26 Weeks

26 weeks pregnant bump The week started well as it was a bank holiday weekend (always a bonus!) so we painted Baby G’s nursery. I also ordered the bedlinen from Olli Ella and it matches perfectly with the wall colour so i’m very pleased, I can’t wait to see it all come together. However baby was quite quiet all weekend although my cousin Marie did get to feel a few kicks on Monday so that was nice.

The finished result didn’t look this patchy – it dried nice and even! and lighter.
By Tuesday, it seemed Baby G was making up for it’s chilled weekend and didn’t stop moving all day, it felt like it was doing summersaults in there! However the next couple of days I barely felt any movement at all and combined with nausea and a bit of tummy pain, it started to worry me a bit. I couldn’t sleep on Thursday night as I was so worried so when I still hadn’t felt much on Friday morning I called the hospital, as by this point I was crying on my way to work and had to pull over in Tesco’s car park! They asked me to come in at lunch time so I went into work and left around midday to make my way to the hospital. H met me there and the midwife got the doppler out to listen for the heartbeat. It took her a while which was worrying but once she found it it was a strong 152bpm and ‘like a galloping horse’ according to the midwife (more signs it’s a girl hehe!). Of course Baby G decided to give a huge kick at this point too making both me and the midwife jump, i think the prodding had finally woke it up! They then sent me for a quick scan so I could see the heartbeat and the baby was moving around again. We also discovered it’s breech at the moment which coincides with where I feel it’s feet kicking low down by my hips and the big hard lump that’s its head up above my belly button! Even after seeing and hearing the baby I was still very teary all day and very emotional – I blame the hormones! It’s continued to move around for the rest of the day and evening so i’m much happier now either way. Our friends have also leant us their doppler so I can listen in whenever I want now. I can also now mention that H’s sister is expecting a baby too! They had their 12 week scan this week so H and I are really excited that Baby G will have a cousin to play with – and a maternity buddy for myself!

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