25 Weeks


It was H and I’s six year anniversary this weekend so I had a lovely weekend. The weather was really nice so we went for a walk to some local woods however my back started hurting after about 15 minutes and I needed ANOTHER wee so we didn’t get too far! We then went out for dinner and I insisted we also went to ‘The Pudding Stop’ afterwards as i’m still craving sweet things. It’s a little place that only sells puddings but it was set up by one of the Great British Bake Off finalists so is right up my street! H also bought me a baby record book which is really sweet and I can’t wait to start filling it.


On the Sunday we had H’s sisters, brother and partners round for dinner and his sister managed to feel a kick. However I can tell the baby has grown this week as it’s less little jabs but more larger movements and I can feel and bits and bobs poking out at all angles. I can just sit for ages watching my stomach move around trying to guess the body part! Although, if the baby is growing, it seems to be growing nice and ‘neatly’ as I keep getting told my bump is very neat and small – not that i’m complaining!

This small neat bump also meant that I still don’t appear to be offered seats on public transport just yet. I travelled around London quite a bit on Tuesday for work and had to stand on the tube a few times without anyone offering a seat. I could see people looking at my stomach and thinking but I obviously still look between the ‘has she just eaten a large burger or is she pregnant?’ stage. I do have a ‘baby on board’ badge but i’m just not sure I’m up for embracing that. I also had quite a bit of cramping that morning, the strongest i’ve had since being pregnant and I had to go and sit down at the event I was at for about 10 minutes but it soon went off.

I have been sleeping fine all week and actually beginning to get my energy back, however I got a bit cocky Thursday night and stayed up until 11pm (unheard of for the past 6 months). I felt fine the next morning, however combined with moving office at work, packing and unpacking boxes, by the time I got home I could barely keep my eyes open and ended up in bed at 8pm!


This week also marked 100 days until Baby G arrives!

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