18 Weeks

18 weeks pregnant bump

I felt baby kick!

I had been waiting for this for a couple of weeks, looking out for any feelings but this week he/she is well and truly kicking! It started as niggly pinching pains low down by my left hip that I kept getting on an off all day at work but as these didn’t feel like kicks or movement I didn’t really know what to make of them. After googling, some women apparently do feel pinching so this gave me some hope. Later on the same day I was having a bath and felt some more light movements, more like little bubbles but more central and knew this must be the baby which was quite exciting. However after this I was lying on the bed with my hands on my belly, just watching it and out of nowhere there was one huge (well, I say huge…) kick that poked out of my stomach! I called for H but it didn’t move again but I just felt so relieved and excited that I had finally felt it move and there really is something in there.

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