15 Weeks


This week I had my 16 week midwife appointment (slightly early). Baby brain has obviously started to kick in as I forgot the purple folder that I’m supposed to bring with me to every appointment and was so late I was rushing around like crazy! However my blood pressure was still very very low (it has been the whole time) and I mentioned I had been feeling quite dizzy and thirsty so this will have been why. I also was able to listen to the baby’s heartbeat for the second time as I had previously heard it with the obstetrician but this time the midwife wrote it down so I was able to have a quick google when I got home as to whether this means a girl or a boy! It was 135bpm which apparently means a boy. She also asked me if I had felt any movement yet, which I haven’t but have been eagerly waiting for. However she said I should start to feel it soon as I’m very small and petite so likely to feel it earlier.

Although i’m still fitting into my jeans, they are definitely getting a bit tight so I have taken to wearing dresses with tights instead which have a little more give! However my brothers girlfriend recommended Mrs Meldrum to me, she is one of her friends sisters and she has a parenting blog and also does YouTube videos so I took a look back to her very first videos of ’15 weeks pregnant’ and she recommended the Belly Belt. It hooks onto your jeans button and has lots of buttons on an elasticated strip which hook through the button hole on your jeans so they can grow with you – it’s on order!

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