9 Weeks


I’ve been feeling so so tired again this week, I went to yoga again and told my yoga teacher that I was 9 weeks pregnant as I was being very cautious and she kept asking if I was ok. She told me she doesn’t usually take people who are pregnant but as I had been going so long it would be fine if I just took it easy and didn’t do any strong twists or anything. However afterwards I felt that I don’t want to risk anything and was getting so worn out by it that I have decided to give it a break for a while and have found a pregnancy yoga that I can start from 14 weeks, hopefully i’ll be feeling a bit better by then too. I have been coming home and having to go to bed pretty much straight away or napping on the sofa until 8.30. One night I could barely eat dinner i was so tired and was in bed by 6.55pm! I’ve also been struggling at work with both tiredness and nausea. I seriously considered taking a nap in my car on my lunch break at one point, but I park near a builders site and didn’t want them wondering what I was doing!

Halfway through the week I began to get some cramping that felt like period pains. They were quite strong and lasted most of the day so H persuaded me to go to the doctors. I left work early and went straight there. By now they had subsided but the doctor said if it wasn’t accompanied with bleeding I should be ok and it’s just growing/stretching pains and quite normal. He could of sent me for a scan but as I had my scan booked for next week he said to wait until then.

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