31 Weeks


It’s been the hottest week of the year this week, including the hottest day in a decade or something so you can imagine how this feels at 7 months pregnant. As H’s brother kindly sent myself and his sister this week ‘I just love a heatwave…said no pregnant woman ever’. Spot on. However of course my body decided to give me an awful cold this week to go with the heat so I haven’t felt very well at all. I had Monday off work and struggled through the rest of the week trying to breathe between the blocked nose, lack of air and growing lack of space in my lungs!

pregnant heat wave

I’ve also developed a complete lack of appetite and have gone off all food which I’m not sure is related to the heat, my cold or just pregnancy. As it has been combined with spells of nausea I think it may just be pregnancy related.

Prior to the cold, last weekend we went to a wedding reception and I actually managed to stand most of the night in heels which surprised me. I’ve also managed to walk a bit more this week on my lunch breaks, even if it is getting to an increasingly slower pace.

I think the walking may have encouraged the baby to turn last night too. It has been moving like crazy all week but mostly just trying to push its way out of the side of my body! However, last night I had a big burst of cramps across my stomach and back and felt quite sick. I lay across my birthing ball and rocked a bit and it went off but throughout the night I was getting lots of cramping and pressure low down and Baby G was wriggling about a lot. This morning the baby feels in a completely different position to usual as I can normally feel what is a head or bum (who knows) out to the right and legs down low on the left. Now there is a lot more baby up higher, more room at the sides and if I feel down low it’s now hard where it was soft before. I’m hoping this means Baby has turned but we will be able to find out later this week for sure at our 32 week scan!

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