2 Month Update


Month 2 has definitely been sooo much easier than month 1 so things do get easier!

At the start of the month the health visitors were still slightly concerned about Pippa’s feeding as she wasn’t taking much more than 2oz and we were still struggling massively with her crying, fussing and in pain during and after feeds, not to mention the times when she would vomit it all back up again! It was at this point that she was diagnosed with reflux and referred to the doctor who put her on ranitidine and things then started to get easier almost instantly. It was as if Pippa transformed overnight and we suddenly had a happy, content baby and discovered that this was actually what a normal month old baby should be like!

This resulted in Pippa sleeping much better, without having to be upright over my shoulder and she has started to go 4, 5 and even 6 hours once throughout the night which has made us all much happier and feeling normal again. I would say that it was at about 4 or 5 weeks where I did actually start to feel normal again and with Pippa’s feeds now stretching about 3 hours, going out has also become so much easier, so much so that I find I now need to go out every day so as not to go stir crazy!

Excuse the crusty cradle cap!
Our new happy baby also meant smiles! It was great to wake up the first morning, peer over her moses basket to see her smile back! Morning smiles are now a daily occurrence and we occasionally get little smiles throughout the day too – not long till giggles I hope!


H also had a lot of time off work this month so it was lovely to spend time as a family now that we were all feeling much better about life! We even took a trip to get a tattoo, myself getting a P for Pippa on my wrist and H getting the number 19 (myself, H and Pippa’s birth date) in roman numerals on his inner, upper arm.

The only problem with getting out and about so much was that I barely had time to express which then meant that my milk started to dry up pretty rapidly and with Pippa now taking more at her feeds, I could barely keep up. We started to dip into our frozen supplies to make it up however I have now had to make the difficult decision to stop expressing and move Pippa onto formula exclusively. As much as I don’t want to give it up, the little milk I’m now producing isn’t filling Pippa up, therefore we have started weaning her off gradually, giving her less breast milk feeds each day until Friday when she had the last of the frozen supplies. However, I’m happy that I have given her two months’ worth of my milk and it will make things much easier for myself without having to come home or get up during the night to express.


This month I have also managed to leave Pippa with Harry a couple of times, once to get my hair cut and another for a much needed meal out with the girls. However, as much as it was needed, I still cried all day and felt so anxious without her and couldn’t wait to come back home for some cuddles. But it had to be done and I now know that Pippa is fine without me, we are even leaving her for a whole day with her grandparents today when we go on (another much needed) spa day for my birthday.

It’s amazing how much Pippa has changed in just a month. Even at 8 weeks she doesn’t seem like a newborn anymore and the more she starts to interact the more fun it gets so I can’t wait for what’s to come in month 3!

Pippa’s Weekly Wardrobe 

It appears Pippa has mastered the ‘looking wistfully into the distance’ pose for her daily photo shoots! Disappointingly this is just the direction of the TV… 

This week we’ve ventured into her ‘first size’ clothing only to discover that it probably won’t fit her much longer 😦 here are some of our favourites:

1. Daddy actually purchased these dungarees from Mothercare and at first I didn’t like them as they are padded like a duvet and have a rabbit on the front (I’m not too keen on motifs!). However once they were on I thought they were the cutest thing ever! The only downside was due to their super comfy padding, Pippa barely opened her eyes all day as she was so warm and cosy!

2. This is my favourite outfit at the moment and it’s actually just from Primark. Anything that isn’t pink gets a thumbs up from me and we even managed to coordinate our outfits this week, myself wearing a matching grey top and blue jeans (she’s going to hate me when she grows up!)

3. Another one of my favourites. Stripes just look good on anyone, especially babies. Although she was mistaken for a boy in this Next number, I don’t mind. 

4. Another Next outfit, a family friend bought Pippa this as she knew my dislike for pink and love of mint green baby stuff. This just shows things can still be girly without being pink with its cute little bows on the feet and chest and frills on the bum!

Getting Out and About with a Baby

There was a time, mainly the first 3 weeks where I thought I would never leave the house with Pippa. I mean who on earth has the energy or time to drag a baby out to classes and coffee shops in between feeds, crying and nappy changes?! One friend who has a 2 year old and a 6 month old would tell me about her weekly schedule of a baby class in the morning and then some kind of activity in the afternoon, EVERY DAY! I thought she was mad. 

I think a lot of it was due to lack of confidence about taking Pippa out (and of course the lack of sleep, constant feeding, crying and nappy changes!). However as the weeks have gone on and Pippa has become more settled into a routine, and i myself have fallen into a little routine, I found myself itching to get out of the house. The days that I would stay in would leave both myself and Pippa rather ratty and it wasn’t nice for either of us, or for H to come home to! 

Initially I started with ‘Baby Rhyme & Tummy Time‘ and went with a friend. As we were both newbies it took the nerves away but actually I’ve found that any mother with a baby will always chat to you so I needn’t have worried about being the awkward young mum in the corner with the screaming baby! 

It’s a lovely little class run by our local children’s center – something I only discovered once I’d had Pippa, offering support, classes and activities. The class is for young babies and we sing lots of nursery rhymes with actions, then there’s 15 minutes at the end to practice some tummy time with the babies, and an excuse for a gossip and baby chat with the other mums!

Our local NCT also run a lot of activities, one of which, ‘baby walkers‘ I go to with a couple of the girls from my NCT classes. Once a week we meet up and go on a walk over Dunstable Downs, a beautiful spot with amazing views providing a great place for a walk over the hills. Not only is it a bit of a work out, it’s nice to get some fresh air and chat to the other mums with a coffee at the end!

Before I was pregnant I did lots of Pilates and yoga and whilst I was pregnant I was able to continue these with pregnancy Pilates and yoga classes. Now, 6 weeks after giving birth I’m ready to start exercising again so have gone back to Pilates. This time it’s ‘mother and baby Pilates.’ Ran by the same woman who ran the pregnancy classes, all the same women attend but this time bringing the babies along instead of our bumps! It’s a great start back into exercise and she provides toys and bouncy chairs etc. for the babies (who mainly lie around on the floor in front of you!). It’s also a nice way to catch up with the mums you spent 9 months with in the previous classes. 

As Pippa gets older, there’s even more that we can do, I have already signed up to a ‘baby massage’ course that starts in November, once Pippa is 2 months old and I’ve looked at swimming lessons which she can start once she’s 4 months. We’ve also recently purchased an Ergobaby baby carrier so I’m looking forward to more walks with that soon, as it’s only managed one outing so far!

So there is plenty more activities to keep us going over the rest of my maternity leave and beyond!

Pippa’s Weekly Wardrobe

Now that Pippa can actually fit into newborn clothes rather than ‘small baby’ or ‘tiny baby’ I’ve been in my element buying endless little outfits for her. As much as I love a baby in a babygrow, baby leggings are also too cute to ignore! Here are some of her outfits from this week:
1. Pink polka dot romper, M&S. My mum bought this for Pippa when she was born and she just about fits into it now!

2. These heart joggers are from Primark and are just so cute! They came as a set of two with a plain pink pair and I’m definitely going to have to go out and re-buy them in a few sizes I think! 

3. A simple little outfit of pink leggings from H&M and a striped bodysuit. The leggings have feet in them too which is handy as we all know how much of a pain baby socks are!

4. I bought both the leggings and top before Pippa was born. I couldn’t resist the top for Baby G from F&F at Tesco, even if it was for a boy and the leggings came in another set from H&M but they make a super cute set together. She does look slightly like a boy but I quite like the tomboy look!