Packing The Baby Bag

storksak bobby changing bag

As the induction was kind of sprung on us very last minute, packing both mine and the baby’s bag has also been a bit last minute. I hadn’t even ordered a baby changing bag until a couple of weeks ago as I simply hadn’t found anything I liked! In the end I settled for the Storksak Bobby in Black. I hadn’t actually seen it in real life until it arrived but it’s just what I was looking for, not too big (some of them are beasts!) and really lightweight. I had previously ordered the Babybeau Sophia but it was so heavy and didn’t seem very practical so that went straight back. H didn’t approve either as it pretty much just looked like a handbag. We had also looked at the PacaPod Mirano as we quite liked that it came with removable pods, however it was really big and I felt like I was carrying a suitcase around, so much to H’s disappointment I discarded that one also.

The Bobby does however come with one removable, insulated pod for keeping food cool/bottles warm etc. so we aren’t missing out on that fun factor and it also comes with a removable changing mat and lots of inside and outside pockets. Although my own handbag is one big hole of ‘stuff’, I’m hoping to be a bit more organised when it comes to the baby’s bag! Having packed for a few night’s stay at the hospital, the bag is currently very full (and the pod is being used for my own hospital snacks!) but as I won’t usually be taking so much with me, I think it should be the perfect size.

I’ve packed three baby outfits as a starting point, as H can always nip home and get more if we need them. As baby is scheduled to be pretty small, two of the outfits I have picked for him/her are in ‘tiny baby’ but unfortunately this is all I have in tiny baby so the other is newborn.


The first outfit is an all white sleepsuit with raised white stars from Boots. I think they have one of the best ranges for gender neutral and i’ve bought most of our clothing from there. It comes with a matching hat and with it I have just paired a white muslin, white bodysuit and white and grey starry bib.


The second is also from boots and came as part of a newborn set. As I mentioned, we bought a lot of this range so I was able to match everything very well! I’m not too keen on the bib (i’m not a fan of wording and mummy and daddy type things) but as it all matched, it’s been packed.


Finally is The White Company sleepsuit I bought very early on in the pregnancy with grey stars all over. I also bought the matching hat and my friend bought me the little bib. I have then teamed it with a white and grey starry muslin and bodysuit.


The rest of the bag consists of lots of nappies, nappy cream (although I am unsure whether I am going to use it at every change and maybe just use it when it has nappy rash), talcum powder, cotton wool and also water wipes. I want to keep chemicals away from the baby’s skin as much as possible at first so I will be using warm water and cotton wool for nappy changing but when this is harder, at night for example, I have bought WaterWipes. They are made of 99.9% water with no chemicals so are just like using water and cotton wool and all natural. I have also included a gorgeously soft blanket from George at Asda and an elephant comforter from The White Company, both of which I received at my baby shower.

it’s crazy to think the next time these come out they will be on Baby G!

37 Weeks

So we are still without baby and didn’t get induced this week but I will fill you in on that later. 

The week started with a tour around the labour and delivery ward and birth centre at the hospital. As you will have probably seen from my birth plan, I had been hoping for a water birth in the birth centre rather than the labour ward so I asked if this was still possible with an induction and she pretty much said no which made me a bit teary! However after seeing everything, there wasn’t much difference between the labour ward and birth centre at all so I felt much better. It was also so clean and quiet which was reassuring and I saw the wards where I would be if I was to be induced. 

For the rest of the weekend, as it was potentially our last as a couple, H and I made the most of it with a couple of lunches, brunches and dinners! 

My first week off on maternity leave has sped by, mainly gearing up for Thursday’s D-day decision. I’ve now bought all I need and our bags are fully packed and ready to go. I went to the hospital on Monday so they could monitor the baby’s movements and heart rate and all was fine. I was actually told I have a very active baby! I also enjoyed a lovely lunch with H’s sister on Tuesday as she is a teacher so is off for the summer – I can definitely see it becoming a regular thing once she’s off on maternity leave too with both the bubas!   

I didn’t sleep Wednesday night, simply from the mix of emotions for Thursday’s results. The scan went fine and the fluid had actually increased from 5.9cm (5cm is considered the emergency, get baby out now kind of reaction!) to 7.5cm so I thought they would likely leave baby and keep monitoring. We then had to wait an hour and a half to see the consultant who took us into a room and did an internal examination to check my waters hadn’t actually broken without me noticing! They hadn’t, and she proceeded to tell us that induction would be best due to the safety of the baby, especially with it also measuring pretty small meaning the placenta could be failing. She talked us through the process which didn’t sound all that great and my water birth has certainly gone out the window, but as long as baby is safe I don’t mind. So we are now booked in for the induction on 8am next Tuesday!! I will be 38 and a half weeks by then so it isn’t a concern and It’s actually kind of nice knowing a date to prepare towards! 

Either way, my body is definitely preparing for the big day, I’m quite tired and have had to take a couple of naps in the day here and there and I’ve been getting false labour contractions as well as horrible shooting pains in my cervix. Last night the pressure of the baby and the pains meant I could only sit bouncing on my birthing ball otherwise I was yelping around the place! At one point I even found myself googling ‘feel like baby is going to fall out’ haha! I’ve also started on the raspberry leaf tea and H bought me a pineapple which I’ll need to get stuck into before Tuesday!

Baby G’s Nursery Design

Baby G’s nursery is finally complete (minus a cushion which is on order for the rocking chair, so the current one is filling in for now!). I’m so pleased with it and it’s turned out just as I’d hoped. Although I struggled sometimes with the gender neutral, I think we’ve achieved a pretty neutral scheme! Here are some more pics and details below…  

The room is pretty big so we have managed to fit quite a bit in and still have room to spare. My Eames Style Rocker is definitely my favourite purchase and once the Bloomingville Sleeping Bunny Cushion arrives to sit on it, it’ll be complete. 

Luckily we already had the curtains from our old bedroom which also happen to be blackout so are perfect for the nursery. They were originally a bargain from H&M Home so have served us well!

We went for the Silvercross Nostalgia Cotbed as we wanted it to turn into a bed when baby is older and the drawer underneath meant we had some added storage space. Being in a two bedroom flat we need all the storage we can get!

On the other side of the room we have yet more storage! We already had these trunks too (originally from Achica) so it was just a case of emptying them of our own rubbish, ready to fill with baby rubbish!

I had always wanted these Bloomingville House Box Shelves as I think they are just adorable for a nursery or child’s bedroom so when I found them on Achica in their clearance I snapped them up straight away. They also came in different internal colours but we went for white (gender neutral and all that!) as we can always paint the insides at a later date. 


We haven’t put much in the shelves yet, just Baby G’s first 12 week scan picture, some toys I recieved from my friends and some super cute building blocks I found in Jojo Maman Bebe. The little brown bear giving a wave is in fact H’s childhood bear!


I didn’t want to spend a fortune on artwork so found these printables online, edited the colours to fit with the scheme then printed them off and framed them myself. I also made them in pink so they can be swapped if Baby G turns out to be a girl, however I actually quite like the mint green a lot!

I did however buy this print  from Sarah & Bendrix at Not on the Highstreet as I simply NEEDED it. I love the gold foil typography and the ‘naps fix everything’ quote is perfectly fitting for above the cot! 

The cot bedding is from Olli Ella and was something I found and bought very early on. Similarly the cloud mobile from The White Company was the first thing I ever bought when we found out about Baby G and although we couldn’t hang it above the cot without putting a hook in the ceiling, it still catches the wind and looks great where it is. 

We already had these IKEA Hemnes drawers, which again just needed emptying of all our own clothes to fill with baby’s. I have to admit, I have had to hold onto one bottom drawer as I simply don’t have anymore room in my own wardrobe!

The baskets were gifts from my various baby showers and are perfect for housing all the baby changing bits and bobs. We also filled one with a collection of books, some of which H and I read as kids ourselves including Elmer, Peace at Last and The Hungry Caterpillar (must haves!!). 

Lastly, this little fella came from Wilkinsons and makes a perfect night light. 

Now all that’s left to complete it is Baby G!

36 Weeks

I’ve had a great week this week featuring even more afternoon tea and I’ve felt pretty good all week too. On Saturday my university pals surprised me by taking me to afternoon tea at a beautiful hotel nearby. They all travelled up to see me which was lovely as I haven’t seen them since March! They got me a lovely basket of baby goodies too. 

It was also my last week at work so I had my work baby shower which turned out to be Pret-a-Portea at The Berkeley hotel in London which was just amazing! Again I recieved baskets and bags of presents so had to be driven home by the boss as I had so much to carry! 

I think we are now finally ready for Baby G to arrive. I had my 36 week midwife appointment on Monday to go through my birth plan and she told me that I should have my bag packed by this stage, especially as baby is fully engaged and I’ve been getting lots of pressure and shooting pains in my cervix meaning the baby is nestling down! The changing bag had arrived n the Sunday (I went for the Black Storksak Bobby and I love it!) so I got packing both baby’s bag and my own. This meant washing all of the tiny baby clothes and choosing the first outfits, making everything seem so real. I will do a separate post on what I have packed and the outfits I have chosen else I will be here all day!

It turned out that it was a good job I had started getting prepared as on Thursday’s growth scan we discovered that the amniotic fluid around Baby G is very low. They sent me to see the consultant straight away who explained that this is likely to mean they will induce me next week!? I was then hooked up to a monitor to monitor the baby for an hour which came back fine and I will be going back in Monday to have this done again and then and then another scan next Thursday. If the fluid hasn’t increased by then, they will ‘induce me straight away’. I asked if this meant the same day and she said not nessecerilly but probably the following day – Friday. We were told to get prepared so that’s what we have been doing! 

So this week I will be enjoying my first week of maternity leave as much as possible as it may be my last chance! Next week’s post could be very interesting! 

My Birth Plan

This week I had my 36 week midwife appointment to discuss my birth plan. Having been doing pregnancy yoga, which focusses a lot on natural birth and breathing techniques, along with some hypnobirthing practice, I already had a good idea of how I wanted my birth to go. If all goes to plan (which I’m well aware is highly unlikely!) I’m actually feeling quite confident about the whole thing! Below is what I’m hoping for:

  • Hypnobirthing – one of the first things I informed the midwife about was the fact I had been practicing hypnobirthing. She was really positive and said that it’s really good and really helps so that was good to know. Letting them know also means they should allow me to be left alone and in a quiet, calming atmosphere as much as possible, with any questions directed to Harry not myself.
  • Where I’m giving birth – although after hearing and reading lots about it I quite fancy a home birth, I’ve opted for hospital and as I am low risk it should be possible to give birth in the midwife lead birth centre. This just means that it is a more natural environment with access to birth pools, birthing balls, CD players, dim lights and aromatherapy machines.
  • Use of the birth pool – big fat yes. This is the bit I am most certain that I want so hopefully I will be able to use it at some point during labour.
  • Induction – it’s actually your own choice to get induced if you go past your due date and having read a lot on it, I think I would rather let baby decide when he or she makes their appearance. Induction also means a more painful labour as the hormones are artificial therefore the contractions are more intense. I’ve also been told by numerous people that if I was to be induced I will need an epidural as it’s so painful and this is something I really don’t want. It would also mean I couldn’t have a water birth. So this will be a ‘I’ll see when the time comes’!
  • Second stage of labour – in a lot of hospitals, women are coached into pushing however my body should naturally feel the need to push when the time is right. I’ve learnt all the breathing techniques to ‘breathe the baby out’ so I want to give this a whirl!
  • Delayed cord clamping – when I mentioned this, the midwife said it is now mostly standard practice in most hospitals so that’s good. It just means that the umbilical cord isn’t clamped until it has stopped pulsating the final bit of blood to the baby.
  • Skin to skin – again something that is done as standard in most places now, I’d like Baby G to be out straight on my chest for skin to skin and if it’s not possible for me to do this, then baby will go to H.
  • Hold baby for at least an hour – this just encourages bonding and breastfeeding and helps to calm the baby so if possible I’d like the baby to be with us for an hour before being taken anywhere!
  • Breastfeeding – yes. If it works!
  • Managed third stage – they often give you an injection to speed up the delivery of the placenta but you can opt out of this. I’ve initially said I’m happy to deliver it naturally but not too bothered if they need to give me the injection either.

And that’s about it along with H’s only request to cut the cord! It will be interesting to see how much of this actually goes to plan!

35 Weeks

35 weeks pregnant bump

Last weekend my friends and family threw me a beautiful baby shower, which was so lovely. My sisters and cousin organised it all with my mum so it was just a chilled afternoon sat in the conservatory and garden at my parents’ house. We got soooo many presents for Baby G including lots of very cute little baby grows! Once I got home I was so tired but sat for about an hour sorting them all into sizes and put them all away in the drawers in the nursery. It all seems very real now! To top off my lovely weekend I had Monday off work so managed to lay in until 10am and just chilled the rest of the day as I realise I wont get to do that again, probably ever!!


On Tuesday we went to see our friends and their 9 day old baby boy. He was gorgeous and I had lots of cuddles, trying to get my head round the fact it will be us in a few weeks time! The birth sounded pretty traumatic (that’s all I ever seem to hear these days!) but I like to know the details so that I’m prepared if it happens to me. She ended up having an emergency caesarean and a blood transfusion but looked so well just 9 days after the birth, which was reassuring.

I’m starting to get things ready for when I leave work now so I have been quite busy which has made the weeks go even quicker. I’m still struggling into London three times a week and I had a couple of bad days with my SPD. Even walking from the taxi to the train is a real mission! I’ve also started to get delightful stabbing pains in my cervix now that are so painful they literally stop me in my tracks. After some googling this seems pretty common at this stage as the baby burrows it’s head further down. I also experienced sciatica for the first time – again really painful! Luckily it seems to come and go relatively quickly.

To end the week we met up with our NCT group for drinks (of the non-alcoholic time for the ladies, boo!) as it’s the last chance we will get now before all of our babies start arriving, the first is due next week!