36 Weeks

I’ve had a great week this week featuring even more afternoon tea and I’ve felt pretty good all week too. On Saturday my university pals surprised me by taking me to afternoon tea at a beautiful hotel nearby. They all travelled up to see me which was lovely as I haven’t seen them since March! They got me a lovely basket of baby goodies too. 

It was also my last week at work so I had my work baby shower which turned out to be Pret-a-Portea at The Berkeley hotel in London which was just amazing! Again I recieved baskets and bags of presents so had to be driven home by the boss as I had so much to carry! 

I think we are now finally ready for Baby G to arrive. I had my 36 week midwife appointment on Monday to go through my birth plan and she told me that I should have my bag packed by this stage, especially as baby is fully engaged and I’ve been getting lots of pressure and shooting pains in my cervix meaning the baby is nestling down! The changing bag had arrived n the Sunday (I went for the Black Storksak Bobby and I love it!) so I got packing both baby’s bag and my own. This meant washing all of the tiny baby clothes and choosing the first outfits, making everything seem so real. I will do a separate post on what I have packed and the outfits I have chosen else I will be here all day!

It turned out that it was a good job I had started getting prepared as on Thursday’s growth scan we discovered that the amniotic fluid around Baby G is very low. They sent me to see the consultant straight away who explained that this is likely to mean they will induce me next week!? I was then hooked up to a monitor to monitor the baby for an hour which came back fine and I will be going back in Monday to have this done again and then and then another scan next Thursday. If the fluid hasn’t increased by then, they will ‘induce me straight away’. I asked if this meant the same day and she said not nessecerilly but probably the following day – Friday. We were told to get prepared so that’s what we have been doing! 

So this week I will be enjoying my first week of maternity leave as much as possible as it may be my last chance! Next week’s post could be very interesting! 

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