Pippa’s Weekly Wardrobe 

It appears Pippa has mastered the ‘looking wistfully into the distance’ pose for her daily photo shoots! Disappointingly this is just the direction of the TV… 

This week we’ve ventured into her ‘first size’ clothing only to discover that it probably won’t fit her much longer 😦 here are some of our favourites:

1. Daddy actually purchased these dungarees from Mothercare and at first I didn’t like them as they are padded like a duvet and have a rabbit on the front (I’m not too keen on motifs!). However once they were on I thought they were the cutest thing ever! The only downside was due to their super comfy padding, Pippa barely opened her eyes all day as she was so warm and cosy!

2. This is my favourite outfit at the moment and it’s actually just from Primark. Anything that isn’t pink gets a thumbs up from me and we even managed to coordinate our outfits this week, myself wearing a matching grey top and blue jeans (she’s going to hate me when she grows up!)

3. Another one of my favourites. Stripes just look good on anyone, especially babies. Although she was mistaken for a boy in this Next number, I don’t mind. 

4. Another Next outfit, a family friend bought Pippa this as she knew my dislike for pink and love of mint green baby stuff. This just shows things can still be girly without being pink with its cute little bows on the feet and chest and frills on the bum!

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