22 Weeks

22 weeks pregnant bump

Saturday 25th April – I woke really early as I didn’t sleep well and still felt no movement during the night or all morning. We went to two NCT Nearly New sales, recommended by my pilates teacher but both were a waste of time! Eventually after lunch baby moved again and continued to get more active as the day went on, returning to it’s lively self in the evening.

Sunday 26th April – I slept quite well as H stayed out so I had lots of room. He then came home and told me he had booked afternoon tea for us as I had been wanting so much cake recently! So sweet. The baby hasn’t stopped moving all day, it’s definitely more constant now and in more than one spot, I can feel it all over and when he/she moves quite low it kicks my bladder too. I felt quite uncomfortable this evening, probably because I ate so much and baby is now taking up so much room!

Mon 27th April – I didn’t sleep very well last night and woke up feeling sick and very tired, the tiredness of those first 12 weeks. I just about got through the day but had yoga in the evening which I was quite looking forward to however I nearly fell asleep in the relaxation and probably would of if baby hadn’t of been moving so much – it definitely likes a relaxation/meditation after yoga! Afterwards I couldn’t really wake back up so had a nice early night.

Tues 28th April – I slept like a log last night which must have been due to the hypnotherapy relaxation at yoga however i still feel so so tired and felt like I just wanted to cry all day. All I wanted to do was sleep when I got home but I had a market research thing to do which I would get £70 for which is much needed! So I showered and went along in no bra, I could barely be bothered to dress, and fought my way through it until 10.30pm.


Wednesday 29th April – It barely felt like I slept last night so I feel awful and exhausted today too. I dragged myself out at lunch for some air hoping it would wake me up and wandered into M&S to look at maternity bras as i’m beginning to bust out of my current collection. Well, I ended up in the changing rooms with a woman from M&S fitting thousands of bra’s on me insisting I was a 32D…D! Of course the D didn’t fit at all and was too big so she downsized to a C (i’m usually an A/B) and I ended up with two new huge bras. I didn’t go to pilates because I could barely move and instead had a bath at 7.30pm and read my new book my friend sent me in the post today ‘Things I wish I’d Known: Women tell the truth about motherhood’, and got into bed at 8pm. I feel so rubbish!

Thursday 30th April – I slept so much better last night which was good as I was in London most of the day today. The baby was kicking quite a bit today and this evening and H managed to feel some big kicks. My belly button has also been a bit sore the last few days and I have had to take my belly bar out now.

boots baby

Friday 1st May – I couldn’t sleep again last night so was tired again today but it was a chilled day at work which helped. I’m still eating fondant fancies by the box full and everyone at work has now noticed! I bought a little baby outfit today and some hats and muslins from boots as they had the cutest unisex range – something that is hard to come by! We are still struggling over a boys name and by the energy of this baby no doubt it will end up being a boy!

I weighed myself this evening too and it seems I have put on 4lbs in a week!! Considering I had only put on 6lbs up until now, this seems quite a lot! I’m hoping it’s because it’s the end of the day, otherwise I need to cut down on my fondant fancy consumption…

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