30 Weeks


This week has been great as both H and I have been off work so it’s been nice and relaxing and as a result I’ve felt really good. My SPD hasn’t been too bad either and I managed to do quite a bit of walking with the help of my support belt. The only problem this week has been my bladder. I’m having to go about every half an hour which is getting very annoying and about 6 times in the night some nights! I even had to go 3 times during my hour yoga class and I always seem to be the only one who has to run off halfway through! I’m also so so thirsty so I’m drinking more which doesn’t help the situation either.

That is in fact a baby under my dress, not a football!
As we had the week off, I managed to book us a night away in the Cotswolds which was really lovely. We stayed in a beautiful hotel in Burton-on-Avon which was actually based around young families with kids and both H and I said we would go back in a couple of years with baby G. The weather was amazing so we sunbathed and swam in the outdoor pool and had drinks in the beautiful gardens. The following day we wandered into Burton-on-Avon before spending some time in the spa and a pregnancy back, neck and shoulder massage for me. Very much needed!

We also had our first NCT class this week. I can’t say it was fun, it was pretty boring and in a smelly, hot church hall. It was all very basic, about body parts and hormones but I assume as it’s the first class it will get a bit more interesting. There were 5 other couples which all seem nice so I’m glad we have a good group. H also knew one of the other dads as they used to work together so that was a surprise as we have had to travel about half an hour away from where we live for the classes as we couldn’t get one locally.

We managed to get the curtains up in the spare room this week so it’s beginning to look like a nursery now. We’re just waiting for the cot which arrives next week, then it’s pretty much complete apart from the finishing touches. We also ordered our pram (Babystyle Oyster 2)… it’s all getting real now!

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