27 Weeks

27 weeks pregnant bump

I think it’s finally hit this week that I’m getting big and my body is definitely letting me know! I’d been having odd groin pains on the insides of my legs every now and then but I kept thinking I’d pulled the muscles in my groin. However it’s now become a constant pain and I’ve ended up with the classic pregnancy waddle as it’s just so painful to walk. A couple of times this week after taking a walk on my lunch break I also developed cramping down low and combined with the back and groin pain I nearly didn’t make it back to the office! Getting dressed has become a struggle too and the pain combined with the bump now being in the way, has made standing on one leg to put socks/trousers/shoes/pants on pretty impossible! This also means sitting down in the shower to shave my legs ha!


Because of this, sleeping hasn’t been great either as the pain is also in my lower back. However I ordered the hypnobirthing book and CD that my yoga teacher uses and it arrived this week so H and I decided to listen to it before we go to sleep. It helped massively and we’ve both been sleeping really well after listening to it every night. Hopefully those subliminal messages are going in and I’ll be just as relaxed during childbirth too…ha!

The tiredness has also returned and I seem to have been very emotional this week too. Considering I have always been very emotional and cry A LOT, I have actually been very unemotional during the pregnancy until the last week or so. Baby G has definitely still got some energy though and is moving about constantly and I can feel it up by my ribs now, although its feet are still kicking me low down so it hasn’t turned yet!

Summer has actually made an appearance this week and I’m definitely feeling the heat much more than I usually would. I’m always the cold one but at the moment I’m just hot all the time and combined with the growing stomach and aches and pains I’m really starting to feel frumpy and fat now which I’m not enjoying. I’m also finding everyone I pass looks at my stomach which I just hate but there’s no hiding the bump anymore. So much so I’ve finally had to give in to some maternity clothes (why are they all so ugly!). I’ve also bought a lot of smock dresses and tops which are my usual style so I’m hoping I don’t grow out of these too!

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