17 Weeks

17 week pregnant bump

This week we decided we should take a look at some prams to get an idea of 1. how much they are and 2. what we were looking for. I had done some research online and had got some recommendations from friends but it seemed like a bit of a mine field so we headed down to John Lewis to check some out. This was just as much of a mine field and we were stood staring at a field of prams for a while before one of the assistants came over and asked us if we were first time parents and needed some help… how could she tell!? I’m quite small and with my arthritis wanted something that was lightweight and compact to fit into our car boot (which we had yet to buy but I definitely wouldn’t be opting for a beast of a car!).

I knew from my research and spotting a few women with them in the high street (admittedly once following a woman around m&s admiring it!) that what I really wanted was a Stokke Crusi in grey however our budget just won’t stretch that far. So instead we looked at the Uppababy Vista and the iCandy which I really liked but was quite heavy. I also liked the Bugaboo Bee as it was nice and small, lightweight and compact however the wheels were quite small and we’re hoping to go on some walks with the baby and pram so need something that can stand a bit of a rougher terrain! Eventually we ended up at the Babystyle Oyster 2 which is what a few of my friends have and looks very much like the iCandy. They also do it in slate grey (an added bonus for me after missing out on the beautiful Stokke grey!) so we decided on this.

I also met up with my university friends this weekend as I hadn’t seen them since announcing the baby news and it was also one of their birthdays. It was a nice chilled day and we went for brunch in London then visited other friends for some tea and a catch up and later ended up back at the birthday girl’s house for a party (I however left about 9.30 as I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay up too late and had to get the last train home). Everyone was amazed by my little bump and I ended up on my friends kitchen floor whilst they performed the whole ring on a string gender prediction test…a girl apparently!

The rest of the week I felt very tired from my busy weekend!

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