34 Weeks

34 weeks bump

Following my ‘worst week ever’ last week, things haven’t got much better so I decided to move my maternity leave forward a week this week. I had two weeks annual leave to use up so I have managed to take these first and then start maternity leave officially on the 26th August. This now means I finish work on August 7th, three weeks before the due date and I can’t wait. I already have plans to deep clean every room in the flat, start actually putting things in the baby record book and cook a load of meals that I can freeze to limit on cooking once Baby G is here!

IMG_1319   baby-burberry-cardigan

I went for a lovely afternoon tea with my school girl friends at the weekend and they bought us a very snazzy monitor that has a camera so you can watch the baby and talk to it and it also plays womb sounds (interesting!), white noise and music so hopefully we’ll have a lovely content baby…! They also bought Baby G a beautiful Burberry white cardigan (one of my friends works there – this isn’t usual baby gifting protocol!).


All the baby antics and presents got Harry and I excited so we got out the pram for a practice run on Sunday which was fun! There are so many attachments and combinations it’s a bit confusing but I’m sure I’ll get used to it! I’ve also now added some artwork to Baby G’s bedroom which is now almost complete.

The cramping has continued this week, nothing too painful just like period pains low down combined with my pelvic pain just walking around Dunelm with my mum for about 20 mins on Sunday was more than enough! Sleeping has become increasingly difficult as it’s as if my pelvis completely comes apart at night and moving positions is agony let alone trying to get out of bed every hour to go to the toilet. I was in so much pain Tuesday night that I could barely walk from the bed to the en suite just a few feet away so had to work from home – luckily this is something I can actually do quite easily! The lack of sleep also means I’m completely shattered most of the time and it doesn’t take much to tire me out. I’m also SO hot ALL the time – H thinks this is hilarious as this is how he feels all the time when I’m usually freezing apparently!

It was our last class of NCT this week and a previous couple bought in their new baby with them so that we could all ask them questions. Baby Molly was just 5 weeks old and I couldn’t believe how tiny she was! She was born at 6lb12 and was now about 7lbs (she lost some weight in the first few weeks) and all I kept thinking was Baby G is scheduled to be even smaller! Being able to quiz someone who had so recently gone through birth and was a new mum was really helpful, even if her birth was a bit traumatic! She had ended up getting induced which sounded very painful so I’m praying Baby G will come on time and I can have the water birth I want…wishful thinking?

33 Weeks


This week has definitely been the worst so far and I can’t see it getting much better now. It’s as if all the symptoms from the first trimester have reared their ugly heads again. I have been feeling sick, tired and still have a loss of appetite however I’m making up for my lack of food with fluids as I am constantly thirsty, which also means I am constantly running to the toilet – usually every 30 minutes which has become increasingly annoying! I also can’t sleep due to my SPD which has been getting worse and now feels as if my pelvis is actually coming apart so I never seem to catch up on sleep… I don’t think I will be for a few years yet!

baby on board

This week has also been the first week that I have had to commute to London for work which I don’t think has helped. I made the mistake on my first day of getting the tube. Having done this journey before when I used to work in London, I was convinced it would be easy and not too far to walk. However with SPD pain getting increasingly worse in my pelvis (reducing my walking pace to zilch), carrying a laptop and handbag, battling the crowds and all at 33 weeks pregnant, it was not fun. I have since resorted to getting taxi’s to and from Euston which has definitely helped and I can always get a seat on the train on the way in however one night on the way home I had to walk through 3 carriages and find a spare seat as no one would get up. On another occasion it was an elderly man who offered me a seat which unfortunately I had to take it as simply walking from the taxi to the train is so painful now. I still have 4 weeks left of work before maternity leave but at the rate things are going at the moment I am going to have to take each day as it comes and possibly have to move this forward. I have already come home one night this week in tears as I was just so tired and fed up! I’ve also been getting more cramping down low in my pelvis.

I saw the midwife this week for my 32 week appointment (slightly late!) and everything is looking good. She explained that the tightening’s I’m getting across my stomach are actually Braxton Hicks contractions. I always thought they were the baby pushing up but they were happening when I was there and she pointed them out. I’m getting them very regularly now, sometimes every 2-5 minutes for about an hour. She also had a feel of baby and said it’s sitting very low down now, leaving lots of space at the top and it’s likely to be the Braxton Hicks that are keeping baby nice and compact, low and ready to go! She was also able to feel everything really clearly as apparently I’m ‘all baby,’ which I also enjoy as I can feel individual feet, legs and elbows so clearly, it’s as if there is nothing in between!


NCT was good this week and I actually really enjoy going. We learnt about life after the birth with baby this week which involved nappy changing, breastfeeding, sleeping arrangements, signs of postnatal depression and what a day with a newborn will be like. This has made me feel much more confident about bringing the baby home as this was something I was beginning to worry about now that we only have a few weeks to go…!

32 Weeks


This week has been quite an eventful one and it now feels like D day is definitely getting nearer! Our weekend consisted of lots of socialising and bbq’s as the weather has still been lovely. Everyone was commenting on how small I am and I even had a family member perform the old ‘ring on a necklace’ gender test (I don’t know the correct terminology!)…apparently it’s a girl!

However at Sunday’s bbq I began to get low down cramping coming every 20 minutes or so and after a couple of hours this progressed to pains right across my stomach and feeling very sick. H had had a couple of beers so I was driving us home but half way I was in so much pain and feeling so sick that we had to pull over and swap. These continued in waves once we got home and H was getting progressively more worried so I ended up phoning the labour ward just to check everything was ok. They concluded that as they weren’t getting stronger and they weren’t at regular intervals that it was probably just some strong Braxton hicks and to have a bath and some paracetamol. The bath definitely helped and they went off a bit, although I woke up the next morning with the same pain and nausea and my stomach was pretty sore from all the contracting so decided to work from home and take it easy.

We had our 32 week growth scan on Thursday and we discovered that baby G is now head down and in the perfect position for birth – eek! We couldn’t see much as the baby is now so big… well it is actually measuring on the 10th centile which is the smallest line of normal, however everything is in proportion and growing at a steady rate so they aren’t worried. Although even the sonographer and consultant commented on how small my bump is! It should mean that baby will be about 6lb 6ish when born which sounds great to me – I do not want a big baby! We learnt about giving birth at this week’s NCT class and I definitely do not want it to be so big that forceps or ventouse need to be used, it all looked and sounded very traumatising!

For the rest of the week my nausea has still been on and off and my appetite is still non-existent. I have just completely gone off food, in particular meat, so H is finding it very hard to feed me these days! The SPD has continued but it isn’t getting any worse which is good. We went to see Ed Sheeran play at Wembley on Friday and were standing which I just about managed, it’s more the walking (or waddle) which is a problem.

The nursery is now coming together as the cot arrived this week so H set it up (I will do a separate post on this once it’s totally complete). The pram and moses basket also arrived so it all feels very real now; there isn’t much else we need to get!

31 Weeks


It’s been the hottest week of the year this week, including the hottest day in a decade or something so you can imagine how this feels at 7 months pregnant. As H’s brother kindly sent myself and his sister this week ‘I just love a heatwave…said no pregnant woman ever’. Spot on. However of course my body decided to give me an awful cold this week to go with the heat so I haven’t felt very well at all. I had Monday off work and struggled through the rest of the week trying to breathe between the blocked nose, lack of air and growing lack of space in my lungs!

pregnant heat wave

I’ve also developed a complete lack of appetite and have gone off all food which I’m not sure is related to the heat, my cold or just pregnancy. As it has been combined with spells of nausea I think it may just be pregnancy related.

Prior to the cold, last weekend we went to a wedding reception and I actually managed to stand most of the night in heels which surprised me. I’ve also managed to walk a bit more this week on my lunch breaks, even if it is getting to an increasingly slower pace.

I think the walking may have encouraged the baby to turn last night too. It has been moving like crazy all week but mostly just trying to push its way out of the side of my body! However, last night I had a big burst of cramps across my stomach and back and felt quite sick. I lay across my birthing ball and rocked a bit and it went off but throughout the night I was getting lots of cramping and pressure low down and Baby G was wriggling about a lot. This morning the baby feels in a completely different position to usual as I can normally feel what is a head or bum (who knows) out to the right and legs down low on the left. Now there is a lot more baby up higher, more room at the sides and if I feel down low it’s now hard where it was soft before. I’m hoping this means Baby has turned but we will be able to find out later this week for sure at our 32 week scan!