My Birth Plan

This week I had my 36 week midwife appointment to discuss my birth plan. Having been doing pregnancy yoga, which focusses a lot on natural birth and breathing techniques, along with some hypnobirthing practice, I already had a good idea of how I wanted my birth to go. If all goes to plan (which I’m well aware is highly unlikely!) I’m actually feeling quite confident about the whole thing! Below is what I’m hoping for:

  • Hypnobirthing – one of the first things I informed the midwife about was the fact I had been practicing hypnobirthing. She was really positive and said that it’s really good and really helps so that was good to know. Letting them know also means they should allow me to be left alone and in a quiet, calming atmosphere as much as possible, with any questions directed to Harry not myself.
  • Where I’m giving birth – although after hearing and reading lots about it I quite fancy a home birth, I’ve opted for hospital and as I am low risk it should be possible to give birth in the midwife lead birth centre. This just means that it is a more natural environment with access to birth pools, birthing balls, CD players, dim lights and aromatherapy machines.
  • Use of the birth pool – big fat yes. This is the bit I am most certain that I want so hopefully I will be able to use it at some point during labour.
  • Induction – it’s actually your own choice to get induced if you go past your due date and having read a lot on it, I think I would rather let baby decide when he or she makes their appearance. Induction also means a more painful labour as the hormones are artificial therefore the contractions are more intense. I’ve also been told by numerous people that if I was to be induced I will need an epidural as it’s so painful and this is something I really don’t want. It would also mean I couldn’t have a water birth. So this will be a ‘I’ll see when the time comes’!
  • Second stage of labour – in a lot of hospitals, women are coached into pushing however my body should naturally feel the need to push when the time is right. I’ve learnt all the breathing techniques to ‘breathe the baby out’ so I want to give this a whirl!
  • Delayed cord clamping – when I mentioned this, the midwife said it is now mostly standard practice in most hospitals so that’s good. It just means that the umbilical cord isn’t clamped until it has stopped pulsating the final bit of blood to the baby.
  • Skin to skin – again something that is done as standard in most places now, I’d like Baby G to be out straight on my chest for skin to skin and if it’s not possible for me to do this, then baby will go to H.
  • Hold baby for at least an hour – this just encourages bonding and breastfeeding and helps to calm the baby so if possible I’d like the baby to be with us for an hour before being taken anywhere!
  • Breastfeeding – yes. If it works!
  • Managed third stage – they often give you an injection to speed up the delivery of the placenta but you can opt out of this. I’ve initially said I’m happy to deliver it naturally but not too bothered if they need to give me the injection either.

And that’s about it along with H’s only request to cut the cord! It will be interesting to see how much of this actually goes to plan!

3 thoughts on “My Birth Plan

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