3 Month Update

I’m beginning to realise how much difference a month can make in a baby. Pippa has grown up so much in the last month and I can see her character and personality beginning to shine through. She’s definitely no longer a little baby and as a result she’s beginning to fall into a little routine of eating, sleeping (hmm well we try!) and play time. I can now read her like a book and can recognise her different cries and what she wants when which has made things much easier!

baby tummy time
Not impressed with more tummy time!

It seems amazing that only last month we got her first smiles and now she smiles every time she sees Harry or I and is so responsive. We’re even nearly getting some giggles – it’s so close! She’s also started babbling now which is just adorable. She now plays and interacts with her play mat, kicking and batting the various bells and rattles whilst looking intently at herself in the mirror above. She’s still not so hot with tummy time though so we’ve been trying to do that a bit more on her tummy time mat! Her head however is getting much stronger and she loves to stand on my lap or sit up, looking at everything around her from this new angle!

baby swimming lessons puddleducks

This month we have also started swimming lessons! So far we have been to two lessons, H did the first one (luckily, as I was a bit nervous myself!) and I did the second. She isn’t too sure but she’s successfully been dunked without too much of a fuss and doesn’t really mind water over her head.

3 month baby update
sleepy cuddles are the best though!

The only issue we are still having is her sleeping. This month hasn’t been great and she often wakes numerous times during the night, sometimes every hour! She developed eczema earlier in the month so she was waking herself up scratching. She also barely naps in the day, will only fall asleep on me and when she’s put down, wakes straight up. Because of this, and the fact she’s fast growing out of her moses basket, we decided to move her into her cot in her own room early at 12 weeks. I started off putting her down for naps in the cot to get used to it which was more of a success than I thought it would be and we managed a few 40 minute naps which was a miracle! However night times were a different matter and it seemed the big open space she was now sleeping in didn’t go down very well so currently she is in her moses basket, in the cot. At least it is a step in the right direction, it will just be a case of gradually getting her used to not being inside a cosy little cocoon. Once we have it mastered I’ll write a post on how it all went.

Another issue that has arisen very recently, around the 11-12 week mark, is Pippa’s clinginess towards me. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I know exactly how to soothe her or she’s just more used to being around me but she will scream and scream with H and then as soon as I take over she will stop and be all smiles! She also likes to be able to see me so I have to move her around the room with me in her bouncy chair! To go along with this clinginess, I’ve realised she doesn’t like crowds very much and becomes very upset. We had a couple of events and parties this month which she cried her way through most of but once she was taken into a quiet room and given time to kick around on her own she was fine!

baby cold poorly
A poorly Pips!

Pippa also caught her first cold this month which has been a very sad affair! It coincided with her 12 week jabs too so she was rather unhappy for a couple of days and didn’t sleep well at all due to a blocked nose. However it was inevitable she would catch one sooner or later with all the baby groups we go to, it just so happens this one was caught from her father! A week later she is still getting over it with a slight little cough and sniffles but I’m glad she’s back to herself again!

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