19 Weeks

19 weeks pregnancy bump

Considering I only felt the first kick last week, this weekend the baby was so active, I can’t believe how much it’s moving but I love it and H has managed to feel it a couple of times too which is great. My stomach has also felt really stretched this week and uncomfortable which I hope won’t be a constant thing from now on! However my bump is definitely starting to grow which is probably why everything is feeling so tight.

We also bought a new car this week. Both H and I have 3 door cars and mine is pretty old so we decided to sell mine and buy a new 5 door (family friendly and all that!) and H will keep his for work. We had been looking at Nissan Juke’s but the boot was just so small and I had read reviews that it’s hard to get a baby in and out of the back without banging its head! It turned out my stepdad knew someone selling a Hyundai i30 so this is what we got. It’s not too big (something I was worried about!) and it has plenty of room in the boot and the back for baby.

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