7 Weeks


This weekend I visited my friend in Wolverhampton with my other friends from uni. I told everyone I was on antibiotics (except my friend who we were staying with as she knew!). No one really made a fuss so it was relatively easy! However in the taxi on the way into Birmingham I was beginning to feel very sick but blamed it on travel sickness. After dinner we went onto a bar and by now I was starting to feel very tired and one of my friends was trying to buy me red bull to keep going, I had to pretend I didn’t like it (although I used to drink vokda red bull by the truck load at uni!) and eventually by about 1.30am I couldn’t hold out any longer and took my friends key and got a taxi home. I think this was the sickest I have ever felt and I couldn’t even talk for fear of throwing up in the taxi and once I arrived at my friends had to try so hard not to be sick and wake her parents up! I eventually fell asleep and the rest of the gang came in about 5am.

The rest of the week at work I was still feeling nauseous, starving hungry all the time and so tired but the wotsits in my drawer were just about keeping me going, sometimes two packs a day!

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