33 Weeks


This week has definitely been the worst so far and I can’t see it getting much better now. It’s as if all the symptoms from the first trimester have reared their ugly heads again. I have been feeling sick, tired and still have a loss of appetite however I’m making up for my lack of food with fluids as I am constantly thirsty, which also means I am constantly running to the toilet – usually every 30 minutes which has become increasingly annoying! I also can’t sleep due to my SPD which has been getting worse and now feels as if my pelvis is actually coming apart so I never seem to catch up on sleep… I don’t think I will be for a few years yet!

baby on board

This week has also been the first week that I have had to commute to London for work which I don’t think has helped. I made the mistake on my first day of getting the tube. Having done this journey before when I used to work in London, I was convinced it would be easy and not too far to walk. However with SPD pain getting increasingly worse in my pelvis (reducing my walking pace to zilch), carrying a laptop and handbag, battling the crowds and all at 33 weeks pregnant, it was not fun. I have since resorted to getting taxi’s to and from Euston which has definitely helped and I can always get a seat on the train on the way in however one night on the way home I had to walk through 3 carriages and find a spare seat as no one would get up. On another occasion it was an elderly man who offered me a seat which unfortunately I had to take it as simply walking from the taxi to the train is so painful now. I still have 4 weeks left of work before maternity leave but at the rate things are going at the moment I am going to have to take each day as it comes and possibly have to move this forward. I have already come home one night this week in tears as I was just so tired and fed up! I’ve also been getting more cramping down low in my pelvis.

I saw the midwife this week for my 32 week appointment (slightly late!) and everything is looking good. She explained that the tightening’s I’m getting across my stomach are actually Braxton Hicks contractions. I always thought they were the baby pushing up but they were happening when I was there and she pointed them out. I’m getting them very regularly now, sometimes every 2-5 minutes for about an hour. She also had a feel of baby and said it’s sitting very low down now, leaving lots of space at the top and it’s likely to be the Braxton Hicks that are keeping baby nice and compact, low and ready to go! She was also able to feel everything really clearly as apparently I’m ‘all baby,’ which I also enjoy as I can feel individual feet, legs and elbows so clearly, it’s as if there is nothing in between!


NCT was good this week and I actually really enjoy going. We learnt about life after the birth with baby this week which involved nappy changing, breastfeeding, sleeping arrangements, signs of postnatal depression and what a day with a newborn will be like. This has made me feel much more confident about bringing the baby home as this was something I was beginning to worry about now that we only have a few weeks to go…!

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