Baby G’s Nursery Ideas


I’ve been thinking about decorating the baby’s nursery for a while now and gathering lots of images for inspiration on both my ‘Baby G’s Bedroom’ board on pinterest and screenshots on my phone when I come across things! With the bank holiday weekend next week we are planning to start painting finally so I thought I would write a post on a few of my design ideas and inspiration.

I’m not a big fan of colour and our flat is very white, grey and taupe which is great as we have a south facing flat with lots of floor to ceiling windows so it always looks bright and airy. This principle applies to the nursery too and even if we did know if we were having a girl or boy, I would have still painted the nursery in white and grey as I’m not a fan of baby blue or pink overload! Working for an interior design company I had lots of access to hundreds of grey paint samples but actually ended up choosing a grey called Dusk from Homebase’s sanctuary range.


The first thing I actually bought for the baby was a white cloud mobile from the white company so this became the starting point. We also already had some grey black out curtains that used to be in our own bedroom with trees and birds on and I saved them at the time knowing they would come in handy when we had a baby.

eames rocker nursery

I’ve always wanted an Eames Rar Rocker but never really had room or a purpose for it, however the nursery was the perfect room so a replica version (I can’t afford the real deal!) has been on my ‘to buy’ list for months now and I will probably purchase it in the next couple of weeks yay! H wants me to have a proper rocking chair with footstool but there’s no way I’m swapping it out and I’m afraid we don’t have room for both!


Regarding the cot we wanted a cot bed so that it can grow with the baby. We also really need storage underneath as living in a small flat, we require all the room we can get. There were so many around but we have settled on the Silver Cross Nostalgia Cot Bed as it’s from a reputable brand and seems to go with the Ikea Hemnes drawers we already have in the room.

This wouldn’t have been my first choice, however all the cots I really liked weren’t cot beds. I love the old fashioned metal style cots and they come in some cool colours too like the Mothercare Carnaby, however I wouldn’t know what colour to pick and H didn’t like them anyway.


Whilst looking across the internet for nice neutral baby bedding (this proved extremely difficult as I’m also not a fan of ‘characters’ and ‘teddies’ and things that seem to appear on ALL baby stuff!) I came across Olli Ella and fell. In. love. The Harlequin range was exactly what I had been looking for and I love both the Dawn set, which features a bit of pale yellow and pink, and the Dusk set which is just greys. I’m still undecided as to which one I want but I’m leaning towards dusk as the dawn is slightly girly if we end up having a boy and I can then inject colour through other areas of the room without having to match it to the pastels in the bedding.

I’ve also bought some coloured paper pompoms from Oliver Bonas to hang from the ceiling, which wouldn’t go with the dawn colours either, so I think writing this has actually made my decision!

nursery artwork

As mentioned, I plan to add in colour through accessories and artwork so this will probably wait until after the baby is born when we know the sex. However I have found some artwork which I have customised in pink if it’s a girl or aqua if it’s a boy and these will go on the wall next to the cot.

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