29 Weeks


This week hasn’t been great to be honest. SPD is taking its toll already! On Saturday I went with my friend, along with a couple of the other bridesmaids, to buy her wedding dress which was great, but once I got home I was really achy, tired and dizzy so I had to take a little nap. After I had eaten I felt much better, so maybe it’s just that I need to adjust to eating a bit more now that I’m in the third trimester. My mum has also mum got me a pelvis support belt from the physio clinic where she works which seems to be helping with the pelvic pain.

H came home late Saturday night so the rest of the weekend was spent doing absolutely nothing but that didn’t make me feel much better either! I was having constant spasms down really low and felt like I needed to wee constantly all day but couldn’t actually go. I thought I’d got my first pregnancy related UTI but it turned out the baby must have been sitting on my bladder the whole time, as when it started moving just before I went to bed (this bodes well for when it’s born!) I could suddenly wee again and felt much more comfortable!


The baby’s movements have become much less ‘little’ now and it pretty much feels like it’s ready to burst out of my skin already. My whole stomach moves and changes shape as it squirms around which is actually quite fun to watch, if not a bit uncomfortable!

Mid-week I received a phone call from my GP telling me they had received a letter from the hospital regarding my 28 week bloods and that they had come back with a low platelet count. This is related to clotting so can cause problems for me in labour if they don’t go up, but luckily doesn’t harm the baby in any way. I now have to have more bloods taken in a couple of weeks to monitor where my platelets are at. I don’t know much about it really as I have yet to see the consultant but on a quick google (always the best place for a diagnosis – ha!) it can mean I won’t be able to have an epidural if they get too low….!


This week also seemed to be the start of all the summer sales so I have spent far too much buying maternity clothes (and non-maternity in the vain hope they’ll fit ok), only to have to return them as nothing looks right anymore! However this also meant the start of The White Company sale and I ended up filling my online shopping bag with over £200 worth of baby clothes. After phoning my mum, who was also in the process of filling her bag with baby goods, I managed to whittle out the items she had bought and ended up with the above little beauties. These include a starry print pramsuit/romper (with ears of course) and a sleep bag – these I told H are essentials; obviously. Then some cloud print baby leggings and an anchor print bodysuit which is actually for a boy but if we end up having a girl, I’ll style it out!

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