32 Weeks


This week has been quite an eventful one and it now feels like D day is definitely getting nearer! Our weekend consisted of lots of socialising and bbq’s as the weather has still been lovely. Everyone was commenting on how small I am and I even had a family member perform the old ‘ring on a necklace’ gender test (I don’t know the correct terminology!)…apparently it’s a girl!

However at Sunday’s bbq I began to get low down cramping coming every 20 minutes or so and after a couple of hours this progressed to pains right across my stomach and feeling very sick. H had had a couple of beers so I was driving us home but half way I was in so much pain and feeling so sick that we had to pull over and swap. These continued in waves once we got home and H was getting progressively more worried so I ended up phoning the labour ward just to check everything was ok. They concluded that as they weren’t getting stronger and they weren’t at regular intervals that it was probably just some strong Braxton hicks and to have a bath and some paracetamol. The bath definitely helped and they went off a bit, although I woke up the next morning with the same pain and nausea and my stomach was pretty sore from all the contracting so decided to work from home and take it easy.

We had our 32 week growth scan on Thursday and we discovered that baby G is now head down and in the perfect position for birth – eek! We couldn’t see much as the baby is now so big… well it is actually measuring on the 10th centile which is the smallest line of normal, however everything is in proportion and growing at a steady rate so they aren’t worried. Although even the sonographer and consultant commented on how small my bump is! It should mean that baby will be about 6lb 6ish when born which sounds great to me – I do not want a big baby! We learnt about giving birth at this week’s NCT class and I definitely do not want it to be so big that forceps or ventouse need to be used, it all looked and sounded very traumatising!

For the rest of the week my nausea has still been on and off and my appetite is still non-existent. I have just completely gone off food, in particular meat, so H is finding it very hard to feed me these days! The SPD has continued but it isn’t getting any worse which is good. We went to see Ed Sheeran play at Wembley on Friday and were standing which I just about managed, it’s more the walking (or waddle) which is a problem.

The nursery is now coming together as the cot arrived this week so H set it up (I will do a separate post on this once it’s totally complete). The pram and moses basket also arrived so it all feels very real now; there isn’t much else we need to get!

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