21 Weeks

21 weeks pregnant bump

Saturday 18th April – I still haven’t been sleeping very well and baby has been very active at night which distracts me and today I woke up at 7am (on a Saturday!) and couldn’t get back to sleep. We have now picked the colour for the nursery after testing about 20 shades of grey from Farrow & Ball, Zoffany, Little Greene we ended up liking a Homebase Sanctuary colour called Dusk. So today we went to Homebase to pick up the paint and bits that H needs to paint the nursery. I can’t wait until it’s done, sadly this is the thing I am most excited about!

I was very tired in the evening but after choosing the paint today, it got me thinking about what else we need and I started making a list of what we need to start buying.

Sunday 19th April – I didn’t sleep well again but today we were driving down to Bournemouth for a few days as we are both off work until Thursday – yipee! We had a lovely lunch on the beach front as the sun was shining then we visited my little sister who is at university there. The baby was kicking loads but as usual whenever anyone else puts their hand on my belly it stops! It happens to poor H all the time too! I’ve also been needing the loo every 5 minutes today.

21 weeks pregnant bump

Monday 20th April – I didn’t sleep well in the hotel bed either and woke up early but i’m glad i’m not at work feeling tired today! We walked for about an hour down the beach front and into the town to get a picnic for our lunch. My back hurt quite a bit from the walk but once we lay down on the beach it was fine. We stayed for a couple of hours sunbathing in the sun which was lovely, even bump got a little sunbathe! The only problem was my constant need to wee every 15 minutes or so but there was always a toilet nearby thank god! In the evening once we were home I went to yoga and felt lots of movement in the relaxation and into the evening. It was very low compared to usual so it’s probably sat on my bladder which explains a lot…

Tuesday 21st April – I dreamt about my grandparents old house last night and they were moving out and painting over the walls however my Granny and I got very upset when we discovered they had painted over the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ wallpaper in one of the bedrooms (which never existed by the way!). We were also moving out of my old childhood home and packing away all the toys from the green outside our house with my mum, this again made me cry. A very strange dream but there is definitely some symbolism there for growing up and saying goodbye to my childhood! They say you dream a lot more when pregnant but I have always had vivid dreams so haven’t really seen any change. I’ve only dreamt about the baby a couple of times but in most of them it’s a girl (although once it was black and another chinese…!)

Back in my size 6 jeans for a day!
The baby seems to have moved position today as I no longer keep needing to wee and the bump has shrunk to nothing! I’ve also felt less movement today so he/she is probably hiding somewhere. I slept a lot better last night however i’m still quite tired as we did a lot of clearing out today to make room for the baby.

Wednesday 22nd April – I’m needing to wee every 15 minutes again today, it’s been a nightmare! I’ve also been fancying lots of sweet things like cake. I went to pilates in the evening and one of the girls noticed I was now showing (I hadn’t been to pilates for 2 weeks). I was very tired – it’s strange how I am now starting to feel so tired again but I think the baby has done lots of growing recently – so I went to bed early as i’m up for work again tomorrow.

Thursday 23rd April – I’ve felt quite a bit of movement today and on both sides which is unusual as it’s almost always on the right. I also had some sharp shooting pains near my left hip but they seem to have gone now, maybe the baby was sitting on a nerve. I didn’t want anything but cake and sweets today and went and bought a jam doughnut which I ate in 5 seconds flat and a box of fondant fancies which I too would have devoured if I wasn’t in the office but limited it to two! I didn’t fancy dinner at all either and couldn’t eat it but enjoyed a mini magnum after instead! I think this is the first proper craving I have had.

Friday 24th April – Again all I wanted was cake and sweets today and I had eaten all of my lunch and snacks (including 2 fondant fancies) by 12.30pm! I was really tired when I got home but cooked dinner for H and I, although I didn’t eat much of it and had another fondant fancy instead. Baby was really kicking me before dinner, making me jump but then I went over to my friends for the evening and felt nothing which is very unusual, so much so that this kept me up all night worrying that it wasn’t moving.

20 Weeks

20 weeks pregnant bump

Finally it’s the week of my 20 week scan. I had been so excited, counting down the weeks but the night before I suddenly got quite nervous in case anything was wrong. It turned out everything was fine and we saw everything in so much detail it was amazing.

20-week-scan 20-week-scan3

The sonographer was absolutely lovely and talked us through everything, although much of it we could make out ourselves it was so clear. She went from the soles of it’s feet to it’s brain and fingers and toes and even she was cooing ‘oh how cute!’ which was lovely. We chose not to find out the sex which we had decided from the start until this week when I began to think I did want to know after all. However I gave the final decision to H and he didn’t want to know so we didn’t find out. This didn’t stop me looking though and we got a very clear view of between it’s legs and I definitely didn’t see anything there which supports my feelings that it’s a girl!

I’m still feeling stretched and just plain big this week but my bump is growing faster and faster now which is nice. I’m also struggling to sleep and get so uncomfortable sleeping on my side so i’ve given up on the ‘you can’t sleep on your back after 16 weeks’ and that seems to make things a bit better as I can switch between my back and side.

I learnt a bit about hypnobirthing at Yoga this week which seemed interesting however it’s a bit expensive as we will have to pay for NCT classes too. I’m interested in finding out more though.

19 Weeks

19 weeks pregnancy bump

Considering I only felt the first kick last week, this weekend the baby was so active, I can’t believe how much it’s moving but I love it and H has managed to feel it a couple of times too which is great. My stomach has also felt really stretched this week and uncomfortable which I hope won’t be a constant thing from now on! However my bump is definitely starting to grow which is probably why everything is feeling so tight.

We also bought a new car this week. Both H and I have 3 door cars and mine is pretty old so we decided to sell mine and buy a new 5 door (family friendly and all that!) and H will keep his for work. We had been looking at Nissan Juke’s but the boot was just so small and I had read reviews that it’s hard to get a baby in and out of the back without banging its head! It turned out my stepdad knew someone selling a Hyundai i30 so this is what we got. It’s not too big (something I was worried about!) and it has plenty of room in the boot and the back for baby.

18 Weeks

18 weeks pregnant bump

I felt baby kick!

I had been waiting for this for a couple of weeks, looking out for any feelings but this week he/she is well and truly kicking! It started as niggly pinching pains low down by my left hip that I kept getting on an off all day at work but as these didn’t feel like kicks or movement I didn’t really know what to make of them. After googling, some women apparently do feel pinching so this gave me some hope. Later on the same day I was having a bath and felt some more light movements, more like little bubbles but more central and knew this must be the baby which was quite exciting. However after this I was lying on the bed with my hands on my belly, just watching it and out of nowhere there was one huge (well, I say huge…) kick that poked out of my stomach! I called for H but it didn’t move again but I just felt so relieved and excited that I had finally felt it move and there really is something in there.