she wakes, pick up and cuddle back to sleep, the following times she wakes just patting and shhing her (I decided to also stroke her head as this calmed her) and only feeding when necessary. Some even suggested dropping one of the feeds so they learn they won’t get fed and therefore sleep through.

Everything I had read said that the babies would learn quickly that they wouldn’t get fed or cuddled every time and eventually be self settling and sleeping through the night (more or less) within about a week. I didn’t have such high hopes for our Pips but she has done really well and is now waking much less throughout the night, to the point she is only waking for 2 feeds at around 1am and 6am now!


I’ll much rather sleep in your bed thanks Mum!
It took a few weeks and although she still can’t initially go to sleep without a cuddle/feed, she can now be settled much easier with a stroke of the head and a reassuring hand on her tummy. Although I can’t see her sleeping through the night for a loooong time yet, particularly after last nights escapades: 

11pm – 2.5oz

Awake 1.30am until…

2.10 – 2oz…

Awake until 3am

Awake at 4.20am

4.30am – 2oz…

Awake until 5.30am (then I couldn’t take anymore and she slept in my arms until…)

8.30am – 1.5oz
Oh well, good nights and bad nights ey!

All Change – From Crib to Cot

Before i get complaints, we have since removed the cot bumpers for safety now that she is in the cot full time

At first I couldn’t imagine how I would ever not want Pippa sleeping by my side however I soon found that however well Pippa slept, I would not. Her continual moving about and loud breathing meant that I was constantly awake, waiting for her to wake up and fussing over and rocking her all night. 

By 3 months Pippa was fast outgrowing her Moses basket so we made the decision to try her in her cot. However we figured that as she had been sleeping in her cosy, enclosed environment for so long we better do it gradually.   


We started off by first removing her BabyMoov Cosydream (pretty much a cheap version of the sleepyhead!) and putting her in a sleeping bag. Previously she had slept with just a cellular blanket tucked in tight around her as she was too small for the bag and our flat is ridiculously hot! Luckily we found a 1.5 tog bag so we used this at first. There was no problem at all switching from the blanket to the bag and it actually made it much easier to put her down at night after a feed as she could stay warm and cosy within the bag, making the switch from my arms to the basket less chilly!  

At the same time I then started putting her down for naps in her cot in the day. Bearing in mind Pippa’s naps at this point were few and far between and mostly in the car or pram when we were out and about or in my arms if we were home this proved difficult. Having never been ‘put down’ for a nap this didn’t work at all so I had to resort to cradling her to sleep in my arms then placing her in the cot. At first she would wake immediately but on a couple of occasions we got about 10-20 minutes actually IN the cot which I found brilliant!

Even now putting her down when I can see she’s tired in the hope she will drift off nicely has only happened once. Self settling is another matter and another blog!

Now that she was ‘used’ to the cot we thought we would try her in there for the first night. This first night I cried and cried that I missed her when we were getting into bed and saw her basket empty next to me. Luckily we have a video monitor, however this meant I could still watch her all night and watch her fidgeting about and where as before I would rock the Moses basket, I was now getting up every time she moved to check on her. Needless to say we had two very bad nights with Pippa waking every 2-3 hours and I was crying for a whole different reason by the morning! 
At this point we resorted back to the Moses basket but this time placing it in the cot. This worked much better and I was finding that if I could bring myself to turn off the monitor screen I would be none the wiser to her movements and would only wake when she was crying…when she actually needed me! 

This ended up working so well that we kind of put off taking the Moses basket away! After over 2 weeks we finally made the move and we are now on night 7 of Pippa sleeping in her own room, in the cot. She even appears to have now settled into a pattern of waking at the same times in the night and going down to bed at the same time so we finally have a bit of an evening to ourselves! It’s still not completely mastered and she still wakes numerous times before finally settling and wakes a few times between feeds but we are getting there. Now onto the next challenges…self settling and sleeping through the night!

Pippa’s Weekly Wardrobe

I’m a bit behind with the blogs and after seeing these photos, taken a month ago (oops!) Pippa looks so much smaller than she is now!

1. Pippa is just about still young enough to pull off a sleepsuit in the day, particularly this beautiful floral one from Next. This is actually the ‘spare’ outfit in the changing bag as its easy for a quick change but still pretty!

2. This is my all time favourite outfit of Pippa’s so far and she has worn this lots of times since, just so that jumper is getting the wear it deserves! Even though every time she wears this she is mistaken for a boy (there’s a pink bow can’t you see!!) the M&S panda jumper is just way too adorable and goes perfectly with her H&M stripey leggings, her wardrobe staple. 

3. This on the other hand is her dad’s favourite outfit and goes with the dress next to it. All from Polarn O. Pyret, a very cute sweedish brand I didn’t even know about until H’s sister bought us these! 

4. This dress is great, a comfortable jersey material and those bunny pockets just make it! We also have a matching hat for this which I need to dig out!