13 Weeks


This weekend we went to Centre Parcs with my mum and stepdad for my mums birthday and my brother joined us for the day on the Saturday. We did a lot of eating and I have been having to undo my jeans button by the end of the day now as the bump is growing! We also went swimming a couple of times and I went down some of the ring rides as they looked pretty safe but I avoided the rapids after H went down and decided they were too rough for me and bump! In my swimming costume it was just about showing, but could easily have been confused with bloat…not a good look!


We also had our second scan this week however H couldn’t get the time off work so I took my mum. The baby had grown so much in just 2 weeks and it’s features were much clearer this time, including it’s pointy chin which mum thinks has come from me! She was amazed as was I; I just wish I could watch it moving the whole time. I think it’s a girl and always have done but it may be because we had decided on a girls name so early but are yet to decide on a boy’s, mainly because H doesn’t like any of my choices!

little white company

To celebrate I thought I would treat myself, well more Baby G than me, to a little present and bought my first baby outfit from The Little White Company – one of my favourites! Although the choice for neutral baby clothes is pretty limited, I found a little babygrow and went back the day later to get the matching hat and mittens which were adorable. I can’t believe there will be a human in it in six months time!

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