The Plights of Pregnancy

One of my favourite ‘mummy bloggers’, Susie Verrill, posted this hilarious vlog this week on pregnancy and I don’t think anything has ever been so accurate. It got me thinking about all the symptoms, cravings and emotions i’ve been feeling too – here they are:

When I first found out: Similar to Susie, I felt great, no sickness or tiredness and hoped it would continue!

Morning Sickness: Luckily I didn’t suffer with morning sickness but I definately had nausea, mostly in the evenings, lunchtime and during the night.

Farting: Luckily I never suffered with this along with heartburn and indigestion – I obviously have a strong stomach!

Bio Oil: addicted since day 1 – determined to keep those stretch marks at bay!

Food aversions: H would often cook dinners and I physically could not eat them. To this day I still haven’t eaten a spaghetti bolognese and i’ve only attempted fajitas again once in the past month. I also went off garlic bread.

Shopping for baby: I was always too nervous to buy baby clothes at first, i’ve still only bought 3 outfits at 29 weeks!

Strong sense of smell: Before I was pregnant I asked for a Diptyque candle that I had spent hours in the shop picking the scent I liked. I also asked for a super expensive Penhaligons perfume which I thought was the best smell I had ever smelt. Come Christmas, I couldn’t even have the candle (un-lit!) in the same room so it was locked in the spare room in it’s box and I could still smell it every now and then. This was the same with the perfume, I wore it once and couldn’t escape the smell for days and it just made me feel so nauseas! I also was convinced there was something garlicy in the fridge that I could smell all over the flat.

Holidays: Susie’s rationalising her Ibiza decision was exactly me with the Kos holiday mentioned in my 28 week post!

Alcohol: I haven’t had a single drop since I have been pregnant and didn’t miss it until the sun started coming out and I am now definately missing having a G&T, prosecco or a glass of wine!

Cravings: Cake!

Pegnancy pillows: H bought me one at the very beginning but, just like Susie, I can never get comfortable with it!

Maternity clothes: Just hideous and I now have nothing to wear! Even the midwife commented on when I am going to start wearing maternity jeans as i’m still clinging onto my old jeans with my belly belt!

Cleaning: not so much!

Hot flushes: I’ve always been a cold person but have definitely been feeling the heat so much more!

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