26 Weeks

26 weeks pregnant bump The week started well as it was a bank holiday weekend (always a bonus!) so we painted Baby G’s nursery. I also ordered the bedlinen from Olli Ella and it matches perfectly with the wall colour so i’m very pleased, I can’t wait to see it all come together. However baby was quite quiet all weekend although my cousin Marie did get to feel a few kicks on Monday so that was nice.

The finished result didn’t look this patchy – it dried nice and even! and lighter.
By Tuesday, it seemed Baby G was making up for it’s chilled weekend and didn’t stop moving all day, it felt like it was doing summersaults in there! However the next couple of days I barely felt any movement at all and combined with nausea and a bit of tummy pain, it started to worry me a bit. I couldn’t sleep on Thursday night as I was so worried so when I still hadn’t felt much on Friday morning I called the hospital, as by this point I was crying on my way to work and had to pull over in Tesco’s car park! They asked me to come in at lunch time so I went into work and left around midday to make my way to the hospital. H met me there and the midwife got the doppler out to listen for the heartbeat. It took her a while which was worrying but once she found it it was a strong 152bpm and ‘like a galloping horse’ according to the midwife (more signs it’s a girl hehe!). Of course Baby G decided to give a huge kick at this point too making both me and the midwife jump, i think the prodding had finally woke it up! They then sent me for a quick scan so I could see the heartbeat and the baby was moving around again. We also discovered it’s breech at the moment which coincides with where I feel it’s feet kicking low down by my hips and the big hard lump that’s its head up above my belly button! Even after seeing and hearing the baby I was still very teary all day and very emotional – I blame the hormones! It’s continued to move around for the rest of the day and evening so i’m much happier now either way. Our friends have also leant us their doppler so I can listen in whenever I want now. I can also now mention that H’s sister is expecting a baby too! They had their 12 week scan this week so H and I are really excited that Baby G will have a cousin to play with – and a maternity buddy for myself!

25 Weeks


It was H and I’s six year anniversary this weekend so I had a lovely weekend. The weather was really nice so we went for a walk to some local woods however my back started hurting after about 15 minutes and I needed ANOTHER wee so we didn’t get too far! We then went out for dinner and I insisted we also went to ‘The Pudding Stop’ afterwards as i’m still craving sweet things. It’s a little place that only sells puddings but it was set up by one of the Great British Bake Off finalists so is right up my street! H also bought me a baby record book which is really sweet and I can’t wait to start filling it.


On the Sunday we had H’s sisters, brother and partners round for dinner and his sister managed to feel a kick. However I can tell the baby has grown this week as it’s less little jabs but more larger movements and I can feel and bits and bobs poking out at all angles. I can just sit for ages watching my stomach move around trying to guess the body part! Although, if the baby is growing, it seems to be growing nice and ‘neatly’ as I keep getting told my bump is very neat and small – not that i’m complaining!

This small neat bump also meant that I still don’t appear to be offered seats on public transport just yet. I travelled around London quite a bit on Tuesday for work and had to stand on the tube a few times without anyone offering a seat. I could see people looking at my stomach and thinking but I obviously still look between the ‘has she just eaten a large burger or is she pregnant?’ stage. I do have a ‘baby on board’ badge but i’m just not sure I’m up for embracing that. I also had quite a bit of cramping that morning, the strongest i’ve had since being pregnant and I had to go and sit down at the event I was at for about 10 minutes but it soon went off.

I have been sleeping fine all week and actually beginning to get my energy back, however I got a bit cocky Thursday night and stayed up until 11pm (unheard of for the past 6 months). I felt fine the next morning, however combined with moving office at work, packing and unpacking boxes, by the time I got home I could barely keep my eyes open and ended up in bed at 8pm!


This week also marked 100 days until Baby G arrives!

Baby G’s Nursery Ideas


I’ve been thinking about decorating the baby’s nursery for a while now and gathering lots of images for inspiration on both my ‘Baby G’s Bedroom’ board on pinterest and screenshots on my phone when I come across things! With the bank holiday weekend next week we are planning to start painting finally so I thought I would write a post on a few of my design ideas and inspiration.

I’m not a big fan of colour and our flat is very white, grey and taupe which is great as we have a south facing flat with lots of floor to ceiling windows so it always looks bright and airy. This principle applies to the nursery too and even if we did know if we were having a girl or boy, I would have still painted the nursery in white and grey as I’m not a fan of baby blue or pink overload! Working for an interior design company I had lots of access to hundreds of grey paint samples but actually ended up choosing a grey called Dusk from Homebase’s sanctuary range.


The first thing I actually bought for the baby was a white cloud mobile from the white company so this became the starting point. We also already had some grey black out curtains that used to be in our own bedroom with trees and birds on and I saved them at the time knowing they would come in handy when we had a baby.

eames rocker nursery

I’ve always wanted an Eames Rar Rocker but never really had room or a purpose for it, however the nursery was the perfect room so a replica version (I can’t afford the real deal!) has been on my ‘to buy’ list for months now and I will probably purchase it in the next couple of weeks yay! H wants me to have a proper rocking chair with footstool but there’s no way I’m swapping it out and I’m afraid we don’t have room for both!


Regarding the cot we wanted a cot bed so that it can grow with the baby. We also really need storage underneath as living in a small flat, we require all the room we can get. There were so many around but we have settled on the Silver Cross Nostalgia Cot Bed as it’s from a reputable brand and seems to go with the Ikea Hemnes drawers we already have in the room.

This wouldn’t have been my first choice, however all the cots I really liked weren’t cot beds. I love the old fashioned metal style cots and they come in some cool colours too like the Mothercare Carnaby, however I wouldn’t know what colour to pick and H didn’t like them anyway.


Whilst looking across the internet for nice neutral baby bedding (this proved extremely difficult as I’m also not a fan of ‘characters’ and ‘teddies’ and things that seem to appear on ALL baby stuff!) I came across Olli Ella and fell. In. love. The Harlequin range was exactly what I had been looking for and I love both the Dawn set, which features a bit of pale yellow and pink, and the Dusk set which is just greys. I’m still undecided as to which one I want but I’m leaning towards dusk as the dawn is slightly girly if we end up having a boy and I can then inject colour through other areas of the room without having to match it to the pastels in the bedding.

I’ve also bought some coloured paper pompoms from Oliver Bonas to hang from the ceiling, which wouldn’t go with the dawn colours either, so I think writing this has actually made my decision!

nursery artwork

As mentioned, I plan to add in colour through accessories and artwork so this will probably wait until after the baby is born when we know the sex. However I have found some artwork which I have customised in pink if it’s a girl or aqua if it’s a boy and these will go on the wall next to the cot.

24 Weeks

24 weeks pregnant bump

Last weekend was, and at the same time, wasn’t very eventful. I myself didn’t do too much, however H was out all day Saturday at Ascot with the boys and was due to stay out for the night so I was looking forward to getting the bed to myself! However at 11pm I looked at my phone to find 2 missed calls from H and two texts telling me he was so drunk and needed me to pick him up…from Windsor (a good 40 minutes away). So my Saturday night then consisted of a 2 hour round trip to Windsor and back to retrieve my very drunk boyfriend! By the time we got home it was gone 1am so I was rather angry and tired!

The next day H didn’t get up all day until the evening when he finally felt well enough to come in the car with me to go and pick up his own car that was left in Uxbridge. I was so tired after the previous night I cried! Although the next day he bought me a whole entire cake to say sorry (I will be obese by the time I have this baby).

The rest of this week has been really busy at work and I spent a lot of it in London which did nothing for my tiredness or my back, I could barely walk on Wednesday. So much so that I have now resorted to driving to and from the train station which I would usually take the 10-15 minute walk to. I dread to think how I’ll be another few months from now! I also didn’t make it to Pilates again this week due to just being so tired.

I also had my 24 week midwife appointment this week and everything was all well and good. My bump measured exactly 24cm. The midwife told me it should be 2cm either side of the amount of weeks you are so it’s good to know I’m bang on target! I also heard the heartbeat which was very strong this time and between 151 and 158bpm – a lot faster than the 135bpm at my 16 week appointment!

Towards the end of the week I managed to have some of the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long time and felt so much better for it. Baby is starting to get into a pattern of when it’s awake/moving and asleep now which the midwife said to keep track of in case anything changes. It seems that he/she wakes up about 7.30am and is active until about 9am then wakes again around lunch time for an hour or so and then again at about 7pm until I go to sleep about 10pm. Strangely I feel like it becomes more active on a Friday and over the weekend though, it must know!

23 Weeks

23 weeks pregnant bump

With it being a bank holiday weekend I finally got some sleep in and made the most of my lie ins. My brother is back from university now too so I spent a lot of the weekend at my mums. The baby was very active so both my mum and brother managed to feel the baby move for the first time which my brother thought very exciting! We also tried to clear out a bit more of the spare room this weekend so that’s slowly getting there.


I’ve been having quite a bit of back pain this week, particularly at night which is keeping me up and making me tired during the day. I’ve also done quite a bit of walking with events in London and meeting H and our friend with her two children on my lunch break one day which involved a brisk walk to the park to meet them and an even brisker one to get back to the office on time, so this probably hasn’t helped. However pilates on Wednesday definitely did me some good stretching my back out but tired me out too so it was another early night for me. I just can’t keep on top of the tiredness but have now resigned myself to the fact that I probably won’t be getting a proper night’s sleep for a long while!


The baby had been quite quiet this week but the odd jabs kept letting me know that it’s still alive (and kicking!). However come Friday, it didn’t stop moving all day and night and I’m now feeling movement and kicks really deep inside that kind of vibrate through me which feels very weird!

22 Weeks

22 weeks pregnant bump

Saturday 25th April – I woke really early as I didn’t sleep well and still felt no movement during the night or all morning. We went to two NCT Nearly New sales, recommended by my pilates teacher but both were a waste of time! Eventually after lunch baby moved again and continued to get more active as the day went on, returning to it’s lively self in the evening.

Sunday 26th April – I slept quite well as H stayed out so I had lots of room. He then came home and told me he had booked afternoon tea for us as I had been wanting so much cake recently! So sweet. The baby hasn’t stopped moving all day, it’s definitely more constant now and in more than one spot, I can feel it all over and when he/she moves quite low it kicks my bladder too. I felt quite uncomfortable this evening, probably because I ate so much and baby is now taking up so much room!

Mon 27th April – I didn’t sleep very well last night and woke up feeling sick and very tired, the tiredness of those first 12 weeks. I just about got through the day but had yoga in the evening which I was quite looking forward to however I nearly fell asleep in the relaxation and probably would of if baby hadn’t of been moving so much – it definitely likes a relaxation/meditation after yoga! Afterwards I couldn’t really wake back up so had a nice early night.

Tues 28th April – I slept like a log last night which must have been due to the hypnotherapy relaxation at yoga however i still feel so so tired and felt like I just wanted to cry all day. All I wanted to do was sleep when I got home but I had a market research thing to do which I would get £70 for which is much needed! So I showered and went along in no bra, I could barely be bothered to dress, and fought my way through it until 10.30pm.


Wednesday 29th April – It barely felt like I slept last night so I feel awful and exhausted today too. I dragged myself out at lunch for some air hoping it would wake me up and wandered into M&S to look at maternity bras as i’m beginning to bust out of my current collection. Well, I ended up in the changing rooms with a woman from M&S fitting thousands of bra’s on me insisting I was a 32D…D! Of course the D didn’t fit at all and was too big so she downsized to a C (i’m usually an A/B) and I ended up with two new huge bras. I didn’t go to pilates because I could barely move and instead had a bath at 7.30pm and read my new book my friend sent me in the post today ‘Things I wish I’d Known: Women tell the truth about motherhood’, and got into bed at 8pm. I feel so rubbish!

Thursday 30th April – I slept so much better last night which was good as I was in London most of the day today. The baby was kicking quite a bit today and this evening and H managed to feel some big kicks. My belly button has also been a bit sore the last few days and I have had to take my belly bar out now.

boots baby

Friday 1st May – I couldn’t sleep again last night so was tired again today but it was a chilled day at work which helped. I’m still eating fondant fancies by the box full and everyone at work has now noticed! I bought a little baby outfit today and some hats and muslins from boots as they had the cutest unisex range – something that is hard to come by! We are still struggling over a boys name and by the energy of this baby no doubt it will end up being a boy!

I weighed myself this evening too and it seems I have put on 4lbs in a week!! Considering I had only put on 6lbs up until now, this seems quite a lot! I’m hoping it’s because it’s the end of the day, otherwise I need to cut down on my fondant fancy consumption…