16 Weeks

16 weeks pregnant bump

This week I went along to my first ante natal yoga lesson. It was a lot slower than the yoga i’m used to but as the teacher said, when we get bigger we’ll be thankful! There were only a few of us which was really nice and a few that are around the same stage as me. It was mostly stretching and breathing and at the end we did a relaxation where we had to think about and send messages to our babies which of course just made me cry!

I also had all my hair chopped off this week! Supposedly your hair is supposed to grow like mad and be all thick and shiny during pregnancy but mine has unfortunately done the opposite! I don’t think it is the pregnancy though as I have been on a lot of medication including steriods for arthritis for over a year now and my hair had been getting very thin, falling out/breaking off for some time. As the state of my hair was so bad, the hairdresser insisted it needed to be cut into a pixie cut so I went for it. Luckily I really like it and I actually look a bit older so at least I won’t look too much like a teen mum in a few months time!

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