30 Weeks


This week has been great as both H and I have been off work so it’s been nice and relaxing and as a result I’ve felt really good. My SPD hasn’t been too bad either and I managed to do quite a bit of walking with the help of my support belt. The only problem this week has been my bladder. I’m having to go about every half an hour which is getting very annoying and about 6 times in the night some nights! I even had to go 3 times during my hour yoga class and I always seem to be the only one who has to run off halfway through! I’m also so so thirsty so I’m drinking more which doesn’t help the situation either.

That is in fact a baby under my dress, not a football!
As we had the week off, I managed to book us a night away in the Cotswolds which was really lovely. We stayed in a beautiful hotel in Burton-on-Avon which was actually based around young families with kids and both H and I said we would go back in a couple of years with baby G. The weather was amazing so we sunbathed and swam in the outdoor pool and had drinks in the beautiful gardens. The following day we wandered into Burton-on-Avon before spending some time in the spa and a pregnancy back, neck and shoulder massage for me. Very much needed!

We also had our first NCT class this week. I can’t say it was fun, it was pretty boring and in a smelly, hot church hall. It was all very basic, about body parts and hormones but I assume as it’s the first class it will get a bit more interesting. There were 5 other couples which all seem nice so I’m glad we have a good group. H also knew one of the other dads as they used to work together so that was a surprise as we have had to travel about half an hour away from where we live for the classes as we couldn’t get one locally.

We managed to get the curtains up in the spare room this week so it’s beginning to look like a nursery now. We’re just waiting for the cot which arrives next week, then it’s pretty much complete apart from the finishing touches. We also ordered our pram (Babystyle Oyster 2)… it’s all getting real now!

29 Weeks


This week hasn’t been great to be honest. SPD is taking its toll already! On Saturday I went with my friend, along with a couple of the other bridesmaids, to buy her wedding dress which was great, but once I got home I was really achy, tired and dizzy so I had to take a little nap. After I had eaten I felt much better, so maybe it’s just that I need to adjust to eating a bit more now that I’m in the third trimester. My mum has also mum got me a pelvis support belt from the physio clinic where she works which seems to be helping with the pelvic pain.

H came home late Saturday night so the rest of the weekend was spent doing absolutely nothing but that didn’t make me feel much better either! I was having constant spasms down really low and felt like I needed to wee constantly all day but couldn’t actually go. I thought I’d got my first pregnancy related UTI but it turned out the baby must have been sitting on my bladder the whole time, as when it started moving just before I went to bed (this bodes well for when it’s born!) I could suddenly wee again and felt much more comfortable!


The baby’s movements have become much less ‘little’ now and it pretty much feels like it’s ready to burst out of my skin already. My whole stomach moves and changes shape as it squirms around which is actually quite fun to watch, if not a bit uncomfortable!

Mid-week I received a phone call from my GP telling me they had received a letter from the hospital regarding my 28 week bloods and that they had come back with a low platelet count. This is related to clotting so can cause problems for me in labour if they don’t go up, but luckily doesn’t harm the baby in any way. I now have to have more bloods taken in a couple of weeks to monitor where my platelets are at. I don’t know much about it really as I have yet to see the consultant but on a quick google (always the best place for a diagnosis – ha!) it can mean I won’t be able to have an epidural if they get too low….!


This week also seemed to be the start of all the summer sales so I have spent far too much buying maternity clothes (and non-maternity in the vain hope they’ll fit ok), only to have to return them as nothing looks right anymore! However this also meant the start of The White Company sale and I ended up filling my online shopping bag with over £200 worth of baby clothes. After phoning my mum, who was also in the process of filling her bag with baby goods, I managed to whittle out the items she had bought and ended up with the above little beauties. These include a starry print pramsuit/romper (with ears of course) and a sleep bag – these I told H are essentials; obviously. Then some cloud print baby leggings and an anchor print bodysuit which is actually for a boy but if we end up having a girl, I’ll style it out!

28 Weeks

28 weeks pregnant bump

H has been away all of this week at his friend’s weddings in Kos. When he booked it a few months ago I was under the impression I would be huge, uncomfortable and wouldn’t enjoy it – how I regret that decision! Although I’m not huge, I have however got to the uncomfortable stage, but only because I’ve now developed SPD/PGP (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction/Pelvic Girdle Pain). I had been having some pain around my groin and pelvis area on and off for a while but over the past couple of weeks it has become more constant and more painful. My arthritis also seems to have returned in my knees now that I’m almost a stone heavier.

I had my 28 week midwife appointment this week so I bought it up with her and she explained that it’s due to the relaxin hormone relaxing all the muscles and ligaments around my pelvis and some women just have too much of it so their pelvis moves more than it should. There isn’t much they can do but I can wear a support belt and see a physiotherapist if it gets worse. However everything was ok with baby, heart rate was lower than usual at 140bpm and apparently I was measuring small but baby is now starting to catch up and my uterus was measuring at 27cm. I also had a glucose tolerance test this week for gestational diabetes but that was all clear too.

On Saturday I went to see Take That with H’s sisters which was really good and I even got a seat on the tube as someone spotted I was pregnant this time! It was definitely needed as I was shuffling along by the end of the night due to the SPD pain.

I think the shuffle and pregnant waddle is now a permanent thing unfortunately and after shuffling into town on my lunch break this week to do a bit of shopping, I developed the horrible cramping I had last week when I did too much walking. My pelvis and belly was in so much pain I could barely walk and I only just made it back to the office again. The cramping and pain continued into the night and the next morning so I took it off work to rest and just went in for the afternoon. Since then I haven’t braved walking too far again, choosing to drive to the supermarket on my lunch instead!hm-baby-hedgehog2 I’ve also been buying a lot for the baby this week, I think with H being away, there’s no one around to curb my shopping habit! I bought the Angelcare Bath Support which has been on our list for a while along with the cot mattress and a breast feeding donut pillow. I’m always on the lookout for baby clothing but as I’ve mentioned before, nice, neutral baby clothes are very few and far between. I did spot a very cute set in H&M this week though with a hedgehog print bodysuit and little baby leggings. So far poor Baby G only has 3 outfits! It looks like more shopping is needed!

The Plights of Pregnancy

One of my favourite ‘mummy bloggers’, Susie Verrill, posted this hilarious vlog this week on pregnancy and I don’t think anything has ever been so accurate. It got me thinking about all the symptoms, cravings and emotions i’ve been feeling too – here they are:

When I first found out: Similar to Susie, I felt great, no sickness or tiredness and hoped it would continue!

Morning Sickness: Luckily I didn’t suffer with morning sickness but I definately had nausea, mostly in the evenings, lunchtime and during the night.

Farting: Luckily I never suffered with this along with heartburn and indigestion – I obviously have a strong stomach!

Bio Oil: addicted since day 1 – determined to keep those stretch marks at bay!

Food aversions: H would often cook dinners and I physically could not eat them. To this day I still haven’t eaten a spaghetti bolognese and i’ve only attempted fajitas again once in the past month. I also went off garlic bread.

Shopping for baby: I was always too nervous to buy baby clothes at first, i’ve still only bought 3 outfits at 29 weeks!

Strong sense of smell: Before I was pregnant I asked for a Diptyque candle that I had spent hours in the shop picking the scent I liked. I also asked for a super expensive Penhaligons perfume which I thought was the best smell I had ever smelt. Come Christmas, I couldn’t even have the candle (un-lit!) in the same room so it was locked in the spare room in it’s box and I could still smell it every now and then. This was the same with the perfume, I wore it once and couldn’t escape the smell for days and it just made me feel so nauseas! I also was convinced there was something garlicy in the fridge that I could smell all over the flat.

Holidays: Susie’s rationalising her Ibiza decision was exactly me with the Kos holiday mentioned in my 28 week post!

Alcohol: I haven’t had a single drop since I have been pregnant and didn’t miss it until the sun started coming out and I am now definately missing having a G&T, prosecco or a glass of wine!

Cravings: Cake!

Pegnancy pillows: H bought me one at the very beginning but, just like Susie, I can never get comfortable with it!

Maternity clothes: Just hideous and I now have nothing to wear! Even the midwife commented on when I am going to start wearing maternity jeans as i’m still clinging onto my old jeans with my belly belt!

Cleaning: not so much!

Hot flushes: I’ve always been a cold person but have definitely been feeling the heat so much more!

27 Weeks

27 weeks pregnant bump

I think it’s finally hit this week that I’m getting big and my body is definitely letting me know! I’d been having odd groin pains on the insides of my legs every now and then but I kept thinking I’d pulled the muscles in my groin. However it’s now become a constant pain and I’ve ended up with the classic pregnancy waddle as it’s just so painful to walk. A couple of times this week after taking a walk on my lunch break I also developed cramping down low and combined with the back and groin pain I nearly didn’t make it back to the office! Getting dressed has become a struggle too and the pain combined with the bump now being in the way, has made standing on one leg to put socks/trousers/shoes/pants on pretty impossible! This also means sitting down in the shower to shave my legs ha!


Because of this, sleeping hasn’t been great either as the pain is also in my lower back. However I ordered the hypnobirthing book and CD that my yoga teacher uses and it arrived this week so H and I decided to listen to it before we go to sleep. It helped massively and we’ve both been sleeping really well after listening to it every night. Hopefully those subliminal messages are going in and I’ll be just as relaxed during childbirth too…ha!

The tiredness has also returned and I seem to have been very emotional this week too. Considering I have always been very emotional and cry A LOT, I have actually been very unemotional during the pregnancy until the last week or so. Baby G has definitely still got some energy though and is moving about constantly and I can feel it up by my ribs now, although its feet are still kicking me low down so it hasn’t turned yet!

Summer has actually made an appearance this week and I’m definitely feeling the heat much more than I usually would. I’m always the cold one but at the moment I’m just hot all the time and combined with the growing stomach and aches and pains I’m really starting to feel frumpy and fat now which I’m not enjoying. I’m also finding everyone I pass looks at my stomach which I just hate but there’s no hiding the bump anymore. So much so I’ve finally had to give in to some maternity clothes (why are they all so ugly!). I’ve also bought a lot of smock dresses and tops which are my usual style so I’m hoping I don’t grow out of these too!