20 Weeks

20 weeks pregnant bump

Finally it’s the week of my 20 week scan. I had been so excited, counting down the weeks but the night before I suddenly got quite nervous in case anything was wrong. It turned out everything was fine and we saw everything in so much detail it was amazing.

20-week-scan 20-week-scan3

The sonographer was absolutely lovely and talked us through everything, although much of it we could make out ourselves it was so clear. She went from the soles of it’s feet to it’s brain and fingers and toes and even she was cooing ‘oh how cute!’ which was lovely. We chose not to find out the sex which we had decided from the start until this week when I began to think I did want to know after all. However I gave the final decision to H and he didn’t want to know so we didn’t find out. This didn’t stop me looking though and we got a very clear view of between it’s legs and I definitely didn’t see anything there which supports my feelings that it’s a girl!

I’m still feeling stretched and just plain big this week but my bump is growing faster and faster now which is nice. I’m also struggling to sleep and get so uncomfortable sleeping on my side so i’ve given up on the ‘you can’t sleep on your back after 16 weeks’ and that seems to make things a bit better as I can switch between my back and side.

I learnt a bit about hypnobirthing at Yoga this week which seemed interesting however it’s a bit expensive as we will have to pay for NCT classes too. I’m interested in finding out more though.

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