35 Weeks

35 weeks pregnant bump

Last weekend my friends and family threw me a beautiful baby shower, which was so lovely. My sisters and cousin organised it all with my mum so it was just a chilled afternoon sat in the conservatory and garden at my parents’ house. We got soooo many presents for Baby G including lots of very cute little baby grows! Once I got home I was so tired but sat for about an hour sorting them all into sizes and put them all away in the drawers in the nursery. It all seems very real now! To top off my lovely weekend I had Monday off work so managed to lay in until 10am and just chilled the rest of the day as I realise I wont get to do that again, probably ever!!


On Tuesday we went to see our friends and their 9 day old baby boy. He was gorgeous and I had lots of cuddles, trying to get my head round the fact it will be us in a few weeks time! The birth sounded pretty traumatic (that’s all I ever seem to hear these days!) but I like to know the details so that I’m prepared if it happens to me. She ended up having an emergency caesarean and a blood transfusion but looked so well just 9 days after the birth, which was reassuring.

I’m starting to get things ready for when I leave work now so I have been quite busy which has made the weeks go even quicker. I’m still struggling into London three times a week and I had a couple of bad days with my SPD. Even walking from the taxi to the train is a real mission! I’ve also started to get delightful stabbing pains in my cervix now that are so painful they literally stop me in my tracks. After some googling this seems pretty common at this stage as the baby burrows it’s head further down. I also experienced sciatica for the first time – again really painful! Luckily it seems to come and go relatively quickly.

To end the week we met up with our NCT group for drinks (of the non-alcoholic time for the ladies, boo!) as it’s the last chance we will get now before all of our babies start arriving, the first is due next week!

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